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  1. Well it looks like they’ve posted them and it’s down to the postal system as to whether today or tomorrow .
  2. Sorry for your ‘no’ busymum . We are still waiting at our end .
  3. Are there any result letters out today ? They came out last Saturday
  4. I have 3 pupils auditioning for Year 7 .
  5. It seems the youngest are courtiers / servants . My lot achieved : a Swan , a Maryinsky dancer , 2 cygnets , a niece , and a courtier !
  6. Does anyone know what the parts are for juniors and seniors in swan Lake ? i have several pupils at casting day today . I’d like to be able to tell them a bit about their parts ! Presume seniors are swans ! Thank you
  7. Bear in mind that with all the added pressures of ‘ production ‘ at the end of term - the students are tired , emotionally drained and more fragile than usual . A lovely summer break may be all that is needed , and some tlc with the family .
  8. Absolutely thrilled - this competition has given my pupil so many opportunities . As a result of this she was offered a scholarship to a prestigious summer school . I don’t think I can post the name .
  9. Thank you Arucaria ballerina . Yes I’m a happy teacher . Your show was fabulous by the way ( Moorlands ) . But we have gone off topic . still waiting for Leeds results !!!!
  10. SJ Ballet . thank you - mine was number 33 . red leotard !!!
  11. Waiting for Leeds ☹️ But my little pupils - all 5 got into EYB and one got the scholarship ! So I am in a better mood waiting now !!
  12. Hoping Leeds won’t be long for my little pupils . See some of you later at EYB ! Though we won’t know each other !
  13. tutugirl

    MDS funding

    Congratulations Arucaria . Looking forward to the show . You are in the last act ? Hope it goes well for you
  14. I have had 3 JAs get in off SWL over the years and the odd mid .
  15. tutugirl

    MDS funding

    Moorlands is an amazing school . Their show is this Saturday if anyone can get to Burnley ! I will be there . Much to entertain - including works by Kenneth Tindall
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