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  1. Sorry to hear that - please wish her well .
  2. Where do you live ? We have some classes on offer over half term . West Yorkshire
  3. My friend wants one ticket for Saturday if anyone can help please x
  4. Please could anyone recommend a supplier of tracksuits suitable for a dance school? not too expensive don’t take 8 weeks to deliver . Any style considered . Thank you in advance
  5. Oh lovely ! I wish them all the best. Which group are they in? Have you far to travel ?
  6. I wondered if anyone off the forum is entering this competition , or going to watch it ? I haven’t seen much publicity about this event .
  7. My summer school is August 5th if that’s any good . Teachers from BRB ENB( ex professionals ) , amongst others - also from the Hammond School . There will be a mix of students from Elmhurst , Tring , Hammond and also non vocational . pM me if interested .
  8. I’m in need of a black / red tutu Spanish style - preferably pancake . age 10-12years . Many thanks tutugirl
  9. I thought your DD was going to Elmhurst AuditionIngenu ?
  10. Have you thought about Moorlands ? The teachers are wonderful , and would give you good advice , even if they couldn’t offer a place . 2 boys who were assessed out of WL are doing phenomenally well there . One is in the finals of YAGP . All the best .
  11. If you are northern based , you might be interested in my summer school ? Based in Keighley . I have quite a few pupils who attend Royal JA’s - and have had many northern associates / CAT scheme over the years . Attending will be ‘ once a week ‘ students , alongside vocational students from : Elmhurst , Hammond and Tring . We are offering a classical focus , alongside other genres . Please pm me for details if you’re interested . Tutugirl
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