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  1. My friend is selling hers . If you pm me your number I will get her to contact you tutugirl
  2. Has anybody had theirs viewed other than London ? We are Leeds .
  3. Does anybody have RAD grades 4/5 DVD for sale please ?
  4. tutugirl

    Wanted DVD

    RAD dvd grade 4/5 wanted please . Many thanks
  5. It was quite a difficult procedure I gather . To film it and send it off ! It will take a long time to look at them all !
  6. I think you’d need to phone them
  7. I do hope some information is given tomorrow , as to the waiting list situation . Children with multiple offers won’t know what to do otherwise . Even if they only disclose ‘ near the top ‘ or ‘ pretty low down ‘ it would help with decision making
  8. Someone should have some news somewhere ! My little pupil has given his MDS back for sure .
  9. I wonder if they’ll let people know where they are on the list now that things have started to move ? I have 2 on the reserve for MDS , but another of my pupils returns their MDS today due to accepting a different offer - so hopefully good news for someone soon
  10. Keep hopeful . Things already moving if you look on the Tring thread !
  11. Stardust1 I’ve messaged you
  12. sunrise81, I’ve private messaged you
  13. I have sent you a pm, Betty’s Mum
  14. Thought Elmhurst results might come today 🙁
  15. Really ? Only 3 ? Virtually impossible !!
  16. Has anyone on here gained an MDS for lower school ?
  17. Did anyone audition for Moorlands? If so - any news from the final ?
  18. There are so few MDS available aren’t there ? Well done for even getting on the waiting list . Hoping you get better news from Elmhurst , Dream Chaser . Surely these results must be out soon ! The waiting ☹️
  19. Not all . My pupil has been awarded an MDS . Year 7 boy
  20. My little lot had their results today. All for year 7 . 1 x MDS 2 x waiting list Best of luck those still waiting
  21. Thank you but it needs to be plain ( no zip ) I appreciate you replying though .
  22. Good morning Notaclue . I think results for the Feb audition may reach you today ? We have ours
  23. I may be wrong and I’m sure someone will correct me , but I seem to remember , a few years ago ,that there were only about 4 or 5 MDS at Tring . I also think the majority of these went to the boys . I am referring to a period when my DS was in the school . I have a pupil there currently who was awarded an MDS for year 7 , but a few days later than the first offers . So I presume she was on a waiting list . I hope I haven’t contravened any rules by posting this .
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