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  1. 2 happy successful pupils for me too ! Mine aren’t doing vocals . Congratulations Busymum See you in Leeds maybe.
  2. I’m delighted to be hosting a day of BOYS ONLY Masterclasses on Wednesday 25th August at my studio in Keighley, West Yorkshire . Martin Dutton ( head of boys at the Hammond school ) will conduct three classes between 10am and 4pm. Ballet class , virtuosity and repertoire. Only £25 for the day . Very limited numbers . If you are interested , please private message me with your email address and I will send details .
  3. I had 2 pupils auditioning yesterday. They were put into groups at the end . Group 2 for mine ( 9.30am audition )
  4. Guessing this isn’t the ideal place to ask , but well established school in West Yorkshire requires a jazz teacher from September 2021 . Any recommendations gratefully received . Thank you
  5. Blue character skirt . JA regulation for sale . Size 54’ waist 54/ 58’ length . Needs hemming as has been let down. Good condition . £15 including postage .
  6. I would echo Valentina’s comments .
  7. I wonder if anyone has received a refund from British Ballet Grand Prix ?
  8. I think I’m repeating myself but my DS graduated from Tring ( he had been there since year 9 ) straight into a guest contract , which became permanent after 3 months . The company is a classical company in Europe . I am certain that the excellent contemporary training at Tring played a huge part in his gaining a place . 2 of his fellow Tring friends were also given places in the same company , although one has since left . They were also gifted at contemporary as well as classical . One of the directors of dance at Tring has very good contacts , as well as being a superb teacher . A wide selection of A levels is available , my DS gained Maths and Physics . A friend of his gained excellent A level results and went on to study medicine . I am more than happy for anyone to pm me for information. I have a former student ( girl ) who recently graduated , and another in year 8.
  9. Tyrone Singleton returned to Tring to adjudicate their famous ‘ cups ‘ competition , four years ago . He was encouraging and supportive to the students at the school where he trained .
  10. There are a fair few who move to RBS from Tring . At least there were when my DS was there . He graduated 4 years ago and is now in a company . He speaks very highly of the classical training at Tring . I am more than happy to share our experiences if anyone wishes to pm me . Tring do very well in competitions too. Cecchetti, for example . Not all the top schools enter for these. They certainly come out as very versatile dancers . My pupil who graduated from Tring last year, was a finalist for BBC young dancer (classical section ) but she is just as proficient in contemporary, jazz and commercial .
  11. Happy for you to pm me about Tring . My DS graduated from there 4 years ago . I have only good things to say .
  12. Happy to talk about Tring if you want to pm me . My DS graduated 4 years ago .
  13. Good news here for level 0 and level 1 Fantastic if you’ve got a bursary offer for the school . Such a wonderful place to train .
  14. Anyone heard for level 1 associates yet ?
  15. Thank you . Have you any idea how many applicants / how many places there are ?
  16. Thanks . I feel a bit better now !
  17. Anyone heard about associates for 12-14 year olds ? We have had news for my 10 year old and I’m concerned that they may not have received the video submissions
  18. Wanted . Grishko leotard . Dad1930 age 12/13 in red , green , ice blue , pink - actually anything except navy . Thank you
  19. My pupil got an MDS for year 7 off the waiting list . She is now in year 8 . It’s a wonderful school . I hope you get good news x
  20. Over the last 3 years , I have sent several students off to vocational school . Elmhurst (1) Tring (1) White lodge (1) Moorlands (1) Hammond (2) Several of these got multiple offers . Apart from one child , they all attended one ballet class ( syllabus) per week and one body conditioning / free ballet class . Some did tap and jazz ( 1 class per week) . One was a Moorlands associate , several were JA’s . All these students gained MDS . None of them was big on Instagram , some not even on it at all . They just had a couple of private lessons before their auditions . It can be done !
  21. Brand new in wrapping and box . 2 x ballroom shoes . 1 pair 5 1 pair 5 1/2 £15 per pair plus postage
  22. Similarly to your DD and DS cote du Rhône , my DS and his peers received little guidance regarding auditions and show reels - I think this seems to be normal . We agreed he could audition until the money ran out . He organised his own auditions ,travel and accommodation. He booked Air bnb and arrived at the first one to be told he was a month early ! ( He’d made a mistake when booking ! ) Fortunately I had given him emergency money in case the bnb didn’t feel right !! He had made his own decision to take the first job offer he got , and that I wasn’t to talk him out of it . He auditioned for Northern Ballet first , and was offered the grad programme , then he flew to Czech for 2 more auditions . The first one he got quite far but was cut , the second one offered him a contract . He is still there , in his 4th season . It is a lovely medium sized company , with great visiting choreographers , and plenty of variety , from the classics to new contemporary works . Beautiful theatres , where everyone gets dressed up to the nines to attend . I would say don’t rule Europe out , if it’s an option for you . I’m happy to answer any questions if you private message me . I wish everyone every success in whichever path they take . Nothing is ever wasted - and no one should ever be deemed a failure for changing their path , I would call it courageous. Meadowblythe I believe your DS is nearby ?
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