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  1. Anyone heard about associates for 12-14 year olds ? We have had news for my 10 year old and I’m concerned that they may not have received the video submissions
  2. Wanted . Grishko leotard . Dad1930 age 12/13 in red , green , ice blue , pink - actually anything except navy . Thank you
  3. My pupil got an MDS for year 7 off the waiting list . She is now in year 8 . It’s a wonderful school . I hope you get good news x
  4. Over the last 3 years , I have sent several students off to vocational school . Elmhurst (1) Tring (1) White lodge (1) Moorlands (1) Hammond (2) Several of these got multiple offers . Apart from one child , they all attended one ballet class ( syllabus) per week and one body conditioning / free ballet class . Some did tap and jazz ( 1 class per week) . One was a Moorlands associate , several were JA’s . All these students gained MDS . None of them was big on Instagram , some not even on it at all . They just had a couple of private lessons before their auditions . It can be done !
  5. Brand new in wrapping and box . 2 x ballroom shoes . 1 pair 5 1 pair 5 1/2 £15 per pair plus postage
  6. Similarly to your DD and DS cote du Rhône , my DS and his peers received little guidance regarding auditions and show reels - I think this seems to be normal . We agreed he could audition until the money ran out . He organised his own auditions ,travel and accommodation. He booked Air bnb and arrived at the first one to be told he was a month early ! ( He’d made a mistake when booking ! ) Fortunately I had given him emergency money in case the bnb didn’t feel right !! He had made his own decision to take the first job offer he got , and that I wasn’t to talk him out of it . He auditioned for Northern Ballet first , and was offered the grad programme , then he flew to Czech for 2 more auditions . The first one he got quite far but was cut , the second one offered him a contract . He is still there , in his 4th season . It is a lovely medium sized company , with great visiting choreographers , and plenty of variety , from the classics to new contemporary works . Beautiful theatres , where everyone gets dressed up to the nines to attend . I would say don’t rule Europe out , if it’s an option for you . I’m happy to answer any questions if you private message me . I wish everyone every success in whichever path they take . Nothing is ever wasted - and no one should ever be deemed a failure for changing their path , I would call it courageous. Meadowblythe I believe your DS is nearby ?
  7. I recommend Renaissance Arts. My DS trained there , and having never danced previously , walked straight into employment upon his graduation. If it’s good ballet training you’re after - Martin Howland is a fantastic teacher .
  8. I’m a former Tring parent and a teacher with pupils in the school.
  9. Not a single American in the final . I am quite disappointed with myself , having only picked 8 out of the 20 finalists ! My favourites are the Japanese girl 135 and the Portuguese boy number 218.
  10. If I may comment ( from personal experience ) I have sent several pupils to Moorlands . The classes are small , it is like one big happy family . The teachers are fantastic , with every child being nurtured and reaching their potential .They are certainly holding their own amongst the other more established schools , and enter the major competitions etc . My DS went to Tring , and received excellent classical and contemporary training there . He is currently in his 4th year in a ballet company , where his excellent training has stood him in good stead . He also gained good A level grades at Tring . Many people write Tring off when it comes down to classical training ,but a good number of their students move on to the Royal Ballet upper school from the lower school, they have also produced medalists / prizewinners in the Genee and Ceccetti competitions . Only my opinion , of course , but I would highly recommend both of these schools . Happy to answer any questions.
  11. My dance school offer RAD Intermediate Zoom lessons taught by a former company member of Northern Ballet
  12. I can’t recommend this school highly enough . Several of my pupils have gone on to train there . It is like one big happy family . Small classes and amazing teaching . Definitely up there with the best . My DS attended their Summer school several times and gained such a lot from it . Although he wasn’t a full time student at Moorlands , the teachers have continued to follow his progress , and offer advice and support when he has needed it .
  13. Hello to anyone who remembers me ! Nice to catch up x
  14. Just out of curiosity - has anyone , anywhere got a yes for year 4 ?
  15. Please can anyone recommend a good company for dance school tracksuits ? Thank you
  16. Hi there . I echo what Meadowblythe said . My DS was deemed to be on the short side initially - but ended up at just shy of 5ft 10 ins . He was too short for some European companies - but is one of the taller ones in his current company . The height requirements vary - which is good ! I really wouldn’t worry at all .
  17. Adult Size 9 or 10 and also size 11 Tap shoes . 9/10 can be any sole and any taps . Size 11 flexi sole and teletone taps please !!!
  18. Yes of course you can . pm me your details / mobile number and I will message you directly .
  19. I would always say go with something that suits them . My pupils wear Degas Leotards for auditions , if they suit them - and they look fabulous , but they don’t suit everyone’s purse ! Your teachers will advise I’m sure . I generally get them to try on all their leotards and then decide which look best . My son’s old JA teacher used to say never wear black!! ( to the girls ) Everyone has a different opinion. It’s important to choose one that the candidate likes , and is comfortable in . Nothing that itches , or has to keep being fiddled with !
  20. Size 5 1/2 Freeds Tap shoes with techno taps on the toes and heels . Good condition . £8 plus postage
  21. As new . Size XXS ( 11-13 yrs approx ) white mesh at the top , then multi . £25
  22. Oh that’s a shame . I was very hopeful for my little one for Leeds .
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