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  1. Can somebody explain to me why there is no mention of ballet West Edinburgh on this forum ? I was just looking at their website and intrigued to know anyone’s experience of the school.
  2. It's a long shot but does anyone have any tickets spare for Friday night - inspirations show ? Would be. Very grateful. Thank you .
  3. Check out tutu girl on this forum. She has a fabulous summer school and has guest teachers including professional ballerinas and teachers from vocational schools. They take residential pupils too. No audition . Based in Yorkshire . If you pm me I can give you contact details
  4. Farawaydancer has set up a FB group for parents of anyone going to Hammond in September if anyone is interested in joining.
  5. @PenguinBoysMum no confirmation but I did email to ask about the MD1 form and I got a reply to say she would forward my email to the finance department but they aren’t in until next week.
  6. My daughter got the MDS straight away rather than off the reserve but if your son is very near the top I suspect he has a good chance. Fingers crossed for you .
  7. Thank you everyone for your replies. What about capital that doesn’t actually earn interest as such. Such as value of pension or savings etc . Do they take this into account or is it purely INCOME ? August seems very late to be finalising things . This would mean keeping hold of a state school place until then too !
  8. Even though my daughter has been lucky enough to be offered an MDS for Hammond we have not had confirmation of how much our contribution will be. The offer letter said that we would receive another financial form to complete and we haven’t received it yet . If other families are in the same situation they may be unable to decide whether or not they wish to accept the place . Therefore it could be a while before MDS ‘s go back on the market ! P.S my daughter would like to know if a little girl that she met at the final has been offered a place ?
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