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Found 17 results

  1. hi ! I've never posted here so let me know if I've done anything wrong !! I'm just curious to know about the level of ballet training, especially pointe in contemporary schools in the uk, in particular trinity laban and nscd. rambert is my dream school due to the balance between ballet and contemporary, but I don't want to set my heart on it as it is very hard to get into, but i also don't want my ballet to suffer if i go to one of the others. any help would be hugely appreciated!!
  2. Hi all, I'm looking for some tips from other adult dancers that have gone onto pointe later in life. I got my first pointe shoes last year in my mid forties and am still struggling to do anything away from the barre. In barre exercises I can do most of them just with 2 fingers or even 1 finger sometimes lightly resting on the barre so it isn't that I need the support, I think it is more of a mental block. I'm in class with 13-15 year olds and they seem to throw themselves up there without a second thought, one girl last night was doing her first ever class in them and seemed like she'd been in them forever! I know you do second guess things much more as you get older and don't have the same gusto and fearlessness that you have as a teenager. Have any of the other adult dancers here experienced this and how did you get over it? Thanks
  3. I got my first pair of pointe shoes in December of 2019 but I only had 5 dance classes before quarantine and then switched to a more professional studio in September. Since then I have performed snow and flowers on pointe and mostly caught up to the girls my age (I'm 17) I have been doing a lot of pointe but I’m obviously technically behind. I went to a pointe shoe fitting for a new type of shoe this weekend with my teacher. She liked the Bloch elegance (which are split sole) the best. I know split soles are for more advanced dancers but she really liked them and knew they were split sole I am finding those harder to keep stability with. Specifically with turning. I can usually do a double on both sides but it is harder now. I can't even do a single because when I go up I find my shoe just falling off pointe back onto flat. Any advice on how to gain more stability / strength when turning with these shoes or using them in general. Thank!
  4. Hello fellow dancers! I recently got my first pair of pointe shoes this past January. They are Suffolk Stellars 5.5 XXXXN. I sewed crisscross elastics onto them, so I could get maximum suppoirt for my feet. Once I had finished sewing them on, I realized that the position of the elastics made my shoes look unclean. So, can I move them? Or should I remove them completely and sew single ankle bands? Maybe I should wait until my next pair, and try a different position of my elastics? I attached some images, so you can see what I mean...... Also, I don't believe I am doing well getting over my box for taking 2-3 thirty minute pointe classes a week, for two months. I bent my shanks back and forth, and this helped my left foot a little, but not my right at all. Is it my feet, or my shoes? Or, am I doing fine, and have to wait until they mold to my feet more, over the next months? Thanks for helping a fellow dancer out! - Perfectly On Pointe P.S. I will cut my ribbons/elastics when I am sure I don't have to move them or tighten them.
  5. We’re heading to London for DD’s first pair of pointe shoes. A very exciting rite of passage as I must admit I am a bit jealous as I never had the opportunity to go en pointe when I did ballet way back when. Am I right in thinking Dancia, Bloch and Freed are the places we should go to? Would it be better to go to Dancia first as an over view as such and then if they suggest Bloch or Freed shoes, to go to the specific brand shops? Are there any other dance shops worth trying in central London? Any other first pair shopping tips? Should we get elastic and ribbon or see what the fitters suggest? Does one generally get ouch pouches for first shoes or try starting off with lambs wool or something else?
  6. South East Ballet Scholars February Intensive Classical and Contemporary Course 19th -21st of February Inclusive Guest Teachers Include Mr David Peden, Ex Royal Ballet Soloist Mr Michael Raynaud, Ex English National Ballet Miss Mikaela Polley Ex Rambert Company Our Intensive Course is an opportunuity for young dancers to work alongside professional and ex professional dancers from some of the world's major ballet companies. The main genre's will be classical ballet, body conditioning, contemporary, repertoire and pas de deux. We offer the choice of residential or day classes. It is an opportunity for vocational and non vocational pupils aged 8-18 to get expert tutiton and return to the studio with refreshed thoughts and motivation. The studio venue has FIVE state of the art studios and our residential venue is set in beautiful countryside with dormitories that hold up to a maximum of four, all bed linen is provided along with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Mid Morning and Late Evening Snacks. To Book please visit our Website www.southeast-balletscholars.org were you will find our Application Forms or Call 01277 200768
  7. South East Ballet Scholars Limited is holding an Intensive February Half Term Course 12th of February -18th of February Inclusive. Amazing Faculty of Stephen Beagley Former Principal Dancer with the Royal Ballet Company Ben Tribe Former Dancer with Theatre Der Stadt Koblenz Teacher for Bird College and London Studio Centre Susanna Plaino Director of Il Balletto Ballet School Castle Franco Vineto Jamal Crawford Theatre credits -The Body Guard, Fame, Thriller Classes will be held in Classical Ballet, Repetoire, Pas de deux, Virtuosity, Commercial Jazz and Contemporary with Pianists for all classes in state of the art studios Course fees £250 Non residential £510 Residential Daily Rate £48.00 Per Day 8 Places still Available for students 8 years and above Please email- info@southeast-balletscholars.co.uk
  8. I'm 14 years old and have been dancing since I was 5. In the last few years I've focused on ballet. I've been encouraged lately to move onto pointe because it's the next step and will give me more options in the future. I enjoy watching pointe I just don't know if it's something I should do. I realize the difficulty and the time it will take to learn this. If I decide to do it I will be fully committed. I realize that it will be mostly girls which I'm used to. I wish more boys would be interested in ballet as it is. I have heard that dancing en pointe is easier for girls so I don't know if that's body type or what. I'm 5'4 and 118 pounds so I might be able to do it now but I could grow more. Is that an issue? Is this something I should just try and see how it goes. I would imagine it would just start with pointe work on the barre so maybe I could start with that. I could use any advice. Beginner pointe shoes? I have been told that I have ideal feet for pointe. No high arches, etc. I would imagine I would still get custom shoes. I really want to make the right decision with all this. Thanks.
  9. (Note - obviously this is not intended to be a fitting over the internet. I'm just trying to work out what brands and styles commonly fit this sort of foot, so I can focus on shops that stock them) DD is up for her first pair of pointe shoes over Easter. Her feet might be a bit tricky, so I would like some initial opinions please, of what sort of things to look for and what problems you have had if you have/have fitted similar feet. And are these the sort of feet that will need shoes stuffed full of additional widgets and gizmos, and if so, which?* She has good toes (imo), not too long and the first 3 of a similar length. No massive gaps between them. Feet very wide, but quite squishy. No clue about her heels, but if they are like mine (and our feet are similar looking) they will be narrow. Very high arches and goes onto demi-pointe with great ease. If anything, I think she will tend to fall over the front and I have dim expectations of needing vamp elastic. Any thoughts? *They didn't have owt when I were a lass, so the current pointe shoe gadget market confuses me mightily.
  10. Hello I'm 13 years old and I still not on pointe , I do strengthing and pointe classes which I done this last January. I'm slim and my feet are not too flat or too arch , I've been dancing for 7 years . I just want to know have any of you guys been on pointe when you were 13 or older because I know people who go younger and I'm worried it's going to take ages to get on and I will get left behind! Thank you xx
  11. Thought some members might be interested in this. I have a small DD who is a "very young" 12 and her teachers and I luckily are of the same view. It can be quite hard when the dc feels it's a sign of dance quality rather than physical readiness! Articles like this do help. https://www.thestage.co.uk/news/2016/royal-academy-dance-alumni-warn-parents-en-pointe-young-children/
  12. Hi there! This is my first ever post on here and I'm excited!! But I'm even more excited about starting ballet this fall! But I have an issue. My feet. My feet are flat. But they're not only flat but wonky too. So here's s good description: They are flat. But my arch is very flexible. I can arch my foot and it would have a beautiful arch ik it. Or even when I relax my foot, there's a small arch. But when I stand, flat as a board. When I point my foot, it looks arched but in reality it's flat. Is this something I can pass with with some professional companies? I know flat footed dancers don't make it far in ballet, but they won't be flat for long when I start this fall. Thank you everyone !!!!!!
  13. Hi I wondered if I could get some advice here please. At my DD dance school a few girls have been told they are ready for pointe shoes (mine included) but they are only 11 and 12 years old. After a lot of googling I've come to the conclusion that this is a bit early as their feet aren't properly developed yet. It is a very reputable local school and I am wondering what, if any, long term damage this could cause as I am a bit nervous about giving my DD the go ahead to do it ( she is only just 12) Am I being an over protective parent or should I let her do it?
  14. Hello! So yesterday I bought a pair of pointe shoes after being fitted. They were ok in the store but posed a problem when i got home and the next morning. They are the Russian Pointe Luminas. While en pointe, they fit perfectly and my feet are beautiful. However, when on flat my big toe is very compressed (more than it should be) to the point where I can't even roll through demi. The drawstring/heel digs in slightly in plie or demi pointe too. Do I just need to break them in fully or does the compressed big toe while on flat (it's pushed against the platform causing it to curl slightly but good on the sides) mean they are too short? It's a 2 hour drive to the store so I don't want to go back if it's not really necessary.
  15. Should DD have had new ponte shoes fitted while she has a swollen ankle from a torn Achilles? I know I'm being daft - but I just don't know if it's OK or not (I wouldn't buy new shoes while I had a swollen ankle) Never mind the stress of a bill for pointe (which I wasn't expecting) tap & latin shoes!!
  16. Hi all i just got my new pointes a month ago, I practise once weekly but I warm up my pointes 2 3 times a week. We are learning the pas de quatre from swan lake. I used to do it (get really tired) with my old shoes. But now I don't just get tired as in short breath, my legs kill me. My new shoes need me to stretch my whole leg more than my dead ones, which makes me get sore legs faster and makes me unable to continue dancing with the same level (because I can't keep my legs so straight when i'm that tired. Question is, what kind of exercises would help. I mean do I need more feet exercises or leg strength? And is it normal? Thank youu
  17. My DD is 12 and is very determined in terms of ballet!! She is in grade 4 and 5 ISTD and she does her foot exercises to strengthen her feet for pointe every night! When she was 9 she had a dropped instep but it was all sorted out before she turned 11. Should she be on pointe yet if she would like to make it far in terms of ballet? Or is it normal for he not to be on pointe??
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