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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all Does anyone have any advice on split sole satin ballet shoes for a very skinny footed child. They’re for EYB and so need to be satin. She’s only a 13.5/1 in ballet shoes. Bloch (who supply her Elmhurst satin but full soles) don’t appear to start until a size 2. We’ve tried the So Danca ones but they seem quite stiff and wide. Help please!! 🩰 Thank you so much 😊
  2. Has anyone ever done this, and is it worth the effort re buying the paint and does the new colour lasts for the duration of once a week shoe use? We have oodles of old but still serviceable pairs from our oldest, but now her younger sibling is starting ballet and it seems a shame to have to go and buy new shoes, when we have a stable of shoes already, albeit in pink not in white.
  3. I'm after recommendations, please. Full sole leather ballet shoes (flats). Which brands are good for narrow feet? DD is a size 6.5 or 7 (adult size). It's been years since she has worn leather ones, so I am clueless!
  4. Can anyone recommend a decent brand of canvas split soles? The So Danca ones with the elasticated edging dig in and going up a size means baggy toes! Are there any drawstring ones which don't result in ‘duck feet’? She has narrow feet and quite dainty toes 😂
  5. Hi. My daughter is taking her grade 5 ballet exam soon and we are not sure whether to go for satin full sole or satin split sole ballet shoes.. I have been told that some examiners are not fans of split soles - is this true? Any advice on shoes would be greatly appreciated.? Many thanks.
  6. I’m hoping one of the lovely posters on here can help. My DD has wide feet and i’m Struggling to get her a new pair of ballet shoes. The ones we tried this am that didn’t feel to tight looked like flippers on her!! How wide are the Capezio ww fitting? Any help gratefully received.
  7. My dd has upcoming upper school auditions this week we were planning on wearing canvas shoes but dd likes the look of her satin flats not sure if the satin shoes look a bit young for her age? Any advice please?
  8. I have to sew ribbons (and criss cross elastics) on to a pair of shoes for dd, but I’ve never done ribbons before. I’m OK on the elastics, but I’m not sure where to sew the ribbons, how long to make them, what do to about fraying ends etc. Is there a good YouTube video someone could recommend? I don’t trust my own random googling to find one that’s actually right - I’ve seen some ballet bun YouTube tutorials that were definitely not what our dance school expects.
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