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Found 7 results

  1. Hi. My daughter is taking her grade 5 ballet exam soon and we are not sure whether to go for satin full sole or satin split sole ballet shoes.. I have been told that some examiners are not fans of split soles - is this true? Any advice on shoes would be greatly appreciated.? Many thanks.
  2. I’m hoping one of the lovely posters on here can help. My DD has wide feet and i’m Struggling to get her a new pair of ballet shoes. The ones we tried this am that didn’t feel to tight looked like flippers on her!! How wide are the Capezio ww fitting? Any help gratefully received.
  3. My dd has upcoming upper school auditions this week we were planning on wearing canvas shoes but dd likes the look of her satin flats not sure if the satin shoes look a bit young for her age? Any advice please?
  4. I have to sew ribbons (and criss cross elastics) on to a pair of shoes for dd, but I’ve never done ribbons before. I’m OK on the elastics, but I’m not sure where to sew the ribbons, how long to make them, what do to about fraying ends etc. Is there a good YouTube video someone could recommend? I don’t trust my own random googling to find one that’s actually right - I’ve seen some ballet bun YouTube tutorials that were definitely not what our dance school expects.
  5. Sorry for the very boring thread. I need to find some pink leather ballet shoes which might actually fit my dd. The shops near us only stock one type, capezio daisy, which just don't suit at all so we have to resort to mail order. She has quite shallow feet and narrow at the ankles but really quite wide at the front when she stands on demi pointe. Anything which seems to fit width-wise at the toes is far too deep and I can get my whole hand in the top of the shoe, there just seems to be far too much material!! Can anyone recommend anything which might fit my dd's oddly shaped feet?! Strangely we don't seem to have this issue with canvas or satin shoes but even the same style in leather don't fit. TIA
  6. Every time I buy my daughter new ballet shoes, her teacher complains that they don't show off her feet. I've tried four different shops (three of which require quite a trip), and I'm getting a bit fed up! She has to have a particular style, brand and colour of shoe as part of her uniform, so it really just is a question of which size. Does anyone know of a guide (ideally with pictures) online that would give me a sense of what a really well fitting soft ballet shoe should look like before the elastics are sewn on? I know it needs to be really tight, but my daughter has narrow heels combined with very wide forefeet with a longer second toe, and it seems to be impossible to find something that allows her to straighten her toes and yet is tight enough to satisfy her teacher. Also, is it really that important for a child doing Grade 1? I can't bring myself to believe that it is, but I'm prepared to be told otherwise.
  7. My dogs have chewed my new bloch split soles, albeit they were a little pinchy across the top of my foot they were simply fab. I have a really high arch that makes it really hard to get decent shoes. Full sole is a no go. I don't have much money and I literally need them in three weeks, maybe even sooner as I may have a few private lessons coming up to prepare me for September when I join APPA. I don't know if anyone can recommend me a pair. I was going to buy the pro arch bloch ones but I've been told they're quite neat width wise. Honestly I don't care if they're leather, canvas or satin as long as they're a split sole that will be fab. Many thanks in advance.
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