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Found 5 results

  1. Good morning I’ve been searching through the boards for help with homesickness and found some really useful threads but some of the experiences feel slightly different to ours and I’m not sure where to go from here. My child (MC) has started vocational school this year (year 7) and is really struggling with homesickness. The first 3 weeks we nearly threw in the towel but MC although feeling very unhappy wanted to carry on trying. So we persevered with a compromise of coming home each weekend to begin with. We’re now into the second half of the term and although things are improving very very slightly (from my point of view as MC has control of their emotions more now and isn’t constantly sobbing and begging to come home) they are nowhere near settled yet. We are now not picking them up for the first weekend (wish we’d done this last term as it feels as though they are starting from the beginning) as a bit of a make or break because weekly boarding is not feasible due to the distance and because it resets the clock every weekend with the homesickness. I appreciate all of this probably seems normal and what others have experienced however the bits we’re struggling with is that they cannot find any positives about their days at all. They like the school but don’t seem to love it. Currently they aren’t looking forward to the dancing or academics and certainly not the boarding so cannot see how to stay positive about it all. They are disappointed in themselves because this has been a dream for a few years and they worked really hard to get to this point and don’t want to give it up and regret it but just want to feel happy. I don’t know if the not looking forward to it is normal because the homesickness is so overwhelming or if it’s an indicator that it’s just not right for them? Another kicker is that their roommates seem settled and happy and they can’t help but compare themselves. We’re taking it a term at a time and I’m proud of MC that they continue to be brave and persevere but I genuinely don’t know what to do next to help them. Any help or experience of whether this is normal would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Would be grateful for advice. DS is at vocational school in England. Year 7. He seemed to really enjoy the first half term but this half term is a totally different story. Tears every night, asking to come home. He no longer wants to dance as a career. Being there full time has made that clear to him. The dance classes are therefore fun but too long and obviously the commitment to focus and work hard every day isn’t there. He finds the academic side of things frustrating, since there’s not as much time for them as he’d like. He misses home dreadfully. He has friends but nobody close so often feels lonely I think. We can’t get to visit him weekly for various reasons which is also hard: we have family nearby but he wants us. There’s nothing “bad” going on: no bullying, abuse etc. I’ve asked repeatedly and believe him. It’s just not the right school for him. Any advice? Do we make him complete the year? Pull him out straight away? If he were older I think there’s a strong argument for seeing through a commitment but he’s only 11 and I worry about psychological harm if we leave him: but maybe that’s just me panicking….? Maybe he could enjoy the rest of the year somehow and then leave before year 8? Maybe we should give up the place for someone who really wants it? He has performance commitments this Christmas: he says he doesn’t mind not performing but surely he can’t let everyone down?
  3. Does anyone have an advice re homesickness . Is it better to bring them home to break it up or better to make them brave it out and settle .
  4. I've just started my second year at vocational school(post 16) and over the past week have been feeling very homesick and lonely. I feel like I have nobody to talk to, like there's a sort of distance between me and my friends and I can't seem to figure out why. I just feel very isolated. I was out of dance for 6 months with an injury and this week has been difficult going back to class and fully realising the difference in ability between me and the rest of the class. I just don't know what to do. I had none of these feelings in first year at all, even when I wasn't dancing or when I was ill so in my head it seems so silly to have them now. When my mum or grandparents phone I try my best to sound upbeat because I don't want to worry them. Just don't know what to do for the best:( apologies for the long and rambling post
  5. Having never suffered with this myself , I'm not sure what helps ! DS - year 7 at vocational school says he can't phone me because he needs to be chatting to his friends so he doesn't feel homesick ! He sobs down the phone at me when I insist he have a short conversation with me !! I get comments like - "I was so homesick last night " when he doesn't pick up the phone calls I make and only one word answers when I text ! Am I wrong to insist that he call me at least one a week ? Does it not help them to stay connected and report on what is happening at school ? Any insight or advice ? He says he is happy there and he will be comming home again Friday , but last leave out he did not tell me anything much to me and just wanted to go out and see his friends and was keen to get back to school again ! Does this sound normal ?
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