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  1. I bought a second hand skirt from Facebook for a fraction of the price, it was a perfect fit too!
  2. Thank you at least the class is at a reasonable time as we have an hour to travellers hope it’s the same this year! Xx
  3. Hi everyone. Congratulations to everyone who has got a yes and commiserations to those with a no. We got a yes today for Birmingham year 5 for my DD and I feel totally clueless and google has led me here so hoping someone can help with some questions I have as the email confirmation is only talking about fees 😂 Does anyone know what time the class is based on previous years and how long the class is for? Also how the 24 sessions are worked out e.g how many times per term they go. I signed her up without knowing too much about it thinking there’s no way she’d get in 🤦🏼‍♀️
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