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  1. RAD are operating on a very-much reduced staffing structure so there are significant delays. I submitted video exams in mid -September. Results finally arrived by email in November and I still haven’t had report forms or certificates. It’s taking a long time to get any response to emails etc and they’ll definitely be closed over the Christmas period. Plus tier 4 restrictions won’t help.
  2. EEEEEEEK!!! I would NOT like the sound of any young dancer using these! Not only is there the potential for injury whilst using it, but if a young dancer has extreme amounts of passive flexibility they are much more prone to injury when they're dancing! Let me guess - either someone on instagram has one? If their teacher has recommended one I'd be seriously concerned...
  3. Useful info and at a quick glance it looks to be fairly sensible and standard science. HOWEVER..... children are not mini adults. A pre-pubescent body is physiologically different to an adolescent body which is also different to a fully-adult body. All the structures of the musculoskeletal system have a different composition and therefore behave differently. The neuromuscular compononent should also not be overlooked and this too is different in children/teens/adults.
  4. Gosh it does sound as though life is still very hard in the dance world. I truly believe that the only way that this will change is if people speak out. Gymnasts across the world are starting to talk about body shaming, emotional abuse etc and change is happening as a result. It can be done completely anonymously and if anyone is interested in doing so please PM me in the strictest of confidence. No identities need to be mentioned at all but a group of people (including myself) are working to lobby government to make reporting this kind of abuse easier for students. The problem we
  5. So she’s not *actually* teaching online per se - she’s coaching a dancer on a repertoire variation which will be streamed on the internet. I’m sure it will be fascinating to watch but not something that people can join in with sadly.
  6. There's definitely a gap in the market for someone enterprising and knowledgeable!
  7. Exactly! And the government self-employment support scheme is of no use to anyone if most of your day-to-day expenses relate also to the running of the business (because they count against profits in 'normal time') as the SEISS only pays you 80% of your average 3 years profits! My colleagues who registered as limited companies get nothing....
  8. A query for those of you who are avid adult ballet dancers and/or lovers of dancewear! I'm sure this has been asked many times but I did a quick search and couldn't find the answer... My adult ballet class only ever seem to be able to get black dancewear and the class looks like a funeral gathering! They're all sick of it and would love to be able to get leotards and skirts that fit the average womanly figure (size 12/ 14/ 16/ 18) with bust support or that can be worn with a bra. I'd also be interested in a long-ish wrap skirt that actually wraps around my post-lockdown tummy! All
  9. The RAD app only works on iphones/ipads not laptops sadly!
  10. How long is a piece of string?!?!?!?!?! I find Grade 1 so hard! Firstly - the warm up ARMS! OMG most kids really struggle with this! I've tried so many things to get them to keep the right shape. In lockdown at home I ended up sitting them on the floor cross legged with cushions piled up in their laps! It worked great for a week...... Other things I do with this age group is spend a lot of time trying to get them to tendu with straight knees without taking their weight onto the pointed foot. (This happens in legs and arms, and in demi plies and to a certain extent, in walks). I al
  11. I think we need to be careful speculating about what has and hasn't been done by individual institutions. Unless someone has a son or daughter at that university or college we cannot know all of the details. Newspapers and television media are looking for shock stories, and will (mostly) spin facts to support their agenda. So while there is most likely some truth in the media reports regarding university lockdowns, the true situation might not be as shocking as it's being reported.
  12. It sounds like you have a good relationship with your teacher. Times are hard for teachers and we're all feeling the pinch financially, and emotionally as it has been incredibly stressful trying to keep going. I'd steer well clear of a competition school without syllabus classes. A lack of syllabus classes alone isn't an indicator of a poor teacher, but the combination of no syllabus classes plus emphasis on competition makes me concerned. Instead of looking further afield, talk to your current teacher. If she knows what she's talking about, she'll agree that a keen child would be
  13. Tulip, all I can say is - if you feel able - share the information you have. It can be anonymous but I believe that all the institutions where abuse has happened need to be held to account and enough noise made so that the collective voice is finally heard. I also say this to any other parents or adults who experienced bad practice during their dance training, to become part of this movement. I understand that it is hard and traumatic and many people do not want to go over the past and that is completely ok too. But if you’re still angry and you want to be heard, there is now finally
  14. I wrote this a while ago and this is a good place to start, I feel.
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