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  1. I have the 66 Fit balance board and it's been fine for adult weight. 36cm and marketed for beginner/advanced. It's not as bendy /easy as some plastic boards.
  2. My DD is in year 7. They are very relaxed about time off for exams - I just phone in on the morning. I did email her Head of House (who also happens to be her PE teacher) to alert her that DD was thinking of vocational training and might need extra time off and she was very supportive. It turns out that this teacher's sister went to Northern Ballet School! I also asked how we could make sure that she kept up with what she misses but again they seem relaxed about this. And this is an academic quite high-pressure comprehensive school. We haven't, so far, had to deal with a regular early-leaving situation though. All schools are different of course, but I think if you take the "conscientious parent" approach that can only help.
  3. There were about 25 in DD's Mids audition last year. Lots of white JA leotards but she was by no means the only one who wasn't. She was nervous but so were some of the JAs. I gather there are about 15 Mids in total (years 7,8 and 9) in our nearest centre so it's tough for anyone to get a place, JA or not. The audition is a special experience in itself though, and DD doesn't regret going for it. She felt very proud of herself.
  4. Yes for associates - I think Juniors is y5 and y6. I'm not sure about the CAT though.
  5. Howmuch! You can audition for CAT and associates at the same time. The call-backs are also on the same weekend but may involve different classes. I'd recommend the open days - we did the associates one as we'd already discounted CAT but we really got a good feel for the place. AND DD got a class with Cara O'shea who is a brilliant teacher on the CAT scheme (but not associates) so that was a bonus!
  6. Oh that helps dancingboy thank you!
  7. DD needs to "make your own cloth name badge" for Northern Ballet Associates. Does anybody have any idea what this means or what it might look like? Is it to stitch onto her leotard?
  8. Just poking this thread awake to say that DD has been offered a place at Northern (Leeds) from the reserve list. So it can happen! She's delighted and I'm so proud of her - until a little over a year ago she had only ever taken 1 ballet class a week. I'm slightly worried that as one of the 'last in' she'll be one of the less strong dancers in the class but I don't expect that will put her off.
  9. At her last dance school my DD was doing IDTA. She went 2 years between G1 and G2 for "operational reasons" until we got fed up waiting and changed schools. She is now doing G3 RAD aged 11 so she hasn't exactly caught up but she is being taught much better technique and has made lovely progress. It helps that she has started pointe and Inter Foundation too. So I would consider the big picture - grade numbers aren't everything if the teaching is good, your DD is happy and making progress. If not, seriously think about moving or adding an associates class.
  10. I understood that a first teaching qual is always eligible for student finance?
  11. Check out Dickson Mbi who made the transition from hip hop (he won loads of popping competitions) to contemporary dance. There was a great documentary about him the other night on BBC4. It's amazing to watch him fuse locking with contemporary moves in his own choreography! Not quite ballet but I think he did that too.
  12. Northern Ballet CAT scheme offers an audition fee waiver based on income levels. But like you say, that's a drop in the ocean....
  13. Interesting campaign that could equally apply to dance schools! Drama schools urged to cut their audition fees https://www.theguardian.com/stage/2018/apr/08/too-privileged-drama-schools-urged-cut-audition-fees?
  14. That's great to hear - good luck to your DD in her new adventures!
  15. Having read our polite "no" email properly now it says that no feedback will be available. I was under the impression that your dance teacher could contact RBS for feedback. Does anybody know if this has changed?
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