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  1. DD wears the Modibodi seamfree bikini in black (as they'd sold out of neutral at the time) and they do not show at all as they're quite high cut. She wears size 6. She's really happy with them.
  2. My DD is an intermediate associate and we had an email this week. The associate class sizes have had to be reduced for Sept and the timetable changed. All sessions are much shorter. There have been no reassessments of those students who didn't make it straight through the first assessment round - they are all being given places. This seems very fair, as they haven't really had a chance to work on their target areas. But it may result in fewer places for reserves. It's just really hard all round. I think NB are doing their best and I have to say they've been incredibly reasonable about fees.
  3. I'm not sure it's possible in a normal sized house? My DDs' teachers get them to angle their screens down or up depending on the exercise. There is a lot of screen-down during tap! In my street classes I can't see my teacher's feet because the boxes with participant camera views are lined up across the bottom and I can't move them (Google hangouts). I end up asking so many stupid questions...
  4. My DD was an associates reserve and was given a place. They told us towards end of June after the deadline for accepting places. I know it's a long wait... But well done to your DD for getting on the list.
  5. The Corn Exchange is a short walk away and good for distractions - music sometimes, coffee, tiny quirky shops...
  6. @Jingles to answer your original question, it does depend on the programme but you can expect more body conditioning and strength work than a syllabus class. There may be more emphasis on anatomy. Also, because there's no syllabus to follow, teachers set more mixed sequences (enchainments? sorry I'm rubbish with terminology!). This helps students get used to picking up steps quickly and thinking on their feet. Some programmes add another discipline e.g contemporary or jazz. The longer class definitely helps with stamina! Sorry that I can't help on boys' schemes though.
  7. My DD is doing it. It's her first time though, so I probably can't help if you have any questions 😉
  8. DD1 has found that ruching helps as well as a shelf lining - if it's allowed as part of uniform. DD2 for G2 has to wear an awful unlined, unshaped lilac leo but at G3 it changes to one with some ruching and the difference is remarkable.
  9. Pictures, you have always been my favourite poster here for your thorough research and generosity with your advice. I feel your frustrations about not being able to discuss some things freely but I really hope you'll hang around a bit longer. Good luck to your DD and the rest of your family.
  10. I'm afraid this was exactly my DD's experience in the Manchester auditions two years ago. The teacher using first names is still something she rants about! She was put off RBS for life which is a shame.
  11. Oh I see ha ha! Yes it's confusing. You don't have to be at G5 standard for RAD Inter-Foundation either. The only requirement is that you're at least 11 when you take the exam. Dance schools will all have their own approaches to this though.
  12. My DD only took her G3 in year 7 so I wouldn't worry! She had already started RAD Inter-Foundation and pointe classes but there isn't much pointe work in the IF associates. There were a few sessions in the spring term where those already on pointe brought their shoes and those who weren't did centre practice on demi-pointe and the boys did strength work. It's true that DD does some steps (is that the right term?!) at Northern that she hasn't come to yet in the grades but it's not been an issue.
  13. Just to add a couple of things from my DD's perspective - she auditioned for year 7 two years ago. The first audition was very relaxed and she came out feeling very confident. It was a marked contrast to her RBS audition! The final audition felt higher level but still a positive experience. There were around 25 in that one. She didn't think there was much testing of flexibility. Inter Foundation is also a class of about 30 but made up mostly of just one year group (year 7) so statistically it may be a little easier to get in at that point. By the time you get to Intermediate there
  14. I'm taking youngest DD tomorrow. She gets to watch her big sister's associates class which is a bonus! I think it'll be a fun morning.
  15. Thanks everyone, it's good to hear some people are wearing them under leos. My DD is not at vocational school so we don't have any laundry issues apart from possibly drying time. She's going to give them a try ☺
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