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  1. I'm afraid this was exactly my DD's experience in the Manchester auditions two years ago. The teacher using first names is still something she rants about! She was put off RBS for life which is a shame.
  2. Oh I see ha ha! Yes it's confusing. You don't have to be at G5 standard for RAD Inter-Foundation either. The only requirement is that you're at least 11 when you take the exam. Dance schools will all have their own approaches to this though.
  3. My DD only took her G3 in year 7 so I wouldn't worry! She had already started RAD Inter-Foundation and pointe classes but there isn't much pointe work in the IF associates. There were a few sessions in the spring term where those already on pointe brought their shoes and those who weren't did centre practice on demi-pointe and the boys did strength work. It's true that DD does some steps (is that the right term?!) at Northern that she hasn't come to yet in the grades but it's not been an issue.
  4. Just to add a couple of things from my DD's perspective - she auditioned for year 7 two years ago. The first audition was very relaxed and she came out feeling very confident. It was a marked contrast to her RBS audition! The final audition felt higher level but still a positive experience. There were around 25 in that one. She didn't think there was much testing of flexibility. Inter Foundation is also a class of about 30 but made up mostly of just one year group (year 7) so statistically it may be a little easier to get in at that point. By the time you get to Intermediate there are two year groups mixed again (8 and 9). Hope that helps.
  5. I'm taking youngest DD tomorrow. She gets to watch her big sister's associates class which is a bonus! I think it'll be a fun morning.
  6. Thanks everyone, it's good to hear some people are wearing them under leos. My DD is not at vocational school so we don't have any laundry issues apart from possibly drying time. She's going to give them a try ☺
  7. I just found this old thread - sanpro has moved on since 2015! Does anybody have any views on dancing in period pants? They all look quite low cut so might not work under a leotard. But I was looking at these which come in a nude colour: https://www.shethinx.com/products/thinx-sport?variant=31133319069768 I'd be interested to hear of any experiences or recommendations.
  8. Our dance school has sent web links to download audio tracks for the RAD exams (free). I don't know if this is official! There is also the RAD app through which you can buy exam content. I think that's what our dance teachers use in class, linking their devices to speakers.
  9. https://northernballet.com/auditions Given discussions on this forum about height, it's worth noting the height requirements for female dancers here - 150 - 164 cm. Hopeful news for short dancers?!
  10. #York UK Beginner, this may not fit with your timetable but I thought you might like to see it. Starts January.
  11. RAD often do grade-based workshops in Leeds. My DD has booked onto the Inter Foundation one in Feb. Only useful if your DD is doing the RAD syllabus though. But I think there is also a Grade 2 Nutcracker one before Christmas? YBSS also run workshops in Leeds quite often. They sell out quickly. Both tend to be held at either Northern Ballet or Yorkshire Dance just around the corner.
  12. My youngest DD did one in Leeds last year. It was run like a JA class (not like an audition which seems quite different). It was full on and very varied with plenty of stuff about how bodies work and how to perform to an audience. I didn't see any feedback being given and the children got "encouragement" more than actual corrections. But you get to watch as a parent which is invaluable for getting a sense of the level your child is dancing at, how their confidence holds up in a big group situation etc. My DD (in year 4 then) loved it but found it very tiring and I could see her visibly flagging in the last half hour. She decided she didn't want to audition for JAs because she couldn't imagine dancing for that long every week!
  13. My DD (12) did the YBSS Easter pop up this year. It was lots of fun and she was totally inspired by learning the Bluebird dance from Sleeping Beauty. I'm not sure how 'nuturing' it was - it was quite a big group. I think there was little individual feedback. She went with a friend and I don't think she would have gone on her own. Can you interest a friend in going with your DD?
  14. Your DD sounds very similar to mine DD Driver. She's nearly 13. She finds it hard to let go and express in ballet because she's worried her posture and technique will go to pot. And maybe it will a bit while she's experimenting - I tell her it will soon come back but she's still nervous about it. Her commercial dance performance is amazing though - my reserved and modest DD turns into the sassiest strutter in the room! Over time hopefully she'll be able to apply this acting to her ballet. Like Peanut suggests I'm planning to take her to see more ballet - because to be fair she sees commercial dance all the time on YouTube, music videos etc but doesn't watch ballet much. It's useful to get your initial acting ideas from somewhere. If you find anything else that works for your DD please do share!
  15. I'm sorry you're in this situation Moonbeam. My DD was in a similar situation waiting to take G2. I felt very loyal to her dance school but in the end they were just holding her back. I moved her and her younger sister and haven't regretted it a single moment. Although as a result she is still 'behind' in the grades for her age (took G3 aged 12 this spring) she has had the opportunity to start the vocational grades, pointe and got accepted into a high quality associates scheme. Both my DDs absolutely love their current dance school. I wish you luck with your decision.
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