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  1. The finalists are: > KOBAYASHI Airi (Japan) > COHEN Charlotte (Australia) > MACIANO Andrey Jesus (Brazil) > PARK Robin (South Korea) > FALCÃO Luiza (Brazil) > YAMAMOTO Koharu (Japan) > FAN Liya (China) > KWON Jooyoung (South Korea) > YUN Seojeong (South Korea) > DILIGENTE Giulio (Italy > CASALINHO António (Portugal) > GOMES Francisco (Portugal) > RAMO RUIZ Lorien (Spain) > DE CARVALHO Kayke Nogueira (Brazil) > ABDEL-NOUR Luca (Egypt) > RAMOS PONCE Saïd (Spain) > COUPAL Ashley
  2. The classwork being assessed during this week is the original video each candidate sent for selection to the competition. The videos are also being streamed live. The variations have also been pre-recorded and as in previous years, both the classwork and variations will be taken into account when selecing the 20 finalists. The videos of the variations will then be watched again for the final. Full details here: Competition procedures (prixdelausanne.org) It will be very different without the live performance element as obviously all the candidates will be able to do as many takes
  3. It doesn't matter that you're only starting pointe work now. I started at around your age and still made it to a top ballet school but it is crucial that you get enough good quality training now. How many hours of ballet class are you taking per week?
  4. Very interesting to watch the video submissions from the Candidates. What a shame they won't have the experience of live coaching and workshops that they would have had if they had been able to participate live, but I'm glad they didn't cancel the event completely.
  5. What does your daughter want to do after graduating?
  6. Are you saying there is less focus on MT at LSC? I know LSC offer a variety of specialisms but I think MT is their strongest suit. LSC have been very successful over the years in placing graduates in musicals and I know several graduates personally who have trained there and had successful careers in MT. I'd accept LSC over Stella Mann without a doubt because of the flexibility of the course and the larger size is an advantage IMO. When you're working in the industry you're going to need contacts!
  7. Some years the reason has been given and it has been because the candidate received an offer from another company. Other times, the reason has not been given but I assume it's for the same reason. Maybe the PDL don't want to promote the reasons, saving the spotlight for the prize recipients, but I don't know.
  8. I'll miss you, Pictures, I always enjoy your posts. I hope you'll still pop back from time to time. All the best to your DD on the remainder of her final year and on whatever she does afterwards. It would be lovely to have some updates.
  9. The therapeutic team are unlikely to have the kind of in-depth knowledge of the dance world to answer the questions asked in the OP.
  10. I imagine this is something that varies widely from school to school. I don't think RBS are looking to take 4/5 new students in Y10 for example. Do Elmhurst assess out at all? What's the current situation with assessing out at WL? There was talk a while ago about not assessing out in Y7 anymore. has that been implemented now?
  11. Companies, probably not. They'll look at her resumé and watch her dance. They'll probably also have a reference from the school where she trained so as long as she didn't have problems during that time I don't think it will be a problem for companies. Presumably, she has already completed the application forms for the upper schools she's applying to and the medical information sheets that go with them. There is usually a question about eating disorders on the forms. Did you mention her problem on there or did it develop later? If you didn't mention it on the form, whether the school will ha
  12. It really depends how "bad" her feet and what her other strenghts are. There is a point where feet just aren't suitable for professional ballet training, but there are also students with feet that aren't the best but can be improved with training and if the students Excel in other areas, that can put them ahead of other candidates with better feet.
  13. Has she got an idea of which school she would like to go to if she continues with dance?
  14. 2016 winner Yu Hang is now an artist with the Royal Ballet. I've watched the final but haven't seen all of the selections yet. Like you, I was more impressed with the contemporary variations this year. Marco Masciari was superb as expected but I wish he hadn't chosen that classical variation simply because I don't like it . He danced it wonderfully though and was even better in the final in comparison to the selections. There were at least a couple of mistakes with the music this year which I haven't seen before and seemed to confuse the commentators!
  15. I don't know if it changed it's description but when Shale Wagman won it in 2018, Deborah Bull announced it as being for "a junior category finalist who didn't win an award." There was some mumbling from officials in the background, then one of them said "...That's not exactly how we've done it, we've awarded it for exceptional artistry." I do remember wondering if they made a mistake and didn't realise it until the announcements, Shale obviously being a prize winner and not from the junior category, but it was well deserved in any case. Ava Arbuckle also won a prize so maybe the criter
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