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  1. According to the Annual report, In the 2017/ 2018 academic year, 488 girls and 98 boys participated in the preliminary audtions for white lodge. In the same academic year, there were between 11 and 15 girls and the same of boys in each year of White lodge. There are no statistcs given on how many were taken to the final audition but you might find the information in an older thread on here as quite a few people have had children making the finals. Is your DD currently in year 7 and would be applying for a year 9 place? The odds are greatly reduced for candidates for years other than year 7 and it is not every year that they have places available. There are certainly people who audition several consecutive years for a place!
  2. I think your best bet would be to have a look at all the major lower schools to get a feel for them and audition at those you like. If funding is an issue, be aware that only WL, Elmhurst, Tring and Hammond have funded places under the MDS. If you are lucky enough to receive an offer from more than one place, choose the place that you feel would best suit you. This won't be the same for everyone. Being in the enviroment best suited to nurture your potential and your individual strengths and weaknesses both as a dancer and as a person is will ensure you are well placed to audition for whichever upper schools you're aiming for.
  3. Even over the last 20 years I don't think the info would be helpful, the more recent statistics would be more relevant and useful. The RB Upper school certainly take from Elmhurst. I believe there was a post about that this year and know that in previous years Elmhurst students have been successful at getting into RBS too. It probably goes without saying that WL has the most success at getting students into RB upper school, as Elmhurt does to their upper school. ENB I'm sure takes students from all the major lower schools, not having a lower school itself. Princess Grace has a completely different system. It's a 4 year course starting from age 13/ 14 although they do accept students into other years. Their students come from a wide variety of backgrounds. I went there having not been to vocational school previously.
  4. It's definitely not. The comments that the training at WL is not of a high enough standard are unfounded because 5 girls and a number of boys have been accepted to upper school. I imagine that WL is the most represented lower school at RB upper school. Any school which trains students from age 11 or younger will have a high attrition rate, including all the schools the talented foreign students being accepted by RBS are coming from.
  5. I also wanted to say that she needs to thnk about what she would like to do after graduating from Rambert or similar. Working in cruise ships requires a different kind of training that that offered at the schools you mentioned. Singing is also required for many cruise ship jobs. Has her vocational school offered any advice?
  6. With that in mind, I think it will depend on the quality and content of the BTEC (they vary widely) and the availability of classes locally. She would need to maintain and build on her ballet and also have access to contemporary classes if dancing only in the evening. Are there any contemporary youth dance groups in your area she could audition for? I did a university dance degree (not at a conservatoire) and the students who had done a BTEC were better prepared than those who'd only done A level dance. However, those with A-levels in a variety of subjects potentially had a better "back up" plan if dance didn't work out. This also depends on what your plan would be though. Do you know where she'd go for the BTEC if she goes down that route?
  7. What kind of degree does she want to do? Are there any courses in partcular she is interested in? Some of the ballet school offer degree courses, as do some of the colleges that specialise in musical theatre. Then there are the contemporary conservatoires such as Laban and NSCD as well as other university dance courses that have more of an academic base. What does she want to do after graduating from uni?
  8. I'm getting "cntent not available," but I'm curious!
  9. According to their website, fees are £4079 per term for years 7, 8 and 9. £4230 for years 10 and 11. This do not include medical insurance, academic examination fees, TRINITY examination fees, school trips, private singing lessons or lunches.
  10. I've no personal experience of the school but I've only heard good things about it, the only drawback being that no MDS places are available.
  11. What's the recall? Are you talking about the final audition for WL or have some people been recalled after the final audition?
  12. I think you first need to decide whether Hammond is the right school for your son. If it's the only offer of a place you get, and you get the funding you need, would it be better for him to go there or stay at his current school and continue with dance outside of school? Have you got access to high level training locally that could prepare him for sixth form entry? If you decide that Hammond is suitable, you need to clarify the situation with paying the deposit as it seems some posters here have given information different to what the school seems to be saying. Regardless of whether Hammond is your first choice or not, I understand your feelings about having to pay the deposit before finding out whether you'll be able to accept the place, it seems unfair.
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