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  1. Totally agree with Taxi4ballet. It’s horrendous to see young children being emotionally damaged, but other than removing your child there is nothing you can do. There have been so many discussions regarding this topic on the forum, but they can become very heated as emotions run very high.
  2. My daughter is looking for adult classes to add to her skills. She is now a professional dancer, she loves how the professional ballroom dancers move and their wonderful technique. Whilst she is home waiting for her next contract she wanted to go to some adult ballroom classes. Unfortunately where we live it’s classes for elderly couples. We live in between Warrington and Liverpool.
  3. I know this isn’t ballet, but does anyone know of any high standard adult ballroom classes in the North West please?
  4. Nothing worse than poor technique and tricks. Get the scaffolding right always. Trained dancers will always spot poor technique and awful tricks.
  5. My daughter is now a professional dancer. Throughout her training at vocational school they are under immense pressure to keep to the right weight for ballet. If you appear heavy you are told to lose weight at upper school, if you lose too much weight you are taken off dance. For quite a few students this really messes with their heads, they are at an age when their bodies are transitioning to adult. Consider if this environment is safe for your precious daughter and if it ever will be. I saw so many students with ED but no one said anything. I saw students gain hormonal weight and I know that they were told to lose weight. Can anyone imagine how that poor student felt having to wear a leotard everyday in front of a mirror with all her super lean friends. Thankfully my daughter survived her training but is left with the emotional baggage of always checking her weight. As a mother I feel awful that I was unable to pull my daughter from this environment, she simply lived, loved and dreamed it and worked super hard. I wish your beautiful daughter all the best of luck in her recovery, and very gentle hugs to you as her mother, you have some very difficult decisions to make alongside your daughter.
  6. A huge congratulations to Primrose for fighting tirelessly to get this campaign firstly to parliament which is an almost impossible challenge and now the law has been passed that all NHS professionals must have mandatory training in autism, this is all in Oliver’s name. Primrose has fought so hard so no other vulnerable child or adult suffers in the horrific way that Oliver did. If you haven’t read his story, then please do. Primrose and her family are in so much pain to have lost such a kind and vibrant young boy, who had everything to live for. A huge congratulations to Primrose, I am so very proud of you.
  7. What school or summer school is this? Why are we all protecting it? NO teacher should ever be allowed to emotionally bully or damage any young, vulnerable pupil. Why allow this toxic approach to teaching continue? You must report this behaviour, as adults it is our duty to protect young children and adults
  8. Minoblade, I would highly recommend Central School of Ballet. If you achieve a place there, then they believe that everyone of their students are employable.
  9. Congratulations to your son Harwel, perhaps he may enjoy dancing for fun, if he gets time x
  10. Reading everyone’s post is just so sad and it is unforgivable that teachers are allowed to treat students this way. I think I can guess what school your daughter attends Chrystaltips, and hopefully things can only get better, well done to your daughter for having pure strength and determination to succeed in her passion and dream. This topic sounds very similar to another thread regarding teachers who bully. Good luck to your daughter Chrystaltips.
  11. I believe for vocational schools they need to have a robust policy and procedure in place to address bullying and the meaning of bullying. Principles or head of schools must be regularly observing, supporting and offering training to their staff in this area. Some teacher and even parents don’t even realise that their methods of teaching is having a huge effect on these very young, talented students. It is not ok to ridicule students in front of peers, it is not ok to purposely ignore students etc etc. One incident that has always stuck in my mind and still upsets me even today, was when my daughter started her full time vocational school aged 12. She is a summer birth and was a tiny little thing, she was homesick and stressed as she was the newbie. Any way the teacher told the whole class to form a circle around my daughter, then asked everyone to put their hand up to say what was WRONG with my daughters plie. The whole class then began to have a go at saying what they thought was wrong, no other student was selected. My daughter was devastated, humiliated and very upset. She never cries in front of anyone, but she cried when she went back to the barr. It turns out that this teacher actually really liked my daughter and saw her potential. Sadly my daughter then started to understand that if this teacher was giving you ‘attention’ in this way, then you were liked. I actually ended up liking this teacher, but I have never forgotten how this tiny 12 year old, who was already stressed and sad was made to feel, and I totally disagree with her out of date training methods. I couldn’t report it, because my daughter didn’t need the added stress of me going into the school, meaning she would have to deal with the fall out, and I knew that would definitely happen as I’d been advised from other mums to not say anything. My little daughter toughened up and remained at her vocational school for four years, observing good practice and bad practice, she knew the difference. If at the end of her dancing career she chooses to teach dance, then at least she will know never to bully her students.
  12. I feel I bit sick reading the article. I witnessed this behaviour many a time. Times are changing thank goodness. Another form of bullying is to completely ignore the student.
  13. Can anyone recommend a good sports injury physio therapist up North, preferably Liverpool, St Helens areas please.
  14. Very gentle hugs sent to you all, you will both get through this x
  15. Note to self, I really need to improve my copy and pasting skills 🤦‍♀️🤪
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