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  1. To add further to my previous post, my daughter applied for Liverpool university to study physics, she was accepted, but now she had deferred it because she isn’t ready to give up on her dance career just yet.
  2. I have just asked my daughter, was all that training worth it for your dance career, she said absolutely and she wouldn’t want to do anything else.
  3. I’m not throwing in the towel, I just feel that there is no point in trying to tell people, because it’s so difficult not to tell the truth without breaking the rules. It’s also important to try not to scare people as it’s not all bad either. There are lots and lots of good points, but there are so many bad points that should never ever have happened and is so unforgivable, especially when you are talking about a child, a long way from home.
  4. Very sad, and I hundred percent appreciate what you forum moderates do for this forum. However I won’t be contributing any further on this subject, I’ve tried to offer advice and support for future dancers and parents, but I appear to unwittingly break the rules, it’s hard to stay to the rules when you are trying to guide or offer advice. sometimes I would have liked a shoulder to cry on, especially during some of the times when certain situations were wrong very wrong, but you had no where to turn to. So I don’t want to break any rules, or upset anyone, I’d best just keep quiet.
  5. That is absolutely shocking, these dancers are young, vulnerable away from home, I’m horrified to be honest.
  6. Dear parents of children starting vocational school. Please be excited, your children are about to experience a wonderful exciting adventure. Like in any school there will be highs and lows, that is normal. They will receive an excellent academic education, due to low class numbers. The things that you will be hearing in the news and more to come, remember there will be no place for these people to hide and get away with. The training environment will be so much healthier and more inline with normal schools in regard to safeguarding. Our elite dancers, athletes, gymnasts etc will be looked
  7. No the school my daughter went to, the full fee paying students were treated as the ones who were less talented, even though obviously that wasn’t true. The ones on scholarships or burserys were the chosen ones, but these awards could be taken away by the principle at any point, even though colleagues would disagree.
  8. On a positive note, and only talking for the ballet world, a lot of the abuse that was allowed to take place will now be stamped out. Your children about to embark on their well deserved places at vocational school, will hopefully never experience what we are hearing, the world is now watching
  9. It’s just so very sad, parents trust these people, and we feel absolutely awful. My daughter didn’t go to that school thank goodness, but the emotional abuse from age 12 was horrendous and only spoken about bit by bit now
  10. Anna, I have documented my personal experiences as a mother, I’ve spoken, I’ve not mentioned names or schools, and yet my post was removed. I feel like I have been slapped once again, just for voicing a personal experience 🤷‍♀️Here’s me thinking we were all here to support, guide and offer advice, no doubt this post will be removed too.
  11. Sometimes when concerns are raised, actual parents can turn against the parent raising those concerns.
  12. Please, as a mother of a now professional dancer, don’t allow your daughter to fixate on her body. Show her how strong her legs are and what they are capable of. Her teacher should be key to giving your daughter correct exercises to lengthen muscles. The dance world can be cruel , there are so many people out there that will be nasty, such as the feedback your daughter received. 15 is such an impressionable age, be careful, it would be awful if your daughter was to hate her beautiful legs.
  13. Totally agree with Taxi4ballet. It’s horrendous to see young children being emotionally damaged, but other than removing your child there is nothing you can do. There have been so many discussions regarding this topic on the forum, but they can become very heated as emotions run very high.
  14. My daughter is looking for adult classes to add to her skills. She is now a professional dancer, she loves how the professional ballroom dancers move and their wonderful technique. Whilst she is home waiting for her next contract she wanted to go to some adult ballroom classes. Unfortunately where we live it’s classes for elderly couples. We live in between Warrington and Liverpool.
  15. I know this isn’t ballet, but does anyone know of any high standard adult ballroom classes in the North West please?
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