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Found 13 results

  1. Hi. DS, who will be turning 18 in June 2023, will soon be making applications for full time ballet training starting September 2023. He has decided to apply to Northern and KS to do Trinity diploma course, and Central and another school that can't be discussed on this forum, to do degree course. He has decided not to apply to Rambert or LSC. His real love is classical ballet, he also does jazz and contemporary. Is there any other school he should consider applying to? His age excludes him from Elmhurst and Tring. I think his age might exclude him from the ENBS also, but has been advised to make application anyway. Any advice from parents/dancers who have gone through the process of applying to, or attending any of these schools, advice would be very welcome. Anyone currently going through this, or preparing to, support would be gladly received and willingly given.
  2. Just wondering has anyone taken Hubert Essakow's Sunday class at Central? Any opinions on the level and the teaching? Debating trying this one over David's Beginner Improver+ class but wanted some first hand experiences if anyone would be able to share?
  3. Hello, DS has a place at Central . I'm looking at Liberty House (Walmsley house) as one of the options. He would be looking to share (to get the price down a bit!) Do we need to find a flatmate ourselves? Also does anyone know of any Homestay websites or where I can look?!! And the last thing the prices at IQ Paris Gardens (for a shared twin room is the price per person or room?.
  4. Hi - left it too late to apply for Central associates this year, but their recent building move posts have reminded me to look for a bit more info. So I know I’ve missed this year’s application (I think!) but can’t find much info on here about the associates scheme as opposed the the school itself. So- any current associate families- I know lockdown/zoom will have given different experiences but (normally) how big are the classes? Is the teaching consistent ie same teacher each week so gets to know your child? Do you think your children have progressed- any first hand comparisons with other schemes also welcome! Thanks in advance!
  5. Does anyone know what time Prep 1 classes are at central? Also are they every Saturday on term time? Thanks
  6. Hi. My daughter will be going to CBS in September and we are wondering if more people will stay at Paris Gardens or Liberty Plaza. She doesn’t know of anyone else who got accepted but it would be nice to be in the same place.
  7. Hi all, first time on here:) I had my first audition this year for Central School of Ballet. It was the preliminary audition in Glasgow and I was just wanting to know how long after others first auditions they found out if they where successful. I’m obviously quite anxious and it would great to know how others auditions went for Central and what the process of finding out was like.
  8. Central School of Ballet first and second year leotards for sale in good condition. Please message me for further details! 😊
  9. Guest

    Upper School and 16+

    Hello, Looking for know how and advice! My son will start y11 in Sept 2019, looking to apply for upper schools for sept 2020. It’s make or break year, and the threat of loss of identity if he doesn’t make it is looming large. His dream is ELmhurst, we will also apply to ENB and Central. He does not want to do a course that is more modern or contemporary. Does anyone have any advice, about the audition process, or what other options there are? We live in London which helps. Are there other options?
  10. Just that, really. I"m in London for work Sunday & Monday, and was thinking about dropping in to a class at Central School in their adult programme. If Renato Paroni is not teaching, I'd rather try another teacher (I am "collecting" teachers). Ms Ballantyne looks like a really interesting teacher. Any comments on the level of class, or its feel? Of course, if there's any info about whether Mr Paroni is teaching, please let me know! ... I love his classes and will go to his, but usually there's a substitute teacher.
  11. Dd has eventually made her decision and accepted her offer from Central so we are now looking at accommodation. I believe a lot of students stay at Liberty Living. Are there any forum members thinking of Liberty House which seems the closest to the school? All require sharing. Any insights into how you find a like minded roomie? I am quite stressed at the prospect of sorting this out as it's so important to get it right!
  12. Hello! does anybody have any idea whether the Central spring course is first come first served or by selection? Just because you have to send photos in, I'm not sure. thank you! Feel free to add any other info about the course! I'm debating whether to do Central or Ballet Boost, as I can't make MBS dates this year 😪
  13. Can anyone shed some light on whats available for funding fees and living costs at Central School of Ballet. We are Scottish. Expecting info pack in a few days but just wondering what others have done? Thank you.
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