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  1. Ah, I am sorry to hear that. It’s hard for them isn’t it.
  2. My daughter’s absolutely gutted about the summer intensive, she’s been so looking forward to it. Sadly an online version will hardly match the experience. She wants to audition for White Lodge next year, and this would’ve given her an idea of what it’s all about. Also losing motivation, like others are saying, the video lessons just aren’t the same.
  3. I don’t think the one from ‘Henry’ was from the Royal Ballet, I got it too, and a couple of things in the wording were dodgy, and the email for financial assistance was wrong. I emailed the RB to let them know, in case they’ve been hacked, but they haven’t replied. Awful that some thought they had places by mistake.
  4. For those asking about dates, I emailed them to check what my daughter had been offered, and it was the week we’d put on the application form.
  5. Thank you, I totally missed that, was hoping it would be before Xmas!
  6. Does anyone know when the results will be out for this?
  7. Regarding the tracksuit, we got the matching trousers and haven’t had a problem. My daughter is very skinny (currently wearing age 4-6 shorts on holiday!), but does have quite long legs, so whilst they’re baggy the length is fine. Other than when the weather’s been hot, she’s worn it every week.
  8. Hi, just to say, my daughter’s in the London JA1 class, 24 sessions, just completed 1 year, so going into year 5. Let me know if I can help with any questions!
  9. Thanks @Colman We’ve decided to leave it for this year, but will definitely look at it for next year. Thanks for all the replies.
  10. Yes @Colman that is an idea, but the cost difference between day & residential is considerable, so it would be rather a waste if we ended up doing that! 😂
  11. Thanks @Tiredtoes ! It’s such a tricky one, I’m sure she would enjoy the social aspect, but it’s just a shame they’re not accommodated in rooms with others, as single en-suite rooms seems rather grown up!
  12. Thanks very much for the replies. We could commute daily from where we live, but it would be a very early start for her each day. From these replies, I’m leaning towards thinking she’s a bit young. She’s a JA, and next year we can apply for the RB summer school, although I realise it will be competitive to get in, so perhaps we could look at this for next year as another option.
  13. I was just wondering if anyone’s child has done the RAD summer school before (and done the residential)? We’ve been offered a cancellation for my daughter, who’s just turned 9, and has just taken her grade 2 RAD. It’s a lot of money, but I think she would enjoy it (she was keen when we looked before, then found it was fully booked), but my only concern is that 9 is quite young for the residential aspect, but on the other hand, I can see they would get most of out of it socially by staying. Would appreciate any experience anyone may have on this.
  14. Hi, can anyone advise if children have to audition for the RB summer school? My daughter was too young for this year, but we can apply next year. She’s a JA (year 4) if that makes any difference. I can only see information on their website about applications, nothing about auditions. I did the RB summer school when I was 10, and we had to audition back then!
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