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  1. Thank you, that’s really helpful to know. I would have assumed by August it was a no go!
  2. Well done to those with offers off the wait list! I know they say the list stays open until 1st Oct, but realistically, when do we assume no offer is coming?
  3. SWL for London for my dd. To be honest it’s been so long since the application she’d almost forgotten about it all. Well done to everyone, a very difficult year to be doing all this!
  4. I asked our JA teacher (London), and she said end of April/beginning of May, but from these other posts, who knows?!
  5. It’s a painful wait isn’t it! Really hope it’ll be next week!
  6. It’s really interesting to hear everyone’s views on this. On the social media side, I’m sure others may have a different opinion, but personally the thought of putting my dd out there in pics wearing a leotard in front of hundreds if not thousands of followers does not sit right with me at all. I also notice with some of these girls on there that it’s all still images, no videos, and I think a false impression can be created with a photo. I think ultimately my dd not being chosen was the right thing, and I was not particularly happy at the idea of sending her off boarding at 11 in any case. But all this has made me think if the dance world is a place I want to encourage her to pursue anyway. I think for now we’ll focus on her just getting enjoyment out of it, and see where the next few years take us.
  7. I haven’t read all the replies, but I’ve been thinking exactly the same @Momapalooza My dd is a JA, and got to the WL finals this year, but it was a no. I feel now that perhaps I was naive in thinking they only look for potential (although this was what her JA teacher told me!), and have thought exactly what you said about the ones who got in looking ‘polished’ (although this is based only on the social media posts, as you say!). Although I appreciate that there may be others who don’t do social media, and may not be like this. My dd has only even done one show, and has never done a competition, so she won’t have the confidence in performance of others who are more experienced in this regard. I was a dancer myself, albeit only for a short while, but it feels like the whole thing is tougher these days!
  8. That’s interesting, I assumed the decisions were made by different teams.
  9. The MA audition is just the original video. As others have said, there are very few places available for MAs, so will be managing dd’s expectations.
  10. I just want to say it’s so helpful to hear on here the other perspectives on this. I was a dancer, albeit not for long, so I do understand a lot of this, but it’s still easy to get blinkered into thinking a yes or no for WL is make or break, so thank you. Deep down I didn’t want to send her off boarding, and she’s so close to her sister, I was really worried about the potential impact on her too.
  11. Whoops, I meant if they won’t have an intake at years 8 and 9. Although not sure we/dd could go through this again! Doesn’t help that her dance teacher has been totally unsupportive throughout.
  12. Ah, sorry for all the other nos as well. So tough isn’t it. Also surprised to get the result today. I see from one of the boy yeses on here that they’re now guaranteeing 3 years, so I wonder if that means they won’t have an intake at years 7 and 8. Now the wait for the mids result as others have said, although all feels a bit flat now.
  13. Sadly it’s a no for my dd. She’s absolutely gutted. She has a place on the summer school, but I think that’ll be a bit hard now. Well done to everyone for the yeses, such a tough process.
  14. Oh wow, congrats to the yeses, how wonderful! They’ve all done brilliantly to get to the finals regardless. Emotional times!
  15. Sorry, I meant will they send out boy results first?
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