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  1. Our robins have successfully raised their brood, and the little ones (well, we've only see one so far) have fledged. In the pouring rain, daft things.
  2. No, it was years before - before I even read the book, otherwise I would have twigged. I was watching the film and had a flashback, and I remembered walking through Covent Garden one day and seeing somebody with a cat on their shoulder.
  3. Gone to the great cushion in the sky. I saw them in Covent Garden once, and had completely forgotten. When I saw the film, one scene was in Covent Garden and suddenly I remembered that I'd seen them there, ages before.
  4. With all due respect, state schools and academies are not going to fund their students' mobile phone and internet bills in a million years. Those employed in government-funded essential services such as the NHS, the Armed Forces and education cannot be furloughed. It would be like robbing Peter to pay Paul anyway. The overwhelming majority of school staff are not furloughed. There are explicit rules, which only apply in certain circumstances, and only to certain staff, for instance when supplied by an outside agency. I have had the pleasure of auditing school funds in the past (both primary and secondary). Large quantities of supplies and subsidised pupil places on school trips are funded not by the LEA via the main school budget, but by the individual school's own charitable fund, much of which is raised by the PSA.
  5. At long last, after weeks of my neighbour telling me he's heard it, finally this evening I heard a cuckoo😊
  6. What needs to be remembered though, is that those on the lowest incomes may have PAYG phones or a very basic contract with limited data.
  7. I agree. The thing is though, a very high percentage of professionals are naturally more hypermobile than would be considered normal, so have a facility which the vast majority of people just aren't born with.
  8. If she got to finals, then she is 'better' than their other students and therefore does need additional support and training in order for her to achieve to her fullest potential. If I were you, I'd read Anna C's post above very carefully, and re-assess whether your dd's current school is going to be pro-active enough in supporting her in her anbitions. You may need to consider moving her to another school which has a better student success record. With the best will in the world, not all dance teachers are good enough to train students to the highest level.
  9. Our local supermarket has a bakery and they get sacks of flour delivered. They are now portioning it out into small bags and selling it by the kilo. Very sensible.
  10. Oh how lovely. No sign of them round here yet. I did see a couple of lapwings the other day though, they aren't all that common now, are they?
  11. The BBC has announced that their talent show programme The Greatest Dancer has been cancelled after two series. I'm not surprised really.
  12. Ooh... we usually hear a cuckoo fairly early. I will start listening out for it.
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