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  1. That sounds like a nightmare Alison. Today, I think I'd quite like to put the weather into Room 101.
  2. You will be on a hiding to nothing if the school is offering a degree qualification. The school will not treat the under 18's as children as other schools would, they go purely by the university's terms and conditions, which unfortunately were written with adults of 18+ in mind. Students of 16 and 17 will be treated as adults. And that means that the school will not talk to parents. Edited to add: Which is all very well until there's a big problem or crisis. And 16-17 year-olds need a far greater level of pastoral support than they are going to get from the school. They need their
  3. Yep, this was dd's go-to stuff as well. Because it is a spritz gel rather than an aerosol you can use it in dressing rooms and other places like dorms where aerosols aren't permitted.
  4. It does seem illogical to me too. I'm sure I'm not the only person still accessing the site using a laptop and a keyboard. Perhaps three little dots at the top means more to people on their smartphones.
  5. Could you have a look at PM's please, the edit button seems to have disappeared. Thanks.
  6. A feeling I know all too well. Tulip, you are a valuable and long-standing member of this forum, and everyone has a voice. I've found it extremely difficult over the last week to find the right voice and I too have got it wrong. Don't throw in the towel.
  7. All I did was post first, that's all. But thank you. Keep up the momentum folks, and if I see you slacking off, I shall be back screaming and kicking again 😄
  8. I would like at this point to offer some thanks: To the moderators, I am sure we would all agree that they have had an extremely difficult job over the last few days, and I am pleased and relieved that the thread has now been re-opened. To all the parents and others on the forum in support of this campaign - many of whom have sent me messages (I have literally lost count now). Some of you have entrusted me with very sensitive information and you can rest assured that what you have told me will remain private. To all the many wonderful dance teachers out ther
  9. I can't imagine why any school would want to put anything like that in their policy documents.
  10. But it does affect performing arts in particular. Leaving aside sport for a moment (which is a whole other can of worms), what other career or profession starts training their employees when they are children? How many other professions actually employ children? Parents are not to blame for not checking their proposed choice of school carefully enough. Say you take your children on an aircraft. Do you ask to see the pilot's qualifications, check the aircraft's maintenance log, or make sure they've put the right amount of fuel on board? No. You are putting your lives and those
  11. Parents can and do everything they possibly can. They can visit the school, meet staff (and in some cases selected students), watch performances and observe classes, look at graduate destinations, listen to talks by the principal, read all the policy documents and goodness knows what else. They might look online for advice from other parents and stumble across this forum in the process. They might ask questions or avidly read existing threads about the vocational school that has offered their child that rare and precious thing, a place. They will do everything they can think of, an
  12. Whenever there is a power imbalance between two people, there is the opportunity for one to exploit the other. All I did was open the discussion. If I hadn't started the thread, no doubt someone else would have started one by now, at least I hope so! A lack of openness certainly could be a red flag. On the other hand, so many places can trumpet all their different policies at you, whether it be anti-bullying or whatever else, but when push comes to shove and they need to actually implement them? They ain't worth the paper they're written on. One thing I wil
  13. Not really sure how parents can be responsible for due diligence. There's only so much a parent can check. After all, it isn't exactly easy to find out anything about some schools, is it?
  14. Thank you Ian. One of the things mentioned on the news was that the trustees were not in receipt of any complaints. This is an abstract observation, and obviously not connected in any way to anything, but if ever I'm expecting a communication and it doesn't arrive, I make sure that my emails are working properly and that I have given people the correct email address. Just saying.
  15. And as of today they have also learned that they can't rely on the examining bodies to investigate complaints or allegations properly either.
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