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  1. Can you imagine the raised eyebrows if British companies specified that only those holding British passports could apply?
  2. Perhaps the reverse might also apply and British companies will employ fewer EU dancers and more British ones.
  3. I met a few parents who said that a lot of people apply for associates, but I believe it is easier to get into than the CBA. That was a few years ago though, could be different now.
  4. I don't think that was the intention at all. The poster was just saying that even at Royal (which people think of as a feeder school into the company) only some students who start in Y7 will make it all the way through the system and become professionals.
  5. Your dance teacher knows you, your feet and your current level of training, so really they are the only person who can give you appropriate advice.
  6. The schools running degree courses are bound by the awarding university rules and regulations regarding confidentiality. The students are considered adults (even though many are under 18) and the schools are simply not allowed to discuss the student with parents. They will refuse to do so. It is like talking to a brick wall.
  7. I agree with others. When you are auditioning for an entry-level job, they will be looking for people who are able to co-operate with others and seamlessly slot into the existing corps.
  8. Most primary aged children are perfectly capable of wearing a face covering, and in many countries they have to.
  9. It has been quite a couple of weeks for unusual bird sightings round here. A fortnight ago I was driving home and in a field beside the churchyard was a group of crows. As I slowed to give way to an oncoming car, I glanced across and noticed that one of them wasn't the usual sort at all, but was a hooded crow. They are not supposed to be in the rural home counties. Then, last Saturday I was driving past another field and spotted someone standing at the roadside with a tripod and a foot-long lens. Didn't think any more of it, as there are some keen photographers round he
  10. Please could I ask whether anyone knows where to find a clip online of Wayne Sleep on Record Breakers in 1973? As a child I saw him breaking the record on television when the programme was broadcast, and I was just talking to my daughter about it. She would really like to see it, but we can't find it anywhere - help please? Thank you!
  11. They sure do. I saw one once, a few years ago. Blink and you missed it though - it was on the sidebar for all of 30 seconds.
  12. They advertise on Mumsnet from time to time, by all accounts.
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