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  1. Today I have no alternative but to put an entire industry into Room 101. Renowned for turning a blind eye and sweeping things under the carpet, it has excelled itself of late.
  2. What sad news. She was a marvellous physio and was a great help to my dd.
  3. I can imagine that a lot of adult dancers will be at work during the day. Do you have any plans for evening classes?
  4. I never realised just how enormous herons are until I saw one standing on my shed roof the other day. I knew they were big, but crikey!
  5. What needs to be remembered is that many people have dc who are still in full-time vocational training and saying too much on here could very well mean that they and their dc is 'identified' in real life. There is also the thorny issue of not daring to stick your head above the parapet and say anything in case it jeopardises either their dc's place or their future dance career. Nobody likes a whistle-blower.
  6. This is pretty much an identical experience to DD's. It took nearly six months of them thinking she was a malingerer before her injury was properly diagnosed. She went through hell and I shan't ever forgive them.
  7. So do I. We were advised during the audition rounds (by someone whose opinion I respected) that should DD be offered a place at one of the 'Big' schools, then she should take it and turn down any others. DD was in the fortunate position of having several offers, and she did indeed take the top offer. Big mistake. With the benefit of hindsight she was small fry in a big pond, and would have done far better being a bigger fish in a smaller pond. She once said to me that she wasn't sure she wanted to be at a school where they thought she was mediocre and she was never going to be one
  8. Support, yes. Enourage it to the point of her missing things like birthday parties and other events in favour of dance, no. She did miss a lot of those things, but they were always her own choice, and her friends got used to her lack of availability. Some even went so far as to check her schedule before arranging their own parties. Do I regret the time, effort and money involved? On the whole, no. Even though it all went pear-shaped at the final hurdle.
  9. If they have any sense they'll turn round and go back again!
  10. I know of two dc who have been offered places at WL this year. Both of them go to local schools I'm aware of, which are run by exceptional dance teachers. The schools have a strong track record of getting students into full-time training, both lower and upper (and by that I mean several each year, every year), and associate programmes. Neither school does competitions or festivals, and as far as I know, the young dancers do not have a big online presence themselves either. The reason these two got offered places this year is down to their natural ability and potential, and the trul
  11. I had a surprise earlier today while waiting at traffic lights to cross a bridge over the river in a village near me. There was a group of about a dozen house martins having a high old time flying around over the water, and as I watched, they were joined by a swift. Quite early in the year for them all to appear, I don't think I've ever seen any in March before.
  12. Perhaps you could announce on social media that the school has a policy of not 'following' or commenting on any students under the age of 18 on instagram etc.
  13. That's just it though, isn't it? There are many opportunities for adult amateur musicians, singers and actors to continue to learn, rehearse and perform with others. Orchestras, bands, choirs, amdram groups, all sorts. Ballroom dance enthusiasts have many clubs and dance schools who teach large numbers of adults. You can participate in most sports as an adult. But adult ballet dancers? Very few dance schools have classes for adults, and those that do will probably have one class a week for all abilities. Unless you happen to live near a big city or have the time and money to travel
  14. Yes, MDS is for ballet only. From what I remember, the school has a set total of MDS places, so the availability each year depends entirely on the number of MDS leavers freeing up places. Some years there are more than others. They sometimes have other scholarships and bursaries available for MT etc.
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