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  1. I agree, but perhaps it is easier said than done. Most parents on this forum had a child who started dance classes as a once-a-week hobby when they were very young, and they probably chose the nearest dance school to where they live. Only some years later (and having unexpectedly discovered that their child is turning out to be quite good at this ballet lark) have the parents realised that they need to pay more attention to the quality of training their child is receiving. How would a parent with absolutely no prior knowledge or experience of dance be able to judge whether or not a teacher or school is any good?
  2. Good point Fonty. I have yet to come across a politician who is genuinely interested in what the electorate have to say, let alone in doing something about it.
  3. A friend of dd's has been working for a cruise line for about 3 years now. She's travelled all over the world, had an absolutely fantastic time, performs in West-End level productions and is paid well. And she doesn't have to worry about accommodation. Nothing wrong with a cruise ship.
  4. English Youth Ballet haven't put their audition dates up for next year's performances yet so keep an eye on their website in case they announce one near you.
  5. Unless she's also really fond of Irish dance, then perhaps that might be one to let go - the techniques of ballet and Irish dance don't really complement one another as my dd found out. Irish is all on the balls of your feet and you don't put your heels down when landing from jumps. This is completely opposite to ballet technique.
  6. I drive past a village pond on my way to work each day, and today I noticed some unusual new inhabitants for this time of year - ducklings.
  7. I have two entries for Room 101 today. The streets where I live seem to have an unusually high number of water leaks, and all the mains pipes really need completely replacing. But that isn't on the cards. Every few weeks there's another leak somewhere and they have to come out and repair it. Again. The roads hereabouts (and the footpaths and peoples' driveways and gardens) are pockmarked with umpteen repairs. I was really looking forward to a long soak in the bath this evening. But there's a burst water main up the road and we have no water. Get your act together Anglian Water and do something about it. The second entry - well. I am utterly disgusted with the lowlife scum who broke into my local village hall the other night and trashed the place. They used crowbars to jemmy open every single door, cupboard and storage area in their hunt for stuff to nick, and they have caused a huge amount of damage. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest their armpits. B****rds
  8. One does have to be somewhat wary when it comes to contemporary training at some schools as what is on offer may not necessarily be contemporary training as we know it, but a mixture of acro, commercial, street and 'show dance' as seen on Dance Moms etc. This is particularly prevalent at some competition-focused schools.
  9. Can't help you there, sorry. I know one current professional personally - they have recently come off public social media altogether.
  10. Most of the people posting on 'Doing Dance' are the parents of young dancers needing advice or information (for the first few years of posting at least). Many of those parents will not necessarily have any prior knowledge or particular interest in dance - they have only found themselves in the ballet world because of the activities of their offspring.
  11. I only pop back onto the forum now and again since my dd stopped dancing, and most of my time over the years has been spent in 'Doing Dance'. I do, however lurk on the other sections, mostly for news of a young dancer I know who is now making quite an impression. There are also one or two old long-running threads on 'Not Dance' that I started years ago and which, to my surprise, are still going strong.
  12. I have two. The first one was when my dd was in a production at a local theatre and I was chaperoning, so I was standing in the wings. I have a sort of photographic image in my memory of one single moment when she and a group of others were poised waiting to go on, a snapshopt in time of them all in a row lit by the stage lights waiting for their cue. A one-off. The other was at a masterclass dd was taking part in, and parents were watching in the studio. The teacher was Daria Klimentova and towards the end of the class she was showing them a short dance for them all to learn. Halfway through, she slipped from teacher into performance mode without really intending to - she was grinning by the end as she realised she'd done it. Wow. Awe inspiring, especially from such close quarters, the sheer power of her stage presence lit up the entire studio. Phenomenal.
  13. I've currently got the theme tune to Raiders of the Lost Ark buzzing round in my head. It's making me want a Terry's chocolate orange 😋
  14. They haven't done anything to deserve your loyalty. You are a customer paying for a service you are not happy with. You have voiced your concerns and dissatisfaction, and been told to do as you are told or leave. So leave. You owe them absolutely nothing, and your first loyalty should be to your dd and what is best for her. Hope the trial lesson elsewhere goes well.
  15. My dd didn't wear that particular Capezio style but another one - as far as I know, their sizing is American and my dd (usual size 4) wore Capezio 6. Hope this helps.
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