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  1. Perhaps they've been having cancer treatment and are self-conscious about having lost all their hair?
  2. Ooh, I like a creme egg!
  3. A gentle word of caution (and I hope you don't mind!) - please be careful what you wish for, and go into this with your eyes open. Natural talent and a trainable physique plays a large part, but it isn't the whole picture. This has to be something she really wants and is completely obsessed with and has a single-minded determination to succeed in. She will also need to be able to cope with inevitable setbacks, rejections and disappointments and take them in her stride. The dance world is an extremely tough one - both physically and mentally - and the desire to persevere has to come from her.
  4. A lot of auditions for Y7 entry are taking place now and in the next few weeks so it is rather late to apply this year. You may be lucky though. Have you spoken to the dance teacher and asked their advice about this? If Y7 entry is not an option, then depending on where you live, there are a number of associate programmes that she could apply for. Most of those have an annual intake and you can re-audition every year. Many students don't go into full-time training until they reach 16-18 so there's plenty of time. There are other opportunities too, such as English Youth Ballet, CAT schemes, and workshops and summer schools too.
  5. When my dd started dancing in a class with much older teens (she was about 11) they were lovely and really sweet with her, and took her under their wing. It was the ones a year or two older than her that she'd leapfrogged who didn't like it much. But fortunately she didn't come into contact with them all that often.
  6. I tend to keep my coat with me, I've been caught out once too often and found myself sitting shivering in an auditorium with rather too enthusiastic air conditioning.
  7. Can't remember which exam, but I seem to recall my dd getting a 74 on one occasion. She was well cheesed off!
  8. I've noticed that over the last 2 years or so, the NAPM forum has become gradually less active, and there hasn't been all that much in the way of posting of late. Possibly due to issues mentioned above. There are a number of parents on here with dc who are all-rounders, so hopefully some will be able to help.
  9. The RAD is the largest ballet examining body in the world. It is the examiners and not the students who are being moderated, in order to ensure that their marking is consistent with one another. The entire examining tour of an examiner is reviewed and compared - see link to RAD explanatory document above. It is perhaps not ideal but I'm sure that it is the best that can be achieved.
  10. Trust me, it really isn't worth saying anything. Walk away and don't look back.
  11. Strong is the force in this one 😄
  12. Well yes, for those who have the DVDs of course, or are very familiar with the productions, having seen them live a number of times. For the majority of tv viewers, most (maybe all) of it would have been new to them.
  13. I agree, I enjoyed it, but it could have easily been considerably longer. Also, as usual, what was missing was interviews with the people who actually have to perform the stuff! They didn't seem to get any mention in the end credits either... It was interesting to watch how the choreography and the technical dance challenges have changed so much over time with the introduction of more contemporary works - it would have been nice if there had been comments from the dancers' perspective. Hey ho, you can't have everything and to be honest I preferred seeing longer excerpts rather than short clips.
  14. Oh I'm so sorry to hear about that, what a rotten nuisance. On the subject of drainage ditches and drains, unfortunately an EU law is partially to blame for this - there was a lot of talk about it after all the flooding of the Somerset Levels not so long ago. Something to do with protecting certain wildlife habitats I think.
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