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  1. They sure do. I saw one once, a few years ago. Blink and you missed it though - it was on the sidebar for all of 30 seconds.
  2. They advertise on Mumsnet from time to time, by all accounts.
  3. I hope they find a way to come through this. A friend of mine used to work there some years ago.
  4. What's the policy at other vocational schools, does anyone know?
  5. I am in awe of your photographic talents on this thread - truly marvellous 😊 We had a black squirrel in our garden this morning, no picture though, sorry. My husband was going out of the back gate and it suddenly appeared out of the bushes and ran off at high speed.
  6. It's bad enough being on two committees and having to have back-and-forth email meetings at the moment, so I can't imagine what it must be like to have to moderate a fast-moving forum or online chat room. Hats off to you all 🙂
  7. In goes ruddy TalkTalk and their utter uselessness at problem-solving. My husband has spent about five hours today on their online 'live chat' trying to sort out his mother's phone. She can ring out, but nobody else can ring her - the phone just goes dead. All we need to find out is whether there's a problem with her handset (in which case we can solve it by buying a new one) or whether there is an issue with the telephone line itself. He has been driven completely round the bend by their utter incompetence and total inability to just test the line to see whether it is
  8. My teacher actively discouraged us from starting a sentence with the word 'The'.
  9. That sparrowhawk photo is quite something. We get them round here, but they are usually going at 100 miles an hour so blink and you miss it!
  10. That sounds like a nightmare Alison. Today, I think I'd quite like to put the weather into Room 101.
  11. You will be on a hiding to nothing if the school is offering a degree qualification. The school will not treat the under 18's as children as other schools would, they go purely by the university's terms and conditions, which unfortunately were written with adults of 18+ in mind. Students of 16 and 17 will be treated as adults. And that means that the school will not talk to parents. Edited to add: Which is all very well until there's a big problem or crisis. And 16-17 year-olds need a far greater level of pastoral support than they are going to get from the school. They need their
  12. Yep, this was dd's go-to stuff as well. Because it is a spritz gel rather than an aerosol you can use it in dressing rooms and other places like dorms where aerosols aren't permitted.
  13. It does seem illogical to me too. I'm sure I'm not the only person still accessing the site using a laptop and a keyboard. Perhaps three little dots at the top means more to people on their smartphones.
  14. Could you have a look at PM's please, the edit button seems to have disappeared. Thanks.
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