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  1. All the very best, and wishing him every success in the future. If you find (as I do) that old habits are hard to break, then do pop back onto the forum now and again
  2. Sad news - world-famous social media star Grumpycat has passed away aged 7.
  3. I took dd's Russian Pointe shoes into the Freed shop once, because her vocational school said that they'd prefer her to be in Freeds, and the assistant took a look at the shoes and said they don't make anything remotely similar!
  4. Can't really help with any other suggestions, but apparently different size feet shouldn't be a problem at all because ballet shoes have no right and left. You just buy a pair in each of the two sizes. You then have four shoes, two larger and two smaller.
  5. Many museums and art galleries are subsidised. Only people who are fond of such things are likely to go in them. Is that another 'narrow demographic' or is it deemed to be ok because you don't have to be able to spend £££ on a ticket?
  6. Surely the 'narrow demographic' is always going to be 'people who like opera, classical music and ballet', so how they are going to change that is beyond me.
  7. There are several things that put me off the ROH. Not least of which is the extreme difficulty in finding affordable tickets. I'm only an occasional audience member (once or twice a year at most) and like many other people we are on a restricted budget. We don't live in London so have to account for the cost of travelling too. Many times I have gone online to look for tickets as soon as general booking opens, only to find that most of the reasonably-priced tickets have already gone - at least all the ones with a decent view anyway. Us ordinary tax-paying folk really don't stand much of a chance. So now we go to the cinema for the live broadcasts instead.
  8. I have just had a look on my local council's website. They issue licences for many things including dangerous wild animals, catteries and kennels, zoos, pet shops and riding establishments. All of those are concerned with the health and welfare of animals - apart from riding establishments which presumably includes humans as well. There doesn't appear to be any licensing system whatever to cover sports and gymnastics coaching, dance schools or indeed any activity for children where you would want a regulated system in place. Parents have to rely on the governing bodies of those organisations to keep tabs on what is going on. The onus is also on parents to check that extra-curricular teachers are properly qualified, have the right insurance & first aid training etc, and most importantly, a robust safeguarding policy. As others have said, anybody can hire premises and set themselves up as a dance teacher without going through any checking procedure whatever other than a DBS check. Surely it is time for such establishments to be properly checked and licenced by the authorities, perhaps under the umbrella of OFSTED.
  9. Sad news today that Doris Day has passed away at the age of 97.
  10. I agree - people tend to believe what they see on television, and think that this sort of thing is acceptable and necessary in order to get results.
  11. I cannot even see Mick Jagger without thinking of Freddie Starr. RIP Freddie.
  12. And repeatedly praising some students and not others.
  13. I absolutely love the filename of the attachment at the foot of the page. Whatsitgottodowithyou.pdf You really couldn't make this stuff up. could you?!
  14. Judging by the current track record of most ministers... never mind a ballet company, he probably couldn't organise a **** up in a brewery.
  15. I'm not a football-follower, but a jolly well done all the same
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