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  1. I was out for a walk this morning in a patch of woodland near my house, and saw a treecreeper. It was a sweet little thing, I've never seen one before.
  2. If it is the same examining body, then there could very well be an issue, many teachers really don't like it if you take class elsewhere. They seem to mind less if it a different method, but again, they would often say it might be confusing for younger students. How old is your dd and what level is she at?
  3. Another vote for Yes Minister, I'd forgotten just how brilliant it was until I saw a clip recently. A few other series I'd be happy to see again: All Creatures Great and Small The House of Eliott You Rang, M'Lord? Monarch of the Glen Life on Earth
  4. And how many British dancers have we missed out on, because they never got a chance?
  5. If our 'world class' ballet schools all closed their doors to foreign students, then they would have the capacity to train up far more local ones, who would then be at the required standard to be able to obtain work in the UK. Then not only would the companies not need to look overseas to fill their corps, but British dancers wouldn't need overseas opportunities - they could find work here. As far as I'm aware, there are no companies in the UK which require their dancers to have attended their own schools in order to be offered a place in the company. At the moment (in my opinion), many overseas students have already completed their training overseas and only come to the UK for a final 'polish' in one of our upper schools (so they have a prestigious name on their cv), and so the schools can cream off the best of international talent so their graduate success rate looks good. The graduates then frequently go straight back overseas to join the companies waiting for them, where they have already been offered contracts, having been 'noticed' at prestigious competitions such as the Prix (which most British students aren't even allowed to enter).
  6. All too true I'm afraid, speaking from my dd's personal experience. In my jaded view, too many vocationals schools see it as their mission to seek out and destroy the vulnerable, rather than to support them through a difficult period in their training. They might pay lip-service to pastoral support and everything else, but at the end of the day, they couldn't care less.
  7. Has she gone up a grade and is trying to force her turnout out too far? I was just wondering whether this was a general strength issue, possibly due to a growth spurt, or if it is a training issue. Does she roll in when standing in parallel or wearing regular normal shoes, or is it just during class?
  8. It is only two full weeks together if the rehearsals and performances are all in the school holidays. Otherwise the rehearsals are Sat/Sun for about six weeks beforehand. They do require attendance at all rehearsals, but will make a rare exception for one-off prior engagements which cannot be missed eg. vocational school audition.
  9. Oh yes, 'contemporary'. I knew I'd forgotten one.
  10. Although this issue does impact the ballet world, am I right in thinking that the worst culprits for all this extreme stretching are those who teach in the highly competitive disco / acro / showdance / freestyle schools?
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