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  1. Elmhurst closes Friday Many of the students have already gone home
  2. Thank you and Merry Christmas one and all !
  3. Very sad news 😥 Thankyou John and family for the wonderful legacy you have left in this thriving community!
  4. If it helps at all....... I agree that those starting upper school @ Elmhurst will not feel as if they are joining an existing year group as there is a lot of coming and going between Yr 10 and 12 and in fact I would say new students generally outnumber the existing ones......
  5. If memory serves the current yr14 cohort is very small - That will be by there looking for anybody that might be interested in joining them....... presumably the benefit for the student would be “exposure “ whilst touring Not sure how it will be founded since year 14 live in rented accommodation as well! I suspect it’s mainly young men they’re looking for as they are particularly thin on the ground in year 14 !
  6. Congratulations indeed and all the very best for your DS! Hope you will pop in with advice from time to time !
  7. Just my thoughts - IF ONLY such a thing as a male dancewear shop existed!!!! Even the online selection in the UK is poor !
  8. Just what I was going to say - assuming the article is accurate on that point then it seems at the very least there is an admission that things need to change!
  9. Shocking and disgraceful ! but sadly I’m not surprised... I do hope that in the future enough of the students will feel empowered to unite and speak up and stamp this out!
  10. Also The child benefit is NOT one of the benefits included in the list that you have to declare!
  11. I’ve just found the photos of the forms I did last year. You have to declare any tax credits. Then the next question is about your total income before deduction of tax or national insurance, the value of any benefits in kind, “other” income including pensions , investments/savings income, foreign income,income from properties/estates/trusts.... then the page on pensions says- “write in any personal pensions you paid into NOT including the payments to an occupational pension via your employer as this will already have been deducted using the figure on your P60 “ The
  12. Most of those awarded a DADA are also given bursaries towards the boarding element which are means tested. The assurance was that we would not end up paying more by way of parental contributions than we did during Lower school. This has indeed turned out to be the case . It is worth contacting the finance department for a discussion I believe the ladies name is Rachel Titley
  13. Wonderful news C4 D !! May she go from strength to strength x
  14. My very short DS Yr 12 Elmhurst Would be delighted if there were some shorter girls for him to partner! - There are usually quite a range of heights and I’m not aware that there has ever been the minimum restriction.....☺️
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