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  1. The Homestay isn't through Rambert, but they give you contact details. Yes, Rambert are great with everything - whether physio, academics etc etc.
  2. Hi Hydrangea. My DD will be 3rd year in September, so not what you're looking for! But... I just wanted to reassure you that she will be fine. My DD was also just 16 when she started in 2015. She is loving Rambert. I was very pleased that she did Homestay, although she's desperate to get out as soon as she's 18! As a worried Mum, though, it did give me peace of mind. There were a small group of 16 year olds in her year. She's managed fine with the dance side of things. More tricky was jumping to academics at degree level, without having the development in style/learning of A'levels. It's a very different learning experience for someone who has only just completed GCSEs.
  3. My sister started at WL at 10 - but that was over 30 years ago!!
  4. Ps. If your daughter likes singing, search the Hammond Christmas carol service on YouTube. There is absolutely nothing like the Hammond's service - I still get goosebumps (and possibly shed a tear) listening to it!
  5. I really don't think you should take much notice of what others believe is the best school - they just can't answer for your daughter. Even though I'm in the slightly unusual position of having my daughter attend both Hammond and Tring, I still wouldn't be able to tell you which is better for your daughter. I personally believe my DD was able to blossom more at Hammond than she would have at Tring, but this is such an individual, personalised matter. You'll both be able to experience the all so important 'feel' that you get when you attend second auditions and ask loads of questions.
  6. Maybe that's changed since my daughter's time - I was under impression from the offer letter that you didn't discuss it.
  7. Yes - I was surprised at the lack of any info for parents at prelims. But, all who were invited to finals were also invited (with a parent) to an open day before the final itself. I was frustrated as to having to take an extra trip to London, but I'm glad we went. It really opened my daughter's and my eyes to a school we previously knew very little about and it actually made a good impression, to the extent that she came very close to accepting the place there.
  8. But then the Hammond completely goes against their own policy by making it very clear to all MDS parents who the other MDS recipients are. We used to receive all our MDS-related emails with the email addresses of the other MDS parents clearly in the 'To' field - not blind copied as we all should have been.
  9. You lucky people! You could watch the whole lot on iPlayer, YouTube, repeats or whatever!! Jacqueline, Sue is only one tiny part of it, so probably wouldn't be a problem because the positives would far outweigh her!
  10. Sorry to tell you this, Pictures, but even your own DD's school has been known to be awkward about the number of external auditions the year 11's go to.
  11. And thank goodness my little DD can do her own now. When she was 8 she was so scared of me coming anywhere near her eyes with anything pointy that she would continuously screw her eyes up, pull away etc etc. I would recommend having at least one practice run just to see how she is going to react. Also, re: the foundation issue, both my dds are pale, and so if under stage lights they needed the foundation to be a warmer shade than a true match to their skin colour, to avoid the dancing ghosts look - older DD in particular will make a fantastic Willi.
  12. This doesn't seem to happen so much nowadays. It seems that most of them spend so many hours watching YouTube tutorials that they can generally apply it better than their mothers!
  13. The memories! I played in the orchestra of British Youth Opera in the very first year of its existence. I was 15 and we did Don Giovanni.
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