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  1. If your Opticians are as stringent as ours, that shouldn’t be necessary. Only 3 people in at any one time, screens making mini cubicles between chairs in the waiting area, masks are mandatory, there is fresh air flowing through at all times, and every room is sanitised between patients. You even have to make an appointment to collect glasses at the door. It’s all very reassuring, no matter what time of day you go.
  2. …which is where we differ from France; there it has to be a test administered and reported by a Pharmacist, Nurse or Doctor. The queues outside the Pharmacies were very long, even in September.
  3. France is the same; masks are mandatory indoors in theatres, museums etc (and in summer were obligatory even outdoors at tourist attractions like the Pont St Benézét in Avignon). Everyone must show either the Tous Anti Covid app or proof of vaccination/a negative test taken within 48 hours, plus proof of ID. The app/paper proof wasn’t a requirement at outdoor restaurants/cafés in Provence but I heard of people in Paris having to show it. Masks were also obligatory on public transport and in taxis when we were there. I must admit I felt *much* safer in France than I do in England.
  4. Having lost Robert Webb early, they *could* have a week without a dance-off….whether they will, though, is another matter. 🙁
  5. This is what worries me about seeing Nutcracker at Christmas (assuming the Government hasn’t been forced to bring back restrictions by then). For R&J and Giselle I’m in Stalls, either on an aisle or at the SC end of a row, with my Husband next to me. We’ll both wear masks so I’m reasonably comfortable. For Nutcracker though, dd and I are in Stalls Circle, and should we get a non-masked cougher nearby there are not many places for airborne germs/virus particles to go. If things at the ROH are still this lackadaisical in late December, I may rethink whether we go. 😔
  6. Our opticians are still seeing people by appointment, and have been for some time (with sanitary measures in place, obviously). Are yours not?
  7. Hi Kim12 and welcome to the Forum. I’ve moved your post here to “Doing Dance” where hopefully you will get some advice. ☺️
  8. Hmmm. Judy and Graziano will not be dancing this week as Judy has tested positive for COVID. I can’t help worrying that a better dancer will go this week if they go ahead with the dance-off. 🤔
  9. Having just posted, I see that DanJL has kindly started an apposite thread!
  10. I was typing this before Bruce posted (the online grocery delivery interrupted me) but in essence I was going to agree and say that this particular thread has already veered off the topic of this run of Romeo and Juliet on quite a few occasions, and not just onto mask-wearing - at this stage it would be difficult for we Mods to go back through all the posts and separate those posts (or parts thereof) that are not just “views of R&J”. Half the trouble is that enjoyment of any particular performance at the ROH can be greatly enhanced or reduced by the behaviour of other audience members - which at the moment mostly happens to involve mask wearing (or not), coughing, and so on. I do appreciate that people on both sides of the “argument” feel very strongly about it, and I certainly don’t want the thread to descend into a “flame war”, but as long as the thread remains largely as people’s thoughts on and reviews of the current run of R&J, it doesn’t necessarily need to be an issue if people comment on COVID restrictions/audience behaviour at the particular performance they attend - it can be useful for those thinking of going. But that’s just my 2p worth. ☺️
  11. Especially given the alarming rise in case numbers and COVID-related deaths, which - I believe - are higher in the UK than in our neighbouring EU countries *combined*. I will keep my ROH tickets for R&J* and Giselle, as I have end seats with my husband next to me - less sure about daughter and I being so closely surrounded by (possibly non-mask wearing) strangers in SC for Nutcracker in December though. Assuming non-socially-distanced performances are still happening in two months… * The ballet Gods must have taken pity on me because someone returned suitable-for-my-disability seats for Fumi Kaneko and William Bracewell’s performance this Saturday - I nabbed them! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  12. Genetic/inherited, yes, but actually h-EDS/Joint Hypermobility Syndrome/Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders are rarely *diagnosed*, not rare. One young locum GP at our Practice had not heard of it, and was reluctant to do a repeat prescription of a non-addictive, low dose medication initially prescribed by a Consultant at RNOH and well known for helping with sleep and night time pain. And of late, things seem to be changing wrt what referrals GPs *can* do - especially for MSK problems. Everything MSK related (with the exception of X-rays) in our Trust has to go to an MSK Triage Service, which itself is quite limited as to what it can refer you for. In the last few months I’ve had an absolute devil of a job battling red tape just to get a hip ultrasound (rejected), an MRI (rejected) or a referral to see a Hip Specialist at St Thomas’s (must be referred to a local Ortho consultant first, even though I’m already under Ortho Consultants at St Thomas’s). 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄 My poor GP is tearing her hair out at the ridiculous hoops we’re both having to jump through. It used to be hard enough to get a referral to an EDS Consultant when GPs could refer directly; I dread to think what it would be like now.
  13. Yes, at the beginning when Tess also mentioned Robert Webb having to pull out. She said that Ugo has an ongoing back injury. Let’s hope he’s able to dance as planned this weekend.
  14. No, there was quite a gap between the two; a chat with Joseph Sissens and Federico Bonelli about the Chance to Dance scheme, a couple of short bits etc. and (IIRC) the Draft Works rehearsal.
  15. Samantha Raine is such a terrific Ballet Mistress; she always gets the absolute best from the hardworking ladies of the Corps. Lovely to see Claire Calvert and Melissa Hamilton in rehearsal as Moyna and Zulma (sp?) too.
  16. I wish I could see them, full stop. I do wish they’d had more than two performances. 😭😭
  17. One of the first times I saw Nuñez dance was as Myrthe with Cojocaru and Kobborg. She was wonderful. It is indeed a treat to have her dancing the role again.
  18. What a wonderful teacher Olga is. “Was I clear?” She always has a constructive correction for everyone, whether Principal or Aud Jebsen dancer.
  19. Indeed. I love watching Class and rehearsals, so we’re in for a treat! Information/Scheduling is on this thread - alison has kindly set up a discussion thread too (posted below):
  20. Well, Greg-dislikers rejoice; he was booted out on Sunday in favour of Judy (although I nearly fell off the sofa when Shirley said she would have saved Greg, especially after judging him so harshly in previous weeks). I didn’t rate either dance; both celebs made mistakes but Greg was always onto a loser with a slow-paced Samba. It’ll be interesting to see if Judy is in the bottom two again next week. Having ignored all mistakes last week and overmarked a whole host of celebs, Shirley and Motsi in particular did a complete 180 this week and were undermarking people left, right and centre, while (IMHO) overmarking others (9s for Tilly’s Paso?). I was really cross at Rose and Giovanni getting two 6s for “mistakes” - the only tiny issue I saw was Rose being slightly ahead of the music for a moment; she was dancing solo and is deaf, for goodness sake. Even Craig gave her a 7; has that ever happened before? I’ve been pondering the music (and costume) choices; they really can make or break a dance (John and Johannes trying to do an American Smooth to a song too fast and in a tricky rhythm, Greg trying to Samba at a funereal pace). I wonder whether the Pro really does have Carte Blanche, or is there some* input from the producers? *a lot of
  21. Sounds like the day dd took her Advanced 2 at RAD HQ. ☀️😳 It was 33 degrees outside but the exam was in the big upstairs “greenhouse” studio (Genée, maybe?) with the huge windows, lunchtime sun roasting the studio. The one fan was pointing at the Examiner. I don’t like to imagine what the temperature in the studio must have been, but Special Consideration marks were awarded.
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