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Found 21 results

  1. Has everyone received this email from the Royal Opera House? They're streaming some of their back catalogue of productions via Facebook & YouTube. Looks terrific. #fromourhousetoyourhouse https://www.roh.org.uk/news/the-royal-opera-house-launches-a-programme-of-free-online-content-for-the-culturally-curious-at-home?utm_source=wordfly&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2020_March_Free_Content_Announcement_Public_Ask&utm_content=version_A&emailsource=49912 NB: I hope this isn't replicating what others have already posted; I did check to see ...
  2. Has anyone else noticed that all one’s personal event history has been wiped from our ROH accounts? Do we know why? And, more importantly, does anyone know if it will be re-instated? I’m feeling quite bereft not being able to easily access that information of my pre-Covid life.
  3. I experienced this as an outstanding and astounding evening of works by diverse choreographers curated by Carlos. This is a polished, original, immaculate, emotional programme which showcases the depth and diversity of talent in this small gem of a company. I don’t know if he’ll dance every show but my evening was rounded off by a solo from Carlos himself. I was minded to think of a fashion designer joining his models on the catwalk to celebrate his collection and bask in the adulation. Whilst all the pieces were of the highest quality, El cruce sobre el Niàgra will stay in my memory in
  4. Hi hope I've put this in the right place and that it doesn't get overlooked! I'm thinking about starting going to more opera at ROH. However the prices are a lot more than ballet which really restricts me to pretty much the lower/upper slips, as well as SCS tickets (if I can get them!). I have never sat in the lower/upper slips and would be happy to give them a go for opera (and really don't have much choice otherwise...) as unlike ballet I feel you don't need to be centre facing. However my one concern with all the cheap places (slips/SCS, side stalls circle) is can
  5. Tried to buy this today and it is already sold out (sad face). Just putting this wish out there on the chance someone with higher status has a ticket they are no longer able to use. Insights: In Conversation with Matthew Ball 30 May 2019 Clore Studio (Wish they would put the popular Insights in the Linbury Theatre)
  6. In an interview with Richard Morrison for today's Times 2 supplement, Royal Opera Director Tony Pappano raises the possibility (probability?) of his leaving the ROH when his present contract expires in 2020: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/antonio-pappano-i-will-have-conducted-enough-operas-at-the-garden-by-2020-30xfjpzrn?shareToken=ed82608100eae55dc4c7f2f1dabd4859
  7. 1 ticket wanted please for Manon performance on Wednesday 11th April? Anyone selling an affordable seat/standing?
  8. If anyone is selling one cheap ticket please let me know as very interested? Thank you
  9. We will be visiting London in October and need either one or two Amphitheatre seats for the programmes on 19 October. They do not need to be together, and we will gladly take single tickets if available. Pleas help!
  10. Stalls Circle Left / D 14 / Full Price Stalls Circle Left / D 15 / Full Price £9 each ... e tickets. would prefer that they go as a pair
  11. Not very pleased with the RB this morning. Signed on nice and early to get tickets for Frankie and James Insight Conversation in the Clore only to find it was already sold out. Some point being a Friend+ if they sell all the tickets beforehand to their wealthier patrons. Bolshoi is expensive too. Not a good start to the day.
  12. Dear Ballet fans, Royal opera house have confirmed on Twitter that the World Ballet Day 2015 will happen again this year in 1 October. Canadian National Ballet have also confirmed they will take part, but all other details are TBC. I obviously would love Zürich to take part this year to show our stars, but doubt it will take place here due to the lack of any rumours, also, the CET timezone would I imagine have many companies that could entertain the world between (potentially) Bolshoi and ROH, Paris, La Scala for examples too. I liked seeing Carlos Acosta showing his version of D
  13. I thought someone had started a thread for this during Friends' booking but can't see one, so here we go: Well, despite Terfel, Callega, Stemme, Kaufmann and more on the opera side, this seemed to go pretty well this morning. Not that there was much in the way of seats available, so I've only bought a grand total of 3 Swan Lakes and 3 Onegins, and may top up later if possible. Standing tickets were available - I got a good one, surprisingly, for an Osipova Onegin - but only in the Balcony, and that was the only one I managed to lay my hands on. Very little in the way of cheap side amphi
  14. I was able to fulfil a theatrical ambition last night - namely, to see a live production of Francis Poulenc's opera, Dialogues des Carmélites. I've been aware of it for years and heard it on record, but I have long felt I'd like to be in a theatre to experience the final scene in which, for those who don't know the work, a group of nuns is guillotined whist singing the Salve Regina, with the voices dropping out, one by one. And after a night to sleep on it, I find myself really unable to find the words to capture my feelings at the time. The theatricality of it all was breathtaking, and I w
  15. The ROH has announced its Annual Review of the 2012-13 season and, for the first time, it is available online, here: http://www.roh.org.uk/publications/annual-review-201213 At a quick glance, the overall tone is upbeat - books balanced despite a reduction in core public funding, 95% seat occupancy representing 675,000 people at 415 performances, and a claim that £3 was raised for every £1 of Grant received.
  16. I never sit in the stalls, not only because of the cost but also because I worry about the view. What is the raking like? In practice, is your view likely to be obscured if you are not tall, like me? Do you have to look up to the stage? When I (rarely) buy more expensive tickets I opt for circle seats but I would like to try the stalls once to see what it is like being really close to the dancers. Apologies if this subject has been covered before. I am particularly interested in hearing about the stalls at the Coliseum.
  17. I'm trying to book Hansel and Gretel tickets but failing to understand the Linbury's seating!! The labelling isn't very clear and I don't know which bit is which. When I click on 'Lower Gallery and Arena' it seems to be telling me that there are seats behind the stage, which can't be right. On their picture I can't see where the upper gallery IS, never mind what you'd be able to see from it. I'm tempted to take a couple of the middling priced seats in the 'rear arena' but then it warns me that the view might be obstructed by the stage set at certain times. How on earth would the stage set inte
  18. All went pretty well this morning. Acostipova performances selling quickly and, bizarrely, there appeared to be only one seat available for Hansel and Gretal on 24 January!
  19. The ROH and Digital Theatre have joined forces to distribute filmed performances online: http://www.thestage.co.uk/news/2013/09/roh-partners-digital-theatre-distribute-filmed-shows/ More detail from the Digital Theatre site: http://www.digitaltheatre.com/browse/royal-opera-house-collection It looks as if you can rent for 48 hours (£3.99), buy for £8.99, or buy in HD format for £10.99. Edit to add: I like the fancy words suggesting that DVDs are no longer selling as well as before.
  20. It would appear that the ROH2 setup at the Royal Opera House is to be ended, with events handled in future by the Opera and ballet sides of the House: http://www.thestage.co.uk/news/newsstory.php/37063/exclusive-royal-opera-house-to-shut-down?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+TheStageNews+%28News+Headlines%29 No sign of an announcement on the ROH website just yet, however.
  21. Looks as if we've been spared an increase in the cheaper tickets - can't comment on the posh ones! Flickr
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