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  1. mart

    Samira Saidi

    Samira Saidi is stepping down from her position as Head of Intensive courses& International Relations Samira successfully built up the intensive courses and created the on line courses . i’m sure the RBS will miss her she also did a great job at ENBS before being replaced by the disastrous Carlos Valcarcel wishing her all the best in her new ventures
  2. mart

    ENBS not moving?

    ENBS is not moving to Canning Town as they have a new 5 year lease in Fulham .is Tamara Rojo cutting ties with the school . The building in Canning Town was built to accommodate the school with great fanfare ,state of the art studio’s etc
  3. The school is staying in Hortensia Road as they have signed a new lease on the building. Although the studios are not as good as in Canning Town the environment and accommodation is far better than in the east end . i would think that Q A house will still be used .
  4. I heard that the school is no longer going to move to the state of the art building that was to be the home of the company and school . can anyone confirm, I thought it was part of the conditions that the school would be included
  5. To my knowledge RBS are planning to run residential courses for both spring and summer . The on line one is short I think you misread
  6. In a 2012 Dance tabs interview Desmond Kelly who had been the artistic director made it clear that there had been a conflict between Jessica Ward ( elmhurst principal) and himself saying that there was too much emphasis on academics as it was primarily a dance school . Seeing the performance of Elmhurst “Ballet Company “ at the Wells last year was disappointing in general pretty low standard. it will be up to Carlos Acosta to decide what he wants to do
  7. Do not forget that the RBS is the official school of the RB and BRB ,Elmhurst is only associated to BRB which is very different .
  8. Replying to the different lifts in Swan Lake , both are valid, I prefer the jeté lift to the pressage , but when the pressage is done properly without lifting from an à la seconde plie it can be seamless , on the hops the partner steps on his left foot croisé after the fifth count and lifts and she flies up their coaches should know!
  9. Harold King founder of London City Ballet sadly passed today
  10. Sad for the children he abused and their families
  11. Pleading guilty does not make him 33% less guilty , the law is an ass to abuse children is a disgrace.
  12. What is the difference, does it make him less guilty i feel sorry for his family
  13. Stephen Beagley has been found guilty of abusing young girls and awaiting sentencing Daily Mail today
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