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  1. Harold King founder of London City Ballet sadly passed today
  2. Sad for the children he abused and their families
  3. Pleading guilty does not make him 33% less guilty , the law is an ass to abuse children is a disgrace.
  4. What is the difference, does it make him less guilty i feel sorry for his family
  5. Stephen Beagley has been found guilty of abusing young girls and awaiting sentencing Daily Mail today
  6. Would it have been different if the cellist had been a woman or is it the subject that reminds you of abuse, I just saw a very clever short piece of choreography
  7. But running a school is different , as just coaching one off I’m sure she has good knowledge of the roles she performed but running a school needs someone wth experience . Do we know if she is going to run her company alongside her commitment to ENBS big ask if so as being DOD at ENBS is a full time job
  8. It’s Leticia Dias and Teo Dubreuil
  9. In Paquita there is a releve between the right and left double tours , they are not consecutive. I agree Ci Cao was a great dancer
  10. To the parents and students
  11. It has been announced thar Carlos Valcárcel Director of Dance at ENBS has resigned
  12. I don’t know but the Shakespeare and the Harlequin was were you could meet the dancers from SWRB , as a fan I did meet David Ashmole, Alain Dubreuil and Carl Myers such nice fellows . David was taken far too early ,Carl I was told emigrated to NZ ,Alain i believe coaches and travels lot
  13. A very nostalgic evening with superb performances a fitting send off for David. it was nice to see in the audience some of the original cast , Anita Landa , Samira Saidi (I agree with two pigeons a stunning lady) Alain Dubreuil,Steven Wicks . the company had a farewell party at the Shakespeare the pub behind the theatre before travelling back to Brum
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