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  1. He has enough talent in the company , after yesterday’s showing
  2. What a pleasure to see a young fresh cast dancing R&J. Sullivan and Sambe so believable in the lead roles, very impressive debuts and thoroughly enjoyed Teo Dubreuil’s debut as Benvolio, a future Romeo I hope! It would have been good to see a younger dancer dance Tybalt, after all those boys should all be of the same generation? Bravo to all!
  3. Ok then how can we find out who got US places this year . Without treading on toes .and being inappropriate on the forum
  4. Because because it was disappointing, I’m afraid that this pairing does not really work. In act 1 Matthew postured a lot but in act 3 in white tights his poor feet and lack of leg line were cruelly exposed , Lauren I feel came out of it better . Early days let’s see other performances,perhaps coaching to put them in the right direction
  5. So good to see more steaming this year . Some lovely candidates ,Monique Loudiere is an inspirational coach always positive with very few words she drives the contestants to achieve more. the commentators Jason and Naomi are so dull and repetitive especially Naomi ,if you have nothing to say just keep quiet and don’t repeat yourself (sorry but her delivery and voice irritates me ) yes we know that Elizabeth Platel is French and has the correct terminology for steps but don’t go on and on about it , a lame duck is not a step in France but how many studentsin UK or US would know tour piqué 😃
  6. ENBS are again doing their performance at the Wimbledon Theatre on the 4th and 5th of July. It is the 25th anniversary of the school I hear many alumni will be there
  7. My first was Etudes danced by the London's Festival Ballet the principal dancers were John Gilpin ,Toni Lander and Flemming Flindt ,I was hooked,I loved that company always a joy to watch.
  8. What a lovely company and congratulations to Christopher Hampson ,I saw Thursday nightI thought the company danced so well Juliet Mercutio Tybalt and the Capulet couple were so good but I felt no connection to Romeo ,a fine dancer but I wanted more passion.Come back soon Scottish Ballet and bring us some Peter Darrel"s lovely ballets
  9. I have just seen a letter in the Dancing Times ,re.the appointment of the RBS new Director asking to know when and where the post was advertised as well as how many applicants there were !!!
  10. What a tremendous year to look forward to ,BRAVO Kevin O'Hare.
  11. It is Jean Pierre Guasquet who owns the rights to Fille.I am sure that this production will have been beautifully revived by Michael O'Hare,who to my knowledge is the only dancer to have danced Colas,Alain and Widow Simone ,a very fine and sensitive artist,hopefully he will have reinstated the port de bras on the jetées at the beginning of Lise's variation (Mr Grant cut them out!)
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