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  1. Don't know why they would need to change the law for pharmacists to give flu vaccines, I have always had mine done at Boots or Superdrug. Never had to wait more than 5 minutes. It was only approcx. £10 before I qualified for free flu vaccine and I considered it money well spent. (Car parking to get to the GP would have cost 1/3 to 1/2 that anyway).
  2. There is going to be an announcement this afternoon giving more exemptions which I hope will clarify it. However, I understand these restrictions to apply to social settings. e.g. You can have 6 people together in a pub. They must be socially distanced from other groups. It doesn't mean that there can only be 6 customers! Dance classes with proper safeguards and social distancing are fine to continue.
  3. Another wonderful performance at Athelhampton last night. Just a short shower of rain in the second half, followed by a rainbow over the stage! I never found the email with cast list, but one of the ushers said if I emailed Athelhampton they would still send one.
  4. Thanks Mandy, have checked but haven't had an email with those details.
  5. Lovely reviews, thank you. I am so looking forward to seeing this today! Just a couple of questions, was there a cast sheet or programme available? Also at what point were you allowed to your seat? It would be nice to leave picnic basket and rug there rather than having to carry them while strolling round the gardens.
  6. Dancing Daisy are very good and supply a fair number of schools.
  7. Just commenting on the copyright question - it is not only the choreography and music that are under copyright, it can be that other aspects such as set design, lighting design, costumes and dramaturgy belong to different people! A good example is the what happens if a dance school wants to do something from Disney for their own school show, it happened to a teacher I know recently. Say you want to do the number "Step in Time" the chimney sweep dance from Mary Poppins. You can pay PRS so you can use the music, but you cannot use the concept or costumes of the chimney sweeps!
  8. Brilliant, an extra 25 minutes! I have booked for the Sunday, but can only afford the cheapest tickets. I am so looking forward to it - my first live event after lockdown!
  9. DH just checked the weather forecast and agrees with you jmh. As we live on the South coast we have a variety of websites we consult, usually for boating - but it can all change between now and then!
  10. I was using the last words from the previous post in a different context to move the discussion forwards, obviously I should have used the quote function.
  11. Sorry I don't undestand why that is offensive to anyone - it is a fact that many sufferers are asymptomatic and it is frequently mentioned in Governement health bulletins and newspaper articles.
  12. But that is the nub of the question. Healthy people don't use them, but how do you know you are healthy unless you have just had a negative test. One of the major problems is that there are so many asymptomatic infections.
  13. I see it as everyone's duty to wear a mask in places where it is required so it becomes established as normal behaviour. Then it is less likely that someone who is infectious but without symptoms will be spreading the virus. There have been other health measures in the past that met resistance at first, e.g. wearing seatbelts, not drinking and driving, which are now followed by the vast majority of the population.
  14. It is also worth speaking to Student Finance if you have completed the 2nd year, your course disappears and you have to start a new degree from 1st year. As Anna says normally there is one grace year giving you 4 years funding automatically. Useful for dancers who may take time off with injuries. However, I had a pupil in her 2nd year at Ballet West in 2012 when degree validation was withdrawn. She had to start a new dance degree course elsewhere and at first Student Finance argued that she would only be entitled to 2 years funding. However after much correspondence over years, SF
  15. Thanks for the input - it is good you don't seem to find the idea too strange. Rules governing the number of pupils in the building at any one time are also strict, so no older teenagers can come in to help. The pupils are all incredibly keen so not a problem with needing uniform to create discipline. There is only one infant school within walking distance, and they would be brought by a parent/carer, so from my point of view it is just the same as someone parking a car and then walking a short distance. Junior schools are further away and older students are all at senior scho
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