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  1. One thing to remember is that the Vocational schools are looking for potential - will they be able to train this child, do they have the necessary aptitude. They are not measuring what a child has already been taught in the way an examination does.
  2. Paris Opera Ballet School coaching On this video, right at the beginning, the teacher comments that it is important to stretch the toes when pointing to continue the line of the leg. If they are "knuckled" it leads to overdeveloped thigh muscles. Although it is in French, the explanation is quite clear.
  3. I thought people might find this interesting - as a parallel situation. My 19 year old nephew is a talented swimmer. He regularly qualifies for the Nationals and had his first International competition just before lockdown. Like dancers, all the swimmers are desparate to get back into training. It has been officially announced that there will be no Swimming Competitions until January 2021 so that there is time for everyone to get back to full fitness without rushing and risking injury.
  4. This is good news, but there have always been Preliminary auditions in January and the Spring term - depending on the insitutuion. It is only the early auditions in November and December which won't be happening, so overall I don't think it will change anything that much.
  5. Tring Park has a Prep department for full time education from age 8 - 11. I don't know whether it is a day school only or whether there is boarding available. Have a look at their website if you want to know more.
  6. This has been so for many years and in more than one school. Some have now eased up and do allow different brands. It does seem like a rather cosy monopoly at times. Personally I feel for the poor dancers, all that sewing of elastics and ribbons.
  7. I imagine that as with normal live auditions the definite decisions, yes or no, will be quick, and they need to see less of the video, or perhaps fast forward to check certain things. It is the middle group of possibles that will need more scrutiny. So I doubt if knowing how much of the video has been watched will tell you anything.
  8. Yes they have always kept records, even before everything became digital (which I think makes it all easier).
  9. If it is a Parliamentary petition then it is official. I read somewhere recently that others such as those from change.org are disregarded. (If I remember where, or find it, I will post here.)
  10. Signed! Yes there are others doing the rounds but this is the official one.
  11. I have really enjoyed her online classes, so I hope they continue. She has the good teacher's gift of being able to give positive corrections and make you understand them!
  12. No I don't think dancing in masks is a good idea. I think Teachers will just have to make parents understand that nobody with any coughs and colds will be accepted. Unbelievably, just before lockdown I had one parent ask whether her daughter could still come to ballet as she was not allowed at school as she was self isolating! Of course I said "no".
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