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  1. Really! There is keen competition for all jobs no matter where and no matter the candidates nationality. Nobody gets a walkover.
  2. Are all the dancers in EU companies EU nationals, I don't think they are. Does anyone have statistics? I always thought that there was an international mix with dancers from North and South America, Australia and New Zealand, and various Asian countries. Is this made worse at present by Covid or is it just some EU countries deciding to punish the UK for leaving?
  3. I recorded it too and have watched several times. Well worth seeing!
  4. Parents of Olympians deserve a medal too This was an interesting column by Janice Turner in Saturday's Times. It is worth reading. In our family we have had DD go through the Vocational dance route, and my nephew is training as a swimmer - too young for this Olympics, but maybe the next. He swims nationally and had his first international competition just before the first lockdown. We have always joked that we had a much easier time of it with ballet training than they do with swimming!
  5. I often ask pupils to point at something or just point with a finger. Then I ask what shape it is -stretched/extended/straight aretypical answers, so that is what pointing feeg means too. However, I do agree that the ankle flexibility is as important as the arch.
  6. Did I imagine it, or is the Upper School going to become a degree course? I think I read this somewhere recently. In that case it could be one of the reasons why three years are guaranteed. As far as overseas students are concerned, many establishments (not connected to dance) such as boarding schools, colleges and degree courses rely heavily on fees from students coming from abroad to balance the books.
  7. Marcelino Sambe actually mentioned the Nutcracker wig in the discussion a few months ago hosted by Kenneth Olumyiwa Tharp at ROH, in relation to diversity in ballet. I will see if I can find a link later, or someone else could post it. Here is the link - an interesting discussion about hair in general too. ROH Insight discussion
  8. The whole point of Voices of Spring is that it is a send up of the Bolshoi's Spring Waters display piece. I thought O'Sullivan captured the daffyness rather well. In the original the dancers were wearing deliberately ridiculous wigs which had a touch of Flower Power!
  9. It seems to me that this is the corporate equivalent of "dad dancing", trying to prove you are "groovy" and can "get down wiv da kids". Unlikely to achieve anything positive and an embarassment for all concerned!
  10. I will second that, I hope Akane will be there. Last year's Athelhmpton was the first time I had seen her live, and even in such illustrious company she shone!
  11. That's pretty impressive for a first audition!
  12. Have they gone up to 52 paid weeks, great if they have. Some AGMA (union) companies guarantee 38 paid weeks out of 40, and this is the top end of the range. Statutory 4 weeks paid holiday, maternity leave etc don't exist as far as I know. Would be happy to hear that things have improved.
  13. This article does sound as if it is from USA. e.g. health insurance worries, as in UK although you can choose private health insurance, everyone is covered by NHS. I find it shocking that even major companies such as New York City Ballet and American Ballet Theatre do not have full year contracts for dancers of any rank. They are laid off for several weeks over the summer and have to find work either teaching in Summer Intensives, or waiting tables etc. Getting paid work here in UK as a classical dancer does seem to be diluted by graduate training schemes and short term contracts. Unfortunately what happens in USA tends to come over here eveuntually, but it think there will always be a "core" (pun unintended) of permanent dancers in each company.
  14. Congratulations Primrose on the public recognition of your success in throwing the spotlight on this issue and hopefully preventing tragedies like Oliver's from happening again. xxx
  15. Cyril Addison was the brother of Errol. Cyril was head of music at RBS and used to play for Errol's classes during school holidays. He was a real joy. The Dance Centre closed in the late 1970s and became The Sanctuary health spa. It was the end of an era! Agreed, someone should start the process of nominating Danton.
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