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  1. That is exactly right Fonty, and the Retirement home confirmed it. You can only access some NHS equipment if you are living independently. I think it comes under a different "care package".
  2. But don't all the post GCSE ballet courses have a 3rd year? Most with their own performances or tour.
  3. At first I too thought this unfair, but I have come round to think it is just a way of seeing candidates who for some reason couldn't apply earlier, e.g. injury, illness or family situation. As discussed on threads about RBS, each candidate will have been evaluated in their own audition, and the latest candidates will be measured against earlier ones.
  4. It is the same mentality that "no platforms" lectures or debates. Recently a group of Teachers I am part of, who band together in this area for performances, workshops etc. were proposing a "Thriller" workshop with two dancers from the show, "Thriller Live". When I asked the other Teachers how they thought this would sit with parents in view of the recent tv programme and allegations, they nearly all replied that nobody cares. Tbh I was a little shocked!
  5. It is new this year, but supported by some major UK Vocational schools and others from abroad. British Ballet Grand Prix website
  6. The Telegraph joins the act. On today's letter page there is a picture of Fonteyn in the Firebird, captioned Swan Lake!!!
  7. Wishing you both every success and do drop in from time to time. Your years of experience and perspective are so helpful to others.
  8. There is another thread with discussions about previous performances of this programme. I saw the première at Pavilion Dance, Bournemouth on 31st January - loved it!
  9. Or there is the drunken scene from Giselle Act 2 in Turning Point. Haven't time to find it on Youtube right now.
  10. Over the years as a teacher I have had various JAs and Mids. From what has been explained to me by the Associate teachers and on Insight days, there is a rigorous schedule listing various attributes which the panel mark. In an audition, each member of the panel is allocated certain candidates they will mark on the initial line up where physique and flexibility are checked, it is not that all panel members are looking at all candidates. So within one centre's audition, afterwards RBS will be comparing the marks allocated, and so it will not be difficult to compare with other centres either.
  11. I don't think it gives any advantage or disadvantage auditioning in a different centre from the one you wish to attend for JAs. However if you are geographically between two centres it might be better to choose the one that has a lower population in its "catchment" area!
  12. Ironically it sometimes seems that Polunin's career resembles Nureyev's, but in reverse geographically. Stifled by the rigidity of a traditional institution, to find more opportunities and personal fulfillment, the only option was to jump ship - somewhat spectacularly!
  13. However, there is also the case for Teacher protection against weird or malicious complaints! In my many years of teaching there have only been a few incidents, but they were traumatic at the time. The most unbelievable was a Grade 3 (Yr 6 child) preparing for an exam. It was a hot day and she still had her crossover on. I had given warning the previous week that I would expect everyone to take them off and just have leotards - meaning that they would have time to mend any holes or get new kit. Reluctantly the child started to take it off, but could not get the knot undone, so I helped and then helped take the arms off. The mother subsequently accused me of assault!!! I was very grateful that as it was an exam practice the pianist was there to witness everything. However the mother complained to the exam board and it went all the way to the Chair as she wouldn't accept she was wrong. Luckily my version, corroborated by my pianist, was believed, and several mothers had offered to give "character witness" if necessary. The biggest irony is that the girl had just passed her 11+ was going to the Grammar and had already given notice as they wanted to concentrate on academics.
  14. The trouble is there are no laws or regulations governing dance schools. All the major dance boards offer teaching qualifications, but these are often just geared to teachers following their syllabus and entering their exams to generate income. Many dance degrees have some anatomy and teaching practice modules, but not all. However an excellent teacher may just have been a performing professional who later switched to teaching & coaching without taking formal qualifications. So all of these can be excellent schools. But there is absolutely nothing to stop anyone who just did a few classes previously (whether as a child or adult) setting themself up as a dance school and some of these are downright dangerous! So until there is some overarching body, then there is nobody to oversee the more invisible problems of exploitation and bullying at supposedly reputable schools as described in this thread.
  15. Yes that's what I mean Flexy. As TwoLeftFeet's dd must just be finishing Yr10 at present if she is auditioning in Yr 11 for US entry in 2020, now would be the time to go for extra coaching, summer school etc. at the schools I mention in my last post.
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