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  1. That looks wonderful - unfortunately I will still be teaching ballet classes when it starts. I loved Ernst Meisner's barre classes on Zoom (later ones had some centre) and have gone back to them frequently when I just need to dance for myself, i.e. not teaching.
  2. Robbie Moore MP - speech Here is a Northerner who gets it! Fabulous speach in suppport of Dance studios, gyms and other small businesses.
  3. Don Q - I had the same thought, they are showing several minutes at a time, not just snippets.
  4. Part of it may be that there is a wider choice as there are more establishments that offer post GCSE training than there are for Yrs 7 - 11. Also finance can play a part in the decision. Much of the 16+ training is on degree courses which gives access to student finance. At a Vocational 6th form there is less help with finance and even those who are awarded DADA or MDS funding still may end up paying quite a lot themselves.
  5. Some years ago, I remember a RBS Associate teacher commenting that in JAs they are aiming for students to be able to do a single pirouette before audtioning for White Lodge. I can't remember now what the occasion was, possibly an audition insight day or teacher observation at an Associate class.
  6. This happened for the performances at Athelhampton, from under an hour when the tickets went on sale, every few days the running time extended until it was an hour and a half!
  7. Yes I can dip in and out. But this was meant to be a live performance, the streaming was only put on because of the lockdown.
  8. Another minor niggle - I felt it was a pity that Scherzo and Rhapsody were back to back. Much as I love the Rachmaninoff music, it would be better to separate them.
  9. In a biography of Frederick Ashton there is a photo of Anthony Dowell, Vyvyan Lorraine and Robert Mead from the 1960s wearing exactly the same helmets as in the vido above in Monotone: Gymnopédies. However, there is also a picture of Monotones: Gnossiennes which Ashton choreographed to add to the first one to make a longer ballet. It is of Antoinette Sibley, Brian Shaw and Georgina Parkinson. The costumes were supposedly identical to the original, but in sea- green, later terracotta but then green again. The helmets are a bit different though. They have extra space at the top (where there
  10. Does anyone else have difficulty with the cast list. I download the PDF but when I try to print it is in a very narrow column of tiny text. Any ideas how I can solve this? The only thing I have managed to do is convert it to a word document, which has the same format, but then I copy the text to another word file and save with "text only". This seems rather cumbersome.
  11. Pups_mum is right, overstretching of feet (and other parts of the body) can lead to injury. Is this why there do seem to be a lot of injuries these days - or is that a false perception? Banana feet need to be controlled in the same way as swayback knees, i.e. not pushing into the maximum extension when weight bearing, but using strength to maintain the correct line.
  12. Four Yorkshiremen - the original sketch This is the original from At Last the 1948 show. Later Monty Python made good use of it. There are various versions on Youtube!
  13. I am pretty certain he retired some years ago. One of my pupils went to vocational school aged 16 in 2014. She had been wearing his custome made shoes for some time, but I think he was already winding down then and not taking on anyone new.
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