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  1. Have look on line. I have a small pair of binoculars which I use for sightseeing, boating and theatre. I don't know if the specifications would mean much to you (they wouldn't to me,) but they are Pentacon, CN10 x 26WP Field 6.5° 114m/1000m. They were certainly well under £50 several years ago. If you google "compact binoculars" you will find there is a large choice on the market.
  2. In our area half term is also the same week as tuturus. It can be annoying when the breaks don't match up.
  3. If someone missed JA sessions frequently they would probably lose their place. Occasional absences for special events e.g. annual school show would seem to be acceptable.
  4. As I am sure many of you know, Luke Jennings, former ballet critic, is the author of the Villanelle novellas which have found great success on TV as "Killing Eve". I have just read the latest thriller by Frederick Forsyth, The Fox. One of the main characters, a teenage computer hacker, is called Luke Jennings. Surely this can't be coincidence! Does anyone know of a connection between the two authors?
  5. Or you can drink pure fruit juice and smoothies thinking they are healthy, but ending up with the same excess of sugar as in coca cola and other fizzy drinks.
  6. A widely accepted general rule is three ballet classes per week with own school (on different days), plus Associates and other genres in addition to this. If the school he is at now cannot provide that amount of basic training then you may need to look elsewhere.
  7. Nobody has a crystal ball! Selection is made on who looks right and has potential at that point in time. Things do change as children grow, and long term some late bloomers gain places, others do not progress as hoped and are assessed out.
  8. If too hypermobile this can be considered a weakness. How good is he/she at jumping? They do look at musicality and performance, this will show in every step, it is not a thing apart. The improvisation - currently being a piece of seaweed - also shows this side of the dancer.
  9. That makes sense Fonty. Kind of like airline seat pricing in reverse!
  10. If I were giving/lending a member of my family money to buy a house, I would want to make sure the survey didn't show any major faults. Likewise if it were for a car, it would be thoroughly checked. There seems to be a doublethink about whether the student is an independent adult or a dependent adult. It may be some parents are a problem, but it may also be that some institutions are the problem, and a young person having difficultes may not be strong enough to say this to the very people who are causing the problem. This discussion was about under 18s doing dance degree courses and parents being excluded, but I believe there are some real problems with many Degree courses across the board these days.
  11. Peanut is right. As student loan applications demand parental finance details, then parents are involved and should be treated with more respect by the institutions they are funding!
  12. I've never heard of them, what are pirouette shoes - assuming they aren't just a brand?
  13. I have long wondered about how these schools that taxi mentions stand legally, particularly under Child Protections Laws. Other parents I have known with under 18s at such places have been very upset when things have gone wrong and nobody would talk to them. This is one of the reasons I recommended the Elmhurst offer to Prosecco.
  14. I definitely think Elmhurst would be your DC's best destination. Excellent training alongside A levels.
  15. That is exactly right Fonty, and the Retirement home confirmed it. You can only access some NHS equipment if you are living independently. I think it comes under a different "care package".
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