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  1. I have just been using a product called Hi Tack glue to stick fabric decorations on gauze. Really easy, dries clear and flexible.
  2. Just in case people think I have reposted an old link, this one is for a new announcement yesterday.
  3. Oiver's story on BBC breakfast This link takes you to a report on the announcement about the training. Somewhere there is a clip of Primrose being interviewed today, I have seen it on facebook, but can't find it on the BBC right now. I don't know if she is likely to log on here, but her tireless campaigning will raise awareness and hopefully make a difference for some vulnerable people.
  4. Yes, A are younger and B are older. They have a different list of Variations for A & B in the Classical section, age appropriate and also divided into Female and Male. There are also two lists, A & B for Contemporary, but some solos are on both age groups lists and some are gender neutral.
  5. The only drawback to looking at it that way is that applications have to go in quite soon after the beginning of the Autumn term, so if the candidate is in 1st year of Upper School, they may in fact have only been there a few weeks.
  6. Prix de Lausanne participants & variations Here is the link. Two lists for the candidates. The first one with the full information on those selected, the second with the numbers applying from each country and the number who were successful.
  7. Depends on the school - some have a more generous funding allocation for DaDas than others
  8. People who say "Oh a cruise shiip" are totally out of touch. It is really tough to get in, the standard is very high. As with any job, conditions may vary, but the best have amazing theatres and productions.
  9. You get a better picture if you look at the list which gives Candidate's name, nationality, school and country they are applying from. There are two boys from UK accepted. One who is Italian is from Elmhurst School and one boy from USA is entered by ENBS.
  10. I think one of the main dangers is that you cannot take the MDS with you.
  11. You can always ask them for a list of host families. There aren't boarding places for all 6th form students.
  12. There are always dancers from Tring 6th form who go on to join Classical companies. Yes there has historically been a number of dancers leave after 16 to join ENB, Central, Bolshoi Academy and other institutions instead of going into Tring's own 6th form. However, this is often offset by a number of students coming from White Lodge or Elmhurst to join 6th form. Earlier this year the Director of Dance was replaced. (You could do a search to find out more about what happened). The current interim co-directors are both wonderful teachers with a very nuturing approach.
  13. TV footage Here is some very moving footage of Alicia Alonso's coffin being taken out of the Gran Teatro by dancers to the hearse.
  14. If anyone needs to get to Eastleigh today, beware of traffic problems. The M3 and the M27 are closed and all traffic is being diverted through Eastleigh, so it will be very busy or even in gridlock!.
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