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  1. I just looked on the RBS website and it is "Pose" without an accent on the e. So in this case I think Grand Pose would be Attitudes and Arabesques.
  2. Our family always has medical insurance even when we travel to EU countries. Although the European Health Insurance card covers you for treatment in other EU countries, if there is something serious, you may find yourself stuck in hospital for weeks. With insurance you may well be able to claim to be brought home with suitable medical care en route e.g. special medical flights. Anywhere else you may visit in the world it is money well spent investing in a good insurance policy. Beware of cheap ones with many exclusions. For any trip be aware that lots of "dangerous" activities are not covered and you may need to buy extra cover. In other words, read the small print!
  3. I was going to suggest some of the works on Naomi M's list too. Surely Béjart should also include his version of Firebird and Bolero.
  4. That all sounds good. There have been several threads about the merits of professional performing experience v. teacher training with syllabus boards. There are many good teachers around (and others who are not), but sometimes even high profile names without formal teacher training can cause problems. This can be when they "give" class with lots of exciting combinations rather than "teach" a class where they break down the steps into component parts if needed by some students. Another danger area is giving professional "hacks" or "cheats" on how to make a movement look good, which are simply inappropriate for students who are still building the foundations of their technique.
  5. Pale blue leotard, the trouble is it can take a lot of time for the regular teacher to get rid of bad habits picked up on some courses!
  6. I have always encouraged my pupils to go to Associate programmes, workshops, intensives etc., but suggest as a matter of good practice they check with me first. The better schemes always remind applicants to check with their regular teacher - signatures are often no longer required if the application is online. However, over the years I have had some pupils go off to do things without mentioning it to me, and they have ended up regretting it. Either the scheme wasn't suitable for them at that particular time, or it was no good in the first place, just a waste of time and money!
  7. Deepest sympathy to his family and friends.
  8. Thank you for all your contributions. Wishing you and your DD all the best for the future. But please do call in occasionally, it is so helpful to all of us to have someone with a long term perspective who can comment.
  9. Wow - although I am a classical dancer and teacher through and through, I love Fosse's work. Thanks for posting this.
  10. There are many admin jobs in theatres not just London but all over the country. Jobs are posted on line, so try some searches. You could also look at Front of House too.
  11. This alternative seems very bureaucratic as you have to keep going back to the DDC for each new check. The path I describe is useful as once the initial check has been made and you subscribe to the government's update service you never have to go back to any of these bodies. You merely supply your DBS number to whoever needs to see the DBS and they can check immediately online on the government's site.
  12. Sadly it has been announced that NIDMS is closing, so I don't know how much longer they will accept referrals. Has anyone investigated metatarsalgia? It is where the heads of the metatarsals become inflamed.
  13. I suspect a lot of it is to do with the changing school leaving age. In the era of the baby ballerinas compulsory education stopped at 14 and the majority of people started full time jobs then. Over the years it has changed, first to 15, then to 16 and now effectively to 18. Anyone who organises performances for private dance schools will tell you what a nightmare it can be complying with legislation. However, these rules don't apply to establishments that are deemed places of Education. So rules governing the RBS students while they are still at the school, but under 18 will in fact be much less rigourous than those covering performers who are under 18 and employed, i.e. paid for their work. Then there is the whole gamut of licensed, chaperones etc. which come into play.
  14. Nope, you have to keep paying subs and jump through any hoops they invent, otherwise you may not use the qualification. It will expire.
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