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  1. A sheet of hardboard can work, you put the rough side facing down and use the smooth side.
  2. I have also had a look at Kathryn Morgan and like what she does. I am putting together a page of links which I will email to pupils. Drdance - I am including your classes too. One of my pupils has offered to set me up on Instagram, so I will see how it goes.
  3. It seems the epidemic in Wuhan is winding down. So it lasted just under 3 months. Dare we hope we will be over the worst in the same time frame?
  4. Even if auditions are cancelled now, the Vocational schools will not want an empty year group in September, so I am sure they will hold auditions at some point. It may not be in the format we are used to, could be video preselection or skype/zoom to observe the dancer.
  5. At the moment I am still open as all our local schools are. There are just two families self isolating after contact with possibly infected people. As no tests are being carried out there is no way to confirm. However I rather expect that this will be my last week, or we may need to stop suddenly. Thank goodness for modern communications, a simple group email and a posting on my school's private facebook group keeps everyone up to date.
  6. General conditioning exercises are good, in particular floor work. Also most people could manage a simple barre at home. However even in normal times I remind pupils that the most famous principal dancers still go to class every day because you need someone else to make sure you are working correctly, and who can give corrections to avoid bad habits setting in.
  7. Have any offers already gone out for LCDS? I only ask because a local dancer said they had been offered a place on the BA course a couple of weeks ago. Maybe what they meant was a place for finals?
  8. I thought it might be useful (as mentioned by several people in the other thread) to have somewhere we can bring each other up to date with what is happening in different regions in UK and pass on any helpful advice. For example, my students at local Senior schools say that they have been warned that the schools will probably close early for Easter i.e. in a week or two's time. This is BCP Council - Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole in Dorset. They have been given codes to allow them to access online lessons if necessary. In the meantime I plan to carry on with classes as normal until told I may not. As my classes are held in a Village Hall (run by a Charitable Trust) and a hall owned by the Guides Association, they will probably be the ones who make a decision to close the venues.
  9. Or should we start a new UK thread? I would, but don't have time until later.
  10. Giselle Act 1 solo Here is just one example - around 1 minute 23 seconds. If you look closely, she first of all makes contact with the floor with the top of the foot before sliding down onto the knee. But also being in the Corps de Ballet is extremely hard on the knees. While Principals are dancing, the Corps are often left decorating the back and the side of the stage in a pose.
  11. Peanuts68 - it is the 19th Century Classics I am talking about here, not modern choreogaphy. Bluebird - I have only seen the fake arches, never tries them on, but they appear to be made of gel. I wear a gel insole in all my teaching shoes, whether Jazz shoes (Bloch slipstrea) or traditional plain leather ballet flats. It helps!
  12. I do wonder if the fake arches have a practical purpose which is why some dancers wear them even if they already have good feet. In some contemporary pieces the dancers wear knee pads to avoid problems. This is considered normal. What you may not realise is that in classical choeography dancers frequently have to pose for a long time, or land from pirouettes, on one knee which can become painful. One way to mitigate that is to take some of the weight on the top of the foot that is on the floor. This can also become painful with a heavy load of rehearsals and performances. So having a nice arch pad to cushion the foot sounds very tempting.
  13. I think the term banana feet is frequently misused/misunderstood. It isn't something desirable as it denotes flexible but overly bendy feet lacking strength. Yes they can look lovely but need a lot of work to make them strong enough.
  14. Some sports training for young people is much more in intense in UK than ballet training. A few of my pupils also do gymnastics and they spend many hours at the gym. A nephew who did A-levels last year is a serious swimmer - i.e. swims in the Nationals and had his first international comp recently. Even while still at school, from mid teens he was expected poolside at 6.00 am every weekday for training before school, with several training sessions in the evenings too. Weekends were taken up with more training, in the water, or on dry land and also going to competitions. We've often joked in the family it makes ballet seem a doddle. So perhaps to our eyes some of the foreign training is too much, but I do think there is scope for British Vocational training to do more!
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