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  1. Very few of Balanchine's ballets have a narrative. But they are most certainly ballet!
  2. In BCP area (Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole) We have only one small clinic, then the nearest are 25 miles or more away in Salisbury & Southampton. All the large walk in venues have now returned to their original use.
  3. You could end up waiting a long time for GP invite. Just go onto the NHS website, put in your postcode and they will list what is available. In this area it happened to be Boots, but there were several different branches listed with appointments.
  4. I will be 6 months and one week by the time I have my booster, but I wasn't when I booked it. Anyone who is nearly there just try and see if you can get a slot. I think they may have changed the rules.
  5. Beryl, try asking at your local pharmacies for the Covid booster too. My GP recently sent a letter inviting me to a walk in clinic for the flu jab on Saturday mornings. This isn't good for me, so I booked a slot with Boots online. In previous years I have walked in to Boots, Superdrug and local independent pharmacies. Until I was elegible for a free flu jab I gladly paid the £10 or so that it cost. It was worth the investment. When you teach ballet, you can actually watch as an epidemic goes through day schools. This week pupils from school A are away, then next week it is B, then after that C and so on. So I decided try booking a Covid booster with Boots too and got a slot later this week. The following day I got a letter from GP inviting me to book through them and stating that the booster couldn't be booked through pharmacies which was plain wrong as I had already booked!!!
  6. This may be so Lizbie, but these problems with the Corps pre-date the pandemic, it has been noted for many years.
  7. With RB it isn't just that the Corps lines are often ragged, the arms and hands are sometimes held differently by the dancers, likewise the head angle and eyeline. I think this is the downside of recruiting from all over the world, in particular competition winners who then just spend a few months at Upper School so the Company can say the RBS trained them. Classical ballet technique is a series of reflex actions learned over many years. Once learned it can be very difficult to adapt and change. Many of the competition winners spend a lot of time rehearsing solos, but less learning how to dance as a member of the Corps which is a fine skill in its own right.
  8. Historically in many ballet companies, when the AD changes so do many of the dancers at all levels. Some decide to retire, others look for new companies and if the AD is moving elsewhere they may be invited to go too. Or quite simply some are told their contract will not be renewed.
  9. I think you could call that the Sergeant Major method - if you are going to drill the squad, you drill the squad!
  10. However, do not underestimate the publicity it creates. In an interview many years ago Anthony Dowell said that the only way he would ever get as much puplicity as Nureyev would be if he stripped naked and ran through the London Underground!
  11. Perhaps one of the moderators could split the thread? That is why I am not too keen on Bella Figura!
  12. Could the nude ballet have been Nederlands Dans Theatre. There was quite a thing for nude ballets in the 1970s, Glen Tetley did one which also had filmed sequences. I know I saw NDT at Sadler's Wells around then, but I can't find my programme at the moment. However, yes nude ballets generally did provoke mirth. The critic John Percival (I think it was him) wrote that nude ballets would never be successful until male dancers had full control of all parts of their anatomy. I could elaborate on what I saw happening, but possibly it is not appropriate for a public forum!
  13. Likewise when I saw Hang 'em High in about 1968. Full audience participation with the sad/tragic bits being greeted with hilarity! This is not to say that the ballet Romeo and Juliet merits this treatment, but there might be other productions which do! We are generally so polite these days!
  14. I've experienced that with film. When I saw The Shining (many years ago), someone got the giggles and that set everyone off!
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