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  1. I had a teenage pupil who suffered severe hair loss (not cancer) and she had a selection of beautiful hats which resembled a silky turban or 1920s Cloche. She wore them for class and they wouldn't have been a problem for anyone sitting behind her in a theatre.
  2. Alexderavin - I will send it over to you tomorrow. It was successfully shared with other people last summer so no reason to expect any problems now.
  3. Don't worry, as I understand it your income is based on the previous tax year, i.e. what you declared to the Inland Revenue for the year ending 5 April 2019.
  4. That's a MacMillan addition - he often likes to spice things up with a bit of sexual violence. It doesn't appear in the play.
  5. This thread sent me back to read the "Persons Represented" in the introduction to the play. Romeo is son to Montague. Juliet is daughter to Capulet. Benvolio is nephew to Montague, Tybalt is nephew to Lady Capulet. Paris is a Young Nobleman, Kinsman to the Prince, Mercutio is Kinsman to the Prince, and friend of Romeo. So they sort of balance each other in pairs, and I would imagine are all of a similar age with perhaps Tybalt and Paris a lttle older.
  6. Thanks afab. Info was to pass on to a friend, I don't have anyone auditioning there.
  7. I saw them dance many times. It was a small company but of a very high standard. To follow on from Alison's comment above, I think there were several dancers who were already well known.
  8. Could someone post how long it takes to get to London Studio Centre from Central London, e.g. Kings Cross.
  9. Yes I agree, it is important to remember that an accused person is innocent until proved guilty in a court of law.
  10. It is very sad to read in today's Telegraph the report that Yat-sen Chang was set to appear at Westminster magistrate's court today for a bail hearing. According to the article he has been charged with 14 sexual assalts at West London School of Dance between Dec 1 2014 and Dec 31 2016. He joined ENB in 1993 and later was a principal dancer until 2011. I thought very hard before posting this, but it is in the public domain. As the mother of a dancer and teacher of many young dancers, some of whom went on to Vocational schools, I feel it is necessary to speak plainly about such matters. If a young person feels intimidated by the fame and renown of someone taking advantage of them, they need to know that such aggressors cannot hide behind their fame.
  11. DH was at a show my school were participating recently. He and my cousin found themselves sitting in the dress circle behind a hairstyle as mentioned above, whose male companion had perched his glasses on top of his head. So DH has a blurred view of the stage through them. Luckily there were some spare seats so DH and cousin moved.
  12. Having read various opinions on this thread I wasn't hoping for too much, but was still rather disappointed. It wasn't the dancers - they were all gorgeous, but I found much of the way it was filmed rather misconceived. The art of ballet is making shapes with the body and moving through space, either as a solo dancer or in relation to another dancer or group of dancers (and of course the music). I very much disliked the way that cutting from one dancer to another in close up removed any relationship between them. You wondered if some these bits had been filmed separately, with only one of them present and then edited together. Also some of the camera angles seemd odd. MacMillan was a master Choreographer, if he set a sequence of steps on diagonal, he knew how it would be seen from the auditorium, and filming head on as if in the front wing just forshortened the line. There are lots of other examples, too numerous to mention. The ending didn't work for me at all either. Instead of a magnificent tragedy, it seemed more like a melodramatic B movie. At times it also seemed rather fast and a bit jerky. Was this just the restless camera, or had the action been speeded up a little, the way that they used to speed up galoping horses in Westerns because they didn't look dynamic enough?
  13. The modern electronic speed adjustments can also adjust the pitch so it still sounds normal.
  14. It can be a situation fraught with difficulties. Over the years I have had several pupils go to Associate classes and then go on to Vocational school/dance degree courses. Usually it all went smoothly, they always stayed with their own age group for at least one class and then added more with older pupils, and sometimes even with a class below, simply to get the hours in. Rarely was there any resentment as it was clear these dancers were putting in the extra effort. Only once was there a problem when a talented girl started bullying younger ones. Eventually she got so bold she did it in class so I and my pianist witnessed it. I had to suspend her and it all came out. Other parents had been afraid to say anything because they thought she was favoured and protected. Sadly this happened after she had already gained a place for a degree course starting at 16. She should have been happy and kind to everyone, but it seemd to have the opposite effect! Her parents flatly refused to believe she had done anything wrong so she left my school a few months early.
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