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  1. Eva, I am having problems sending PMs. So if you are happy using the message board for the moment, yes, I am still interested. sue
  2. I am interested in this ticket. Will message.
  3. I am interested in this ticket. I will PM you. Sue
  4. Does anyone have a last minute SCS for tonight’s performance ?
  5. Can I take the ticket for January 26, please ? I am just heading out but can message you this evening. Happy Christmas. Sue
  6. Some tickets available on ROH website for opening night
  7. Haven’t heard back from you. Am at ROH this evening so won’t be able to pick up until late. Can you let me know the situation about the ticket/s ? Sue
  8. I wanted one ticket but could try to find someone else if you really want to sell together but need to hear from you before I asked around.
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