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  1. Yes, I recall it as being an outstanding performance and seem to remember Bennet Gartside, who was the prince, tweeting to the effect that he felt he had died and gone to heaven that evening.
  2. Thanks for the link. Was very pleased to see this after the wonderful Mayerling. Final pdd sensational and good to see Jason Reilly, whom I saw as Onegin when he partnered Alina in 2013, take on the role of the Prince. More please from Stuttgart !
  3. I cannot access the Stuttgart Onegin which ends its run today. If I go to the YouTube page I can only get trailers for the cinema version. Has anyone seen it who can help.
  4. Eva, I am having problems sending PMs. So if you are happy using the message board for the moment, yes, I am still interested. sue
  5. I am interested in this ticket. Will message.
  6. Does anyone have a last minute SCS for tonight’s performance ?
  7. Can I take the ticket for January 26, please ? I am just heading out but can message you this evening. Happy Christmas. Sue
  8. Some tickets available on ROH website for opening night
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