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  1. I find that Bloch Performas are great! 😊
  2. You’re welcome! Oh right. I tried for yr 11 but unfortunately didn’t receive a place, but it was such a challenging class so I learnt a few things. I hope your dd has fun dancing there every week! Xx
  3. Congratulations! What year is it for if you don’t mind me asking?
  4. Ok, I will do! I hope so too, I’m not expecting anything though as I didn’t do the best but that’s ok, I tried! I hope your friends get in 😊
  5. Has anyone had results from the extended associates auditions?
  6. Thank you that is very helpful. I’ll just give it my best shot! 😊
  7. Hi! I’ve got my audition time for this coming Saturday (the 11th) and I’m in Group 5 for the Extended Associates. Does anyone know what I could expect in the audition? Will there be pointe work? Thank you xxx
  8. Thanks that really helped! I’m just going to give it my best shot and see if it is meant for me.
  9. Oh I have just posted some new photos and I completely forgot. I hope it will be ok.
  10. Thank you. I’ll talk to my mum but I think that’s the best option.
  11. Ok thanks for your help. I’m going to retake them tonight (Just to see how different they are and looking at them now my ankles have rolled slightly on one of them) and post them after school tomorrow as there appears to be an option for next day delivery guaranteed in the Royal Mail website. Does anyone have any experience with its reliability? Just because it it a bit more expensive. Xxx
  12. Hi! Sorry for replying so late! I wore the pointe shoes for a few classes and they were surprisingly ok! Just a little soft in the wings. I’m going to apply some of the pointe shoe glue my mum got for me and see how it goes. Thanks for all your help xxx
  13. Hi! Sorry this is probably such a dumb question but I’m going to ask it anyway! I didn’t have chance to take the application photos at my dance studio as my teacher has been ill so she suggested I take them at home. My mum and I took them on the weekend in my bedroom which has white walls and a light carpet. However, I had been doing a project with dyed cotton wool (long story!) and I hadn’t picked it all up (I didn’t realise). Due to this the camera picked it up so now the carpet looks really dirty and because it wasn’t in a studio the lighting isn’t that great. The application is due on Friday and I’m not sure whether to post it tonight with ok photos of me but my room looks really dirty (well the carpet and lighting) or retake them tonight in my mum’s room (light will most likely be better but it has a darker carpet and white walls) and post tomorrow (I’ll pay more so that they get there by Thursday not Friday). I am paying the £15 (I offered to my mum) so don’t want to waste it if they take one look and go ‘no, the lighting is bad’. How relevant are the photos as we have an audition class too? I really don’t want it to hinder any slight chance I have. Thanks for any help xxx
  14. Hi! Sorry for not replying sooner! Yes, they are the same brand but in the store I found them much nicer than Russian pointes. I thought I would give them a try but once I sewed the ribbons on last night they were just sooo soft (in the wings and shank). I thought they would last longer than the Bloch’s I had been wearing (they are softer than my Bloch’s were after 5 weeks and that’s saying something 😂. They are even softer in the wings and box than my Grishko soft blocks!). I think they are RC21 off the top of my head... I’ll give them a try in class tonight and see how I go I guess. Thanks!!
  15. Hi! I personally don’t have experience with any vocational schools so this might not help. However, I would just like to say as a girl of a similar age your daughter is amongst a group of girls that are my inspiration on a certain social media platform. I understand why she is upset but she must never forget how she is part of an amazing school! If she went back to her old dance school , would they offer her enough hours of ballet or other dance she would like to do? Would the commute to the new ballet school be ok? Also, some associate schemes are still open (such as Elmhurst and I believe Ballet Boost). This would obviously help supplement her training and help her with auditions in later year (try next year too). I hope some of this may be helpful. I also think if your daughter wants to, going back to WL might be a good idea because her friends are still there. If she didn’t like being back, could she leave? It may be better to do that than regret doing it the other way round. I wish your DD all the best and I hope she always remembers how amazing she is, as a person and dancer. Xxx 💕
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