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  1. Thank you, that’s very helpful (though I’m really not expecting anything!). Congratulations to everyone who got a yes and best wishes to everyone with a not yet 💕 xx
  2. Hi everyone, does anybody know if just the White Lodge results are out or if Covent Garden ones are too? Xx
  3. Thank you very much meadowblythe. I’m auditioning for elmhurst, central, ballet west and btuk (I understand that the last two schools don’t wish to be spoken about publicly, but I’m not sure if it’s ok to mention the names - if not I can edit my post x). I have! I looked like I’d packed for my Duke of Edinburgh expedition all over again! But best to be prepared! My teacher has also mentioned Northern Ballet School in Manchester, but they I believe that they have slightly later audition dates and so we’ll just see how I go, especially with mocks at school, etc. Best of luck to anyone auditioning this year. I wish you the very best 💕
  4. If you want any fiction books, the Royal Ballet School Diaries (I think they are by an author called Alexandra Moss) are a wonderful set of books that follow year 7 at the school. I believe they can be ordered off amazon (which is where I got my set ) as I don’t think I’ve seen them anywhere else. They are quite short and might possibly be a tad bit easy for year 8 but they are very interesting!
  5. Hi! I’m auditioning for year 12 starting tomorrow too. It is quite quiet isn’t it? I haven’t had any yet but I’ll let you know later on if you like? Best of luck to your dd xx
  6. Thank you for answering. I did think that the wear moi was a camisole but I just wanted to double check! I think I’m going to wear that one, it’s actually my favourite leotard out of all of them (though my mum doesn’t believe that the number of colours I have in one style is justifiable!) I will, I’m actually really looking forward to it!
  7. That’s a very good idea! I’ll wear one and bring the other, I’ll have enough time after signing in anyway to change if needed, looking at the timetable of the day. Thank you very much 💕
  8. Hi everyone! I was just wondering if anyone could help me out, I have an audition tomorrow and the school requests a black camisole leotard. I have 2 black leotards with thin straps, one being a more classical camisole leotard with a small black flower detail on the front at the top (it’s not that big) from Bloch and the other leotard is a wear moi galate, which has slightly thicker straps and so I’m not sure if it counts as a camisole. I prefer the wear moi one but I was just wondering if anyone believes that it would be better to wear the Bloch one as it’s more traditional for what they are asking. Thank you x
  9. I know it’s not really on technique and the students might not possibly enjoy it, but I loved reading Mao’s Last Dancer a few years ago xx
  10. Massive congratulations to your dd! I’m glad you posted, I think it’s really important to celebrate moments like these! I hope she has the best time ever! Xx PS. Do you mind me asking how old she is?
  11. Thank you! Yes, I agree it was a lonely experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I’ve auditioned for elmhurst and another smaller one that is reasonably local to me (I live in quite a rural area). I wonder if it may partially be because I’m in year 11 and so there are less places because not many people would leave in such an important year? Anyways, onwards and upwards! Good luck to your dd x
  12. Hi! I just found out I wasn’t offered a place either. My letter just mentioned the other programmes but nothing about auditioning again. Sorry for anyone else that didn’t get in💕. I was just wondering if anyone knows of any students who weren’t excepted into any associate schemes but got a full-time 16+ place at a school? It’s times like this when it’s all a bit disheartening and I’ve just got to tell my self to keep going! Best wishes to everyone for the future xx
  13. Thank you! Yes, there was a step in my group’s petit allegro that I wasn’t too sure about, but I gave it my best shot! I’m not sure how many places are available though I’m assuming that there won’t be as many as there would for the May audition because it’s a mid year entry point. Best of luck x
  14. Hi! I also auditioned yesterday and I loved every minute of it. I can’t remember the name of the teacher who took the class (which annoys me!), but she was wonderful! I thought it was such a lovely environment, while being challenging at the same time. I also got to meet up with a friend from summer school which was great! Good luck to everyone waiting on results, I’ll be rooting for you x
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