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  1. Hi! I only really started ballet when I was 14 (sept of year 10) and then pointe a bit later and its definitely possible! I was accepted into 2 vocational schools in the Jan of yr 11 (I was only doing about 4 hours a week at the time + my own practice as I live in a relatively rural area) and then was accepted into another 3 in august (due to circumstances out of our control I, amongst others, had to find a new school). Just keep working really hard and I am sure you can get there soon, you still have at least 2 years! Best of Luck!
  2. I believe so yes. Class work is being streamed Monday-Thursday, with classical and contemporary on Friday and the the 20 or so finalists on Saturday (where their variations and contemporary are played again).
  3. I might be wrong but I believe that pre-recorded masterclasses/coaching was sent to the candidates, prior to their video submission for both classwork and the variation/contemporary piece? Not entirely sure though.
  4. I agree with your son! I was about 12 when I read them and even if they were a bit “easy” I absolutely loved them!!
  5. If you have an iPhone you should be able to AirDrop the recorded videos to your iPad (they will go to your camera roll) and then you can put them together on iMovie
  6. Hi! I’m not sure about closing dates or anything but I’m pretty sure that there’s a Ballet Boost in Belfast as some of my ss + insta friends go! They’re a very good program xx (Might be wrong though!)
  7. It sounds like an amazing book! I’m nearly entering upper school but I’d still love to read it 😂 (having never gone to lower school!).
  8. It’s just been announced on social media that no one could book today and so bookings open tomorrow at 2pm xx
  9. Oh right! That makes much more sense!! I know me too😂
  10. I must of dreamt it😂 I had it in my head that you booked for week 1 today and then week 2 next week and so on... Sorry! xx
  11. this is what i was wondering (as i am already booked on a summer school). i guess there is always the next booking session next week?
  12. the same thing happened here! i wonder who managed to get on?!
  13. Hi! Don’t know if this will help anyone but I’ve recently seen on Instagram that Dutch National Ballet Academy are hosting an online intensive and Royal has also announced one (with details to follow in mid-June). Hope everyone’s doing well xx
  14. I finished the series of classes recently as well, loved them! They are the perfect length and focus on a lot of different things, definitely recommend! Though I struggled with some of the long Fondu exercises 😂 xx
  15. A Ballet Education have posted info about live classes on their instagram feed (though I am not sure how the time zone affects the times they are on) as well as segments of class from the last few days which may help some people. Also, for strength and conditioning (although I gather many dancers will have their own routine), there is a YouTube page called Train like a Ballerina which has great videos! Hope this helps xx
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