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  1. I think it varies each year too but I do believe there are at least 3 UK students (that I can think of) joining the upper school this year that did not train at WL (and not all were at a lower school of any kind), so anything’s possible!
  2. Hi, I’m older than your daughter so this might not be too helpful! I’m sure at that age that some girls might wear skirts and some won’t. Places like Ballet Skirts by Lucinda, Freda Silk and Seraphina Steps all sell beautiful skirts (I know they are all on Instagram too, so you can see designs). Also shops like Just Ballet and Devoted to Dance (both are also on Instagram and very helpful) sell a variety of brands that you could look at for leotards, skirts and warmups. For warmups, I’m not sure what girls would be wearing as it is summer, but Grishko has some nice thin sweater type things (devoted to dance has a lot). I do know that warm-up boots are very popular, but you have those anyways. To be honest, like Balletbean said, your daughter has done so well to be selected and I think at her age all of the dancers in her class will have a large variety of different warmups and leotards so I’m sure what ever she likes and feels comfortable in will be fine
  3. Selling some dance items as having a clear out POINTE SHOES 3x BRAND NEW Bloch European Balance Pointe Shoes in 6XX Never worn or tried on as ordered in bulk Do have L + R markings on them in preparation of sewing (however I changed shoes before even sewing/breaking in/wearing the shoes) £35 each LEOTARDS Bloch Paradise Leotard in Black, Adults Small Only selling as too big on me (only worn once) £20 https://uk.blochworld.com/products/ladies-paradise-leotard-black Wear Moi Abbie Leotard in Black, Adults Small Only worn once (as I ordered the wrong size and waited too long to send back!) £20 https://www.planetdance.com/MobileDetail.php?Prod_ID=3010399 Bloch/Mirella Leotard in Purple, Adults Small Beautiful braiding across back Only selling as too big for me £20 Studio 7 (Australian brand) in Navy Blue, Adult Small Worn less than a handful of times as I moved £14 Possibly: https://www.studio7dancewear.com/catalogue/product/premium-thick-strap-leotard/ SKIRTS Energetiks (Australian brand) Ballet Skirt in Pale Blue, Childs X-Large £14 I think it could possibly be this skirt (looks very similar): https://www.energetiks.com.au/chiffon-skirt UK First Class Shipping Included
  4. When I was there we were allowed any leotard but maybe bring a black one as sometimes they ask for that at the showing
  5. Hi! I went in 2019 and absolutely loved it. Not sure how it’s working this year but I really enjoyed being taught by BRB dancers. Also, my group did Pas de Deux with some of the BRB dancers as well which was an amazing experience (especially for my first time doing pas!). We learnt 3 different rep pieces and a jazz piece for the showing at the end. The food was really nice and it was easy to socialise with everyone else with things like the disco we had. I hope your daughter has fun, it’s an amazing school!
  6. Hi! I only really started ballet when I was 14 (sept of year 10) and then pointe a bit later and its definitely possible! I was accepted into 2 vocational schools in the Jan of yr 11 (I was only doing about 4 hours a week at the time + my own practice as I live in a relatively rural area) and then was accepted into another 3 in august (due to circumstances out of our control I, amongst others, had to find a new school). Just keep working really hard and I am sure you can get there soon, you still have at least 2 years! Best of Luck!
  7. I believe so yes. Class work is being streamed Monday-Thursday, with classical and contemporary on Friday and the the 20 or so finalists on Saturday (where their variations and contemporary are played again).
  8. I might be wrong but I believe that pre-recorded masterclasses/coaching was sent to the candidates, prior to their video submission for both classwork and the variation/contemporary piece? Not entirely sure though.
  9. I agree with your son! I was about 12 when I read them and even if they were a bit “easy” I absolutely loved them!!
  10. If you have an iPhone you should be able to AirDrop the recorded videos to your iPad (they will go to your camera roll) and then you can put them together on iMovie
  11. Hi! I’m not sure about closing dates or anything but I’m pretty sure that there’s a Ballet Boost in Belfast as some of my ss + insta friends go! They’re a very good program xx (Might be wrong though!)
  12. It sounds like an amazing book! I’m nearly entering upper school but I’d still love to read it 😂 (having never gone to lower school!).
  13. It’s just been announced on social media that no one could book today and so bookings open tomorrow at 2pm xx
  14. Oh right! That makes much more sense!! I know me too😂
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