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  1. Are people aware that from yesterday, households and bubbles with pupils (primary and secondary) are able to order lateral flow tests? They’re meant to be for the adults to test twice weekly, but I’m sure you’d be able to test your child? It won’t let me copy/paste the link but info is on gov.uk website.
  2. Has anyone submitted their video and had a yes/no for recalls yet? I was wondering whether the bit where it said about staggered feedback was about the yes/no to recall or the result from recall? In other words should my anxious email refreshing 😆 start once I’ve submitted the application, or wait until after the 12th deadline? Good luck everyone!!!
  3. This is really interesting to read! My DD goes to 3 dance schools, all are aware she goes to the others, all are very happy that she does. I think the important bit is thinking about your reasons for needing other dance schools. For us it was an extra non-syllabus ballet class to supplement her grade work at her local school, plus a contemporary class that her local school can’t offer. We’re really happy with her local school, the teaching is exceptional, which means the 3 schools are complementing one another. My feelings are that if you’re adding classes in to make up for poor quality teachi
  4. I can’t help, but was wondering the same thing myself! I was going to look for an editing app but I have no idea where to start!
  5. That sounds thorough! I was just going to tape a bit of banana skin to her foot. 😂 Let me know how it goes.
  6. Perhaps a bit weird, but I read somewhere that banana peel was meant to help get rid of them??? My DD has one which looks even worse after using bazuka, so we might give banana peel a go.
  7. To be honest, I’d totally forgotten about this until now! But, I did look on the website info and it said it was a rough guide - check though! I’ve read so many things recently, I may have got mixed up!
  8. I’m actually not convinced that more online classes will go down that well with DD. I think she’s reached her limit for camera adjusting, glitchy screens and no room for big movements! 😂 I’ll give them a call and ask though. There’s no chance she’ll focus if she thinks it’s ‘too easy’ so I don’t want to waste my money. Xxx
  9. Are they strict about the age ranges? My 10 year old is RAD grade 4 so I’m wondering if she’d be happier doing the 11-12 group???
  10. It’s been such a difficult year in so many different ways. I had a chat with my DD yesterday about reserves and how she probably won’t hear anything. She was really level headed about it and is simply keen to audition for next year! No tears, no upset, no regret. She’s amazing!
  11. I had wondered if this might be the case. DD goes to their open classes and we’ve had similar info - signing up but with no guarantee of a spot. Thankfully DD seems to have put it all behind her and hasn’t asked about it recently so I expect she’ll keep plodding on with her other classes quite happily! I’m sorry to hear about seniors finals being cancelled. That must be a disappointing blow. X
  12. My DD is going into year 6 and is a reserve at northern for juniors as well as being a reserve for CAT. I’m not sure if they split the junior associates group at northern but hopefully if a soon to be year 6 got a RBS JA place then they might take it in preference to northern? Maybe not? The classes are on different days so some may do both. I have everything crossed for my DD but I’m not holding my breath!
  13. I heard from a friend with a DD in CAT already that current students have to accept their offers to continue next week. I‘m hoping that means there could be some movement for CAT? Plus RBS year 6 JAs got their places this week which might mean some movement for associates. All very much wishful thinking though. I’m clinging on to a vague glimmer of hope!
  14. Hi All, Now that the deadline to accept places has past, I wondered if any of the reserves had heard anything about places coming through? For both CAT and Associates. Wishful thinking? xxx
  15. Does anyone know if you can find out where you are on the reserve lists? Or is it a bit ‘wrong’ to ask?
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