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  1. Once you’re on the northern ballet uniform section, they’re in the accessories tab. Just the associates ones though.
  2. @Balletmad78did you get the handbook? Mine was in my junk email yesterday!
  3. I asked about this a few weeks ago and they said info would be given out at the end of June. I’m sure we’ll hear something this week.
  4. That’s such great news! Especially with the seniors! Well done!!!
  5. Yes! DD has been going for a few years alongside her local RAD class. She really enjoys the classes and will be continuing alongside associates in September. There’s a mixture of children in the classes, some recreational, some very focused. There’s lots of emphasis on technique and strength. At times she finds that she’s done more complex work in her RAD class, but the focus on technique compliments her RAD classes really well. The teachers are lovely and the academy staff are very approachable and supportive. I’d recommend getting your application in ASAP though, the spaces get filled up really quickly!
  6. Any news for those DC’s waiting on reserve lists? 🤞🤞🤞
  7. I’ve heard news of a few junior associate reserves getting places over the last few days. Fingers crossed to those of you waiting!
  8. Yes! She was given a place late last week. She’s delighted!
  9. That interesting, it sounds useful that you’d know you’re a no on the day! Do they need to be strong at Jazz too? My DD is very much a ballet dancer, she’s done a bit of jazz, contemporary etc but never very much.
  10. I used the contact form, I’ll try emailing directly instead. But that sounds reassuring that the same happened with you. Tgank you
  11. Hi All, A bit of a daft question! I’ve filled out the online application for Renaissance Scholars, and made the payment, but I wasn’t redirected back to the application so I’m not sure if it’s been submitted? I’ve not had a confirmation email or any reply from them when I queried it. It was late last week when I filled it in. Has anyone else applied and had a similar experience? I’m just concerned I’ve not actually submitted the application! Any ideas? xxx
  12. Difficult week here, reserves again. We’re not quite sure which direction to go in, but I’m suspecting it might be the end of the vocational route for us. There is a not-so-little bit of me who’ll be quite relieved to simplify things and return to simple Saturdays, and perhaps the return of some cash in the bank! There’s still the reserve list glimmer of hope, but I remain unconvinced that there will be much movement. Well done to all those children who gained places, it sounds like it was a very tough year so they’re well-deserved indeed!!!!!
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