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  1. I’m feeling very similar feelings at the moment. I think it’s the time of year - hearing all the excitement of friends going to JAs and getting CAT places doesn’t help (although I am of course very pleased for them!) along with the miserable weather, coughs and colds! 😤 My DD had a no for associates and it feels like we’re at a standstill. BUT, after some excellent advice and kind words on here I realise that it’s just a lull in feeling ‘busy’ - it feels like we’re getting nowhere but actually the strength and technique my DD is building now we’re ‘back to basics’ is hugely valuable. After lots of focus on auditions, shows and exams before the summer, I’m taking a step back to appreciate the calm!
  2. She’s 10. We’re near Leeds. It feels like there should be loads of opportunities but my searching leads me nowhere. X
  3. These are great ideas. I’ve had a search for workshops but can’t find any around Yorkshire - perhaps I’m missing something? It was a busy year before the summer with shows, auditions and exams so it does feel strange to be back to being a ballet-taxi! I should definitely make the most of the calm whilst I can! 😁
  4. Thank you for these replies. I’ve got 2 left feet so I’m not sure taking classes myself would be a great idea! 😂 I need to take a step back and let things flow. Audition season will come around all too quickly!
  5. Hi All, This is a bit of a fed up post. I’m feeling a bit disheartened and in limbo and like nothing much is moving forward for my DD. I think it’s because of the ‘not yet’ for associates followed by this year being one without a show or an exam to focus on. Maybe it’s just me and autumn/winter blues. Maybe it’s just that last year was so full of dancing events and this year is about upping her hours and focus. Either way, I feel a bit like there’s something missing. I’m not sure what I’m asking? I just needed to say it. Plus, I’m very aware that she’s ok and perhaps this is something about me rather than her? Thanks 😕
  6. I had wondered about this which made me think sticking to Phoenix and/or NSCD would be good options. I think we might wait a year though, she’s still so young.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I think i’ll look at options and see what fits around her ballet schedule. It might be worth waiting until she’s in year 6 maybe, dependant on how the next round of auditions go.
  8. She’s 10, but year 5 at school. I always had the impression that contemporary was better left to secondary school age but wondered whether to add it to her schedule this year. We’re near Leeds so have both Phoenix and NSCD nearby.
  9. Hi there, Is there a good age to start contemporary dance classes? DD currently has an exclusively ballet schedule (3-4 hours a week) and i’m wondering whether to add contemporary into the mix? xxx
  10. That’s where I park but I end up needing to pay for 2 hours and it’s twice a week so it’ll start adding up - c£70/term which could pay for another class! It’s just a bit frustrating and i’m a bit grumpy that there aren’t really any other options. I had wondered about this as an option. She’s got a medical need which means I need to be nearby but if it’s only 5mins that might be ok.
  11. We live in Leeds but annoyingly too far away so i’d end up dropping off, driving home and then straight back again! Plus DD has a medical need which means I need to stay close by.
  12. If anything, this thread has made me feel better that i’m not alone in my grumpiness at the parking charges! 😂 Seriously though, it pretty much adds up to the same as an extra class each week! But, perhaps it’s worth it? One week of northern ballet classes and there’s a huge difference in her already! I wonder what they do to them in there? 😂
  13. I’ve been doing this too but being a yorkshire-woman, i’m adding up the 25p charge for using the app! 😂
  14. That’s a very good point! My eldest didn’t do any exams until Grade 1 and I only agreed to my youngest doing primary because she begged me! Also, i moved my eldest from a ballet school after finding out they’d merged the primary, pre-primary and pre-school classes together and she spent all lesson skipping with 3 year olds. I made my polite goodbyes and moved on. We’ve never looked back, she’s now at a lovely local school doing RAD and their own associates plus 2 non-syllabus classes each week elsewhere, my youngest is at the same school having fun on a more recreational route but still getting high quality reaching. I would go to a few trials though. It was very clear at a trial class how different local classes can be! I looked for happy children, gentle teachers and a relaxed yet purposeful environment. I also asked to watch classes in higher grades which showed more about the overall feel of the place, classes got smaller but more dedicated which was great to see.
  15. My youngest has just turned 7 (summer holidays) and took her RAD primary exam earlier this year when 6. My eldest is almost 10, recently gone into RAD grade 3, and if I recall took her grade 1 exam when she was 8, grade 2 before the summer. I’d push them to move her up to grade 1, especially if ballet is something she wants to take seriously. Grades aren’t important for some things, but confidence is. My eldest DD felt ‘behind’ the rest of the children at an audition last year, not because of her ability but because she’d not had the opportunity to try out more complex steps and sequences yet. I talked to her teacher about it and she was very quickly entered for her Grade 2 and moved into grade 3 with some classmates. ( i hope all that makes sense.) The most important consideration is enjoyment though. Especially when they’re so young. If she’s not enjoying the lessons then perhaps take her for some trials elsewhere? Much love x
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