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  1. Are there any Northern Ballet parents out there? My DD has been on the waiting list for open classes since December so we’re keen to get in quick once registration open this month. Does anyone have any knowledge or tips on when the registration will open (i’m assuming Monday?), and whether it’s best to apply in person at Northern Ballet or via email. I really don’t want her to miss out again! Many thanks, xxx
  2. Well done to your DDs @Tinks and @sunrise81 I’ll be watching out for how it’s all going! My DD will be old enough to audition next year! 😁
  3. After a big chat tonight, it’s looking likely that she’ll be staying put for the moment. I’d be interested to see what she’s make of an ISTD class though but maybe that’s for another time.
  4. Thank you for this. That’s really helpful. I’ve been going back and forth about changing her dance school - it’s lovely, supportive and she does well in the exams, but she’s very much the ‘serious’ big fish in the small pond of ‘recreational’ dancers. I also wondered recently, through my lengthy googling, whether children doing ISTD are better prepared for auditions than RAD dancers? I know very little about it all but my googling tells me that RAD is very much about perfecting steps in a precise way whereas ISTD involves putting more steps together, on the spot? I may be totally wrong on this? I just wonder if perhaps an ISTD dancer is more familiar with complex steps and sequences? 🤷🏻‍♀️ This might influence a change of school.
  5. I’ll add it to my ‘list’! Thank you!
  6. We've been busy scouting for opportunities. She’s luckily been offered an associates class at a dance school, invite only rather than audition which reduced the anxiety levels a bit! She’s very excited. So, in September she’ll be doing 3-4 hours of ballet a week which will do so much for her development AND confidence for next year’s round of auditions! Happy DD, happy mum! Xxx
  7. Thank you everybody! This has been such a big help! Xxx
  8. She’ll be going into Grade 3 over the next few months. I think in the audition she felt that she could do with being more confident in a few more steps - she felt a bit out of her depth. It could be that she needs some more non-syllabus classes to enhance her RAD work.
  9. Thank you. I’ll have a look. We’re near Leeds but i’m considering all opportunities.
  10. I’ll have a look. We’re near Leeds so York is definitely an option.
  11. This is part of my pondering and floundering too! My youngest DD (6) has her gymnastics and ballet on Saturday mornings which makes it all a big head ache. I’ll investigate them all and see which we can still audition for, and then see what we think.
  12. I can’t seem to find the answer to this anywhere on the website ... When are the Manchester classes? What day, frequency, time? I'm trying to work out the logistics.
  13. We’ve missed the closing date unfortunately but will try next year. She wasn’t keen at all this year.
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