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  1. Hi All, Now that the deadline to accept places has past, I wondered if any of the reserves had heard anything about places coming through? For both CAT and Associates. Wishful thinking? xxx
  2. Does anyone know if you can find out where you are on the reserve lists? Or is it a bit ‘wrong’ to ask?
  3. That’s AMAZING news!!!! Well done!!! I hope she’s forgotten all her worries now! Xxx
  4. Thank you! We are hopeful of hearing something in the next few months. I’m hoping that being reserve in both will mean something will open up! 🤞🤞🤞If not she’s going to be putting her energy into G4, pre-pointe and perhaps join Phoenix.
  5. Reserve for DD. She’s not taking it very well. ☹️ She’s reserve for both CAT and associates.
  6. She’s got reserve for CAT too. Lots of waiting to do. 😬
  7. That’s good to know. She’s taken it as a no so a place will be a nice surprise if one comes up. X
  8. She’s holding on to the hope of a yes for CAT or a place coming up on associates. Fingers crossed.
  9. Reserves for my DD. She’s disappointed but pleased it wasn’t another no. Xxx
  10. I don’t know anything about the spring pop up, but classes are all currently still on as normal and the auditions all took place yesterday. I don’t think they’ll cancel anything unless they have to. I could be wrong though. They’re very understanding and helpful so perhaps give them a quick call?
  11. Thank you! I’d forgotten about the Corn Exchange, I’ve not been there for years!
  12. Is anyone’s else’s DC doing both the associate and CAT finals on Sunday? Or anyone with past experience of doing both? I’m feeling quite apprehensive about it and how DD will manage such a long day. And what to do in the break that won’t add to her tiredness - either through walking about town or through sitting and waiting, both of which can be draining! I’m pretty sure she’ll be so excited that the tiredness won’t hit her until we get home though! But any tips would be greatly appreciated!
  13. I would guess that they’re perhaps made from cheaper materials that then stretch to fit a wider range of feet?
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