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  1. Maintaining Berlin as his main residence with his young family living there shows how much he had committed to London. I can't help feeling it is wrong for a few famous names to hoover up several prestgious appointments, rather like Directorships in the City. This sort of jet setting commute between countries is not good for music in the long run, it blocks younger talent and is certainly not ecologically sound.
  2. For nostalgia, I bought Cooking in a Bedsitter when it was reprinted in 2008, a friend had a copy when we were all vocational students living in bedsits and it was well used!
  3. In normal times I would agree Alison, but it might be useful to have the extra space to allow more distance between dancers when needed.
  4. I do wonder whether this would be an opportunity to look at some of the very early works by British choreographers, or those who mounted ballets here, e.g. Massine. Are there still people around to recreate/rehearse them? Lots of those works from the first half or middle of the 20th century were made for smaller casts and smaller theatres, which might make mounting them with today's restrictions easier than works with large casts.
  5. There was a member of this board whose DD went there after graduating in UK. She thought it sounded very good, but the DD returned after only a few weeks, somewhat disappointed and went elsewhere. As this was a few years ago she only drops in here from time to time.
  6. I must admit I agree with Janet, not my favourite production. But it is wonderful that they have managed to get it on stage at all! One of the things I have always disliked are the sparkly wigs the SPF and her Cavalier wear. Marco Sambé mentioned them during the Black History Month Insight. When speaking of Afro hair he said that he couldn't see himself being cast in this role in Nutcracker as he couldn't wear the wig. So I am curious to see what will happen! Here is an earlier production which has much to recommend it. Park wear's a beautiful tiara reminscent of a Kokoshnik
  7. I too feel another school might be better. For Associates have you looked at South East Ballet Scholars? Teacher friends have spoken well of this scheme.
  8. I suspect the original tapes may have been wiped or recorded over. With Wayne's ongoing popularity and high profile I am sure they would have been broadcast from time to time if available.
  9. I've just looked it up in Wayne Sleep's autobiography, Precious Little Sleep. Yes it is Record Breakers in two words. He says he was invited onto the progamme to attempt an entrechat-dix but managed a douze. However he then says that it is too fast for the human eye to take in .... "A good entrechat-huit with the feet opening wider, is much more effective." The one with Roy Castle they actually parachuted out of a plane!
  10. Can you set up a different device to record yourself at home. I think downloading the gallery view would give rise to privacy issues unless it is just you in a private class.
  11. I have a vague memory it might have been on Blue Peter, but I could be wrong. I'll have a look later and see if I have any luck finding it. While watching the recent RB streams it occurred to me that there is nobody these days with his stature, so both Puck and the Alaskan rag are danced by taller men which doesn't look right. Alexander Grant and Wayne Sleep were fabulous, but are shorter boys overlooked now and not taken into professional training? Can anyone think of other short male Principal dancers, now or is it only previous generations?
  12. Sorry, I disagree, the deep V insert at the front to make it look like a plunge neckline might look great on stage as part of a costume, but is not suitable for a ballet audition. On RBS website in the audition information they have a guide to leotards, no lace insets, crisscross straps etc. Good advice wherever you plan to audition.
  13. Beezie - are you based in UK? Lots of things in your post sound more like USA. Nothing wrong with posting here, but the experiences may not be the same.
  14. A generation ago and before, graduates who didn't get a place in a UK company found work in Europe. However after the financial crisis around 10 years ago many European companies closed or became smaller contemporary groups. More Vocational schools have been established in Europe and flourished since late 20th century, so there is a surplus of well trained dancers everywhere!
  15. Communication is key. As a teacher I find it much easier to be supportive when I know what is happening. You don't need to go into detail if you don't want to, but it would be a good idea to tell both your teacher and the amateur group that you are having some health problem and need to rein back for a while. Then you can reassure them that it is not because you have lost interest or have been put off by anything they have said or done.
  16. Just seen on facebook that BRB will be streaming Ballet Hoo online, four episodes each available for a week starting Monday 30th November. Brilliant! Coincidence, it was already planned or they read this board?
  17. Totally agree - Dame Marion. Surely it would also be a good time for Channel 4 to show Ballet Hoo again.
  18. How to cut the revenue from streaming in one easy lesson!
  19. That looks wonderful - unfortunately I will still be teaching ballet classes when it starts. I loved Ernst Meisner's barre classes on Zoom (later ones had some centre) and have gone back to them frequently when I just need to dance for myself, i.e. not teaching.
  20. Robbie Moore MP - speech Here is a Northerner who gets it! Fabulous speach in suppport of Dance studios, gyms and other small businesses.
  21. Don Q - I had the same thought, they are showing several minutes at a time, not just snippets.
  22. Part of it may be that there is a wider choice as there are more establishments that offer post GCSE training than there are for Yrs 7 - 11. Also finance can play a part in the decision. Much of the 16+ training is on degree courses which gives access to student finance. At a Vocational 6th form there is less help with finance and even those who are awarded DADA or MDS funding still may end up paying quite a lot themselves.
  23. Some years ago, I remember a RBS Associate teacher commenting that in JAs they are aiming for students to be able to do a single pirouette before audtioning for White Lodge. I can't remember now what the occasion was, possibly an audition insight day or teacher observation at an Associate class.
  24. This happened for the performances at Athelhampton, from under an hour when the tickets went on sale, every few days the running time extended until it was an hour and a half!
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