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  1. It was indeed a splendid afternoon. Last year it was so special because it was the first live performance for months and still under Covid 19 restrictions, so I was almost apprehensive that this wouldn't be as exciting. However my fears were groundless, it built on the foundations of last year and was even more inspiring. Without Covid restrictions they were able to have a larger audience (300 I was told) but it still felt intimate and the slightly higher stage meant that sight lines were much better. Also last year they only had practice costumes whereas you can see from Richard's photo they had beautiful costumes. I agree with his comments, but would like to add that I found the dances where the Pianist Michael Pansters and Violinist Sergey Livitin played, either as a solo, or together gave an extra dimension to the performance. I hope this will become an annual event!
  2. Is this the one that has often been on the list of variations for the Prix de Lausanne? Perhaps you could ask them if they know where you can find the music.
  3. Oh that is a shame. Wishing her a speedy recovery. She was wonderful at Athelhampton last year. Not just the quality of her dancing, but the sheer joy she communicated being back on stage. Just like the proverbial kid in a sweetshop!
  4. Yes, on the Athelhampton site she is listed as appearing. Have they increased the numbers in the audience now that social spacing is not required? When I booked soon after the box office opened some categories had already sold out, now it seems there is availability at all prices.
  5. It is now officially Tring Park - the Arts Education connection was dissolved some years ago and the name changed.
  6. There are two completely different establishments, Northern Ballet School which is a boarding school and Northern Ballet Academy which isn't. So take care that you don't mix them up.
  7. jonac, you asked about this in February and there were many replies on the thread, so you just need to look back at it.
  8. On my DVD the cast list is: Nastya - Anastasia Yatsenko; Yan - Andrei Merkuriev; Denis - Denis Savin; Ivashka - Morikhiro Iwata.
  9. You are right Lizbie1 it wasn't just for the role of Aurora. Everyone sees dancers differently. There are certain individuals, well liked by members of this board, who simply leave me cold! I won't mention the performers names as it may just start an argument.
  10. It is indeed very hard to compare performers, and totally unfair as everyone is an individual and brings something different to the table. However, having said that, the only dancer today who I think radiates joy in a similar fashion to Fonteyn is Osipova. Going back to the fish dives, if you look closely they are executed in a different manner. In the old fast version that Fonteyn is doing in jmhpton's links, the first piroutte is vertical, but towards the end of the second turn she begins to lean forward into the dive already. In the slower version often seen today, both turns have a vertical axis, then the ballerina goes into a deep penché arabesque and the second leg lifts a little after.
  11. Have you clicked on the Uniform tab? It then lists all the organisations alphabetically.
  12. I did see her live several times, and totally agree about her "radience". In Sleeping Beauty the thing I remember most is nkt one of the iconic moments, but the fluidity of her arms in the diagonal stepping forwards en pointe in the last Act solo - just before the sectionmwith the fish dives.
  13. The touring company of Ballet West was made up of the school's students. You are correct it is in the public domain, but I would not under any circumstances use it as a good example. Two of my students went through the school.
  14. Tring Park public exam results This link takes you to the page of results on Tring's website, you should find all the information you are after there. You ought to be able to find something similar for the other schools you are interested in on their websites.
  15. Write to your MP - it doesn't matter which party they are from. Inspite of the posturing before elections and for the media, most of the real work in Parliament is done by cross party committes and the Chair may well be from an opposition party, not necessarily from the majority party which forms the Government.
  16. I was sitting in the Rear Dress Circle - up and away from the stage. During O Magnum Mysterium there was a bank of square strong lights across the back of the stage at floor level. They were slightly red and made me think of infra red heating e.g. in pub gardens! They seemed to vary in intensity and became painful for the eyes at times. However, towards the end there was a central spot at the back at floor level which was very strong. With the rest of the stage so dark it felt like driving down an unlit country road with an approaching car with headlights on full beam.
  17. I was actually referring to AnneMarriot's post, many laws in this country were/are not enforced because the authorities were afraid of offending culteral sensibilities and appearing racist e.g. the Rotherham grooming of young white girls. That there is so little action against FGM in UK is also a scandal.
  18. Saw this at the Mayflower in Southampton last night. Very moving, and the use of the chorus around the stage was very effective. It reminded me of Jerome Robbins Glass Pieces when they were all crossing the stage - which I have always felt must have influenced Infra. My companion and I had been slightly worried whether Carlos Acosta would still have the technique and the magic, he certainly does. Laura Rodriguez is also truly amazing. My only reservations were the excessive use of black box lighting with down spot whether circles, squares or oblongs. When the costumes were black it was sometimes hard to see the dancers. Also strong light shined directly at the audience simply hurts the back of my eyes - am I the only person who suffers this? At the end I simply had to close my eyes and peep occasionally to see if anything was happening. Luckily it was the chorus coming downstage so I could close just enjoy their singing.
  19. When in Rome.... Everyone should respect the laws of the country they are actually in, whilst trying to also respect different cultural norms. For me the former takes precedence. However, exporting these views is a form of neo colonialism and we should tread carefully.
  20. I too loved Jazz Calendar and have often wondered why it is not danced today. Likewise Tudor's Gala Performance.
  21. I recorded it too and have watched several times. Well worth seeing!
  22. Parents of Olympians deserve a medal too This was an interesting column by Janice Turner in Saturday's Times. It is worth reading. In our family we have had DD go through the Vocational dance route, and my nephew is training as a swimmer - too young for this Olympics, but maybe the next. He swims nationally and had his first international competition just before the first lockdown. We have always joked that we had a much easier time of it with ballet training than they do with swimming!
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