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  1. Is this child or adult size small please?
  2. Could I see pics of both please?
  3. Does anyone happen to know of pas de deux classes in London (even if not currently running due to Covid)? It seems to be difficult to find pas de deux classes outside of vocational training.... thanks!
  4. It was a lovely class! Thank you so much Laetitia for organising it, can’t wait for the next one! ❤️
  5. Hi Shauna, have sent you a PM x
  6. I don’t think the ARBTA syllabus is available in DVD format but I may be wrong!
  7. Could I please see pics of the Grishko and the Repetto? Interested in these. Thanks!
  8. Try Za Tancyi https://www.zatancyi.ru/product-page/r-class-sl-collection-brava I order my shoes (R-Class) from there, and although it does take 6-8 weeks for shipping from Russia, it’s much cheaper than trying to get hold of Russian shoes in the UK. The site is in Russian but if you put it through Yandex translate or Google translate it should be fine. Happy to help with translation if needed though 😊
  9. Haven’t seen the video, but guessing from your description it may be a 540 (revoltade)?
  10. Interested in the Alicia, could I see pics please?
  11. Looking for a ticket for RB’s Nutcracker for any of Osipova’s performances! Thank you x
  12. Are results out for spring intensive? One of my students had applied. Good luck all!
  13. Hi FlexyNexy, I’ve sent you a PM x
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