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  1. I don’t know if you’re in contact with any of the staff from Midland Theatre Ballet, but they used the Alice in Wonderland music for their production of Beauty and the Beast in 2013 so they may be able to help!
  2. I can’t advise specifically on CBTS, but I only ever got high Merits, never distinctions, for both my graded and vocational exams, yet I was accepted on to the degree programme at RAD- so I really don’t think it will hinder you. Good luck!
  3. If you can get into London then London Russian Ballet School is excellent x
  4. I’m looking for any kind of warm ups that are suitable to wear for teaching! Ideally Grishko or Intermezzo but open to ideas!! Thank you
  5. Please can I see photos of the Repetto leotard and the wrap skirts? Thanks!
  6. So the Mariinsky aren’t coming to London in 2020?!
  7. I have 2 brand new Grishko leotards with labels still on- a black halter neck and a raspberry leotard with mesh sweetheart neckline, in European size 40 (equivalent to about a UK 12 I think) Ordered them thinking that they were Grishko size 40/UK 6, which they’re not, and can’t return them! Would like £25 each but open to offers!
  8. Can I have the Vaganova character skirt please?
  9. 3 pairs for sale, brand new still in bag since I changed to a different model. Would like £20 per pair but open to offers
  10. 6. “Tutu Much” by Airin Emery, £1 7. “Ballerina” by Nada Curčija-Prodanović, £2 8. “Attitude” by Robin Stevenson, £1 21. “The Royal Ballet School” by Noel Streatfield (one page has a brown ink stain in the corner, but the rest of the book is fine and covers a full history of ‘British’ ballet from 1661 up to 1960), £1.50 could I have these please?🥰
  11. Anyone selling a ticket for tonight?
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