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  1. Have you considered Lausanne in Switzerland?
  2. The training looks amazing and the students are very classical and get fantastic classical jobs. My sons friend (they were at Tring together) finished 2 years there after 6th form at Tring and has become the most gorgeous dancer (always very gifted - but ESB have turned him into an absolutely beautiful classical dancer) He has a classical contract in Europe but I can remember where. I can’t comment on the pastoral side as have no idea.
  3. Oh I love the story I heard about the Chuckers origins. I was told that it originated in Australia where theatre performers were paid in chickens. They would look out into the audiences and gauge its size to estimate how many chickens they would get. Good luck, many chickens - please let that be true!
  4. oh that’s interesting - I would imagine there was some backlash as it seemed rather underhand to me. I think the biggest area of confusion is around funding which is not helped when schools are not transparent. to the OP. I would also strongly consider student support services. Finances are important to make sure it’s viable in the first place but emotional support for students living away from home, probably the the first time ever in a highly competitive field is of vital importance. There have been far too many cases of young adults not getting the support they need and in time
  5. yes, that’s correct. No top up, no 3rd term. They do offer some students bursaries to cover the top up costs but not everyone of course. if you are looking at more MT, triple threat training also look into Guildford School of Acting at university of Surrey - amazing course in MT, degree funding, many industry professionals and 30-40 contact hours a week. Also Central School of Speech and drama do a fantastic MT course.
  6. Please be careful as some colleges, though their courses are funded by degree loans also have top up fees. Urdang is one such college. The degree loan covers 2 terms, if the student wishes to do the 3rd term (show term) there is a top up to bring it in line with the same cost as the diploma students. This is not clear on the website - in fact I’m not sure it’s mentioned at all. There are some very interesting YouTube accounts from students that attend various colleges, worth looking into. Emil Dale do a degree course. First lot of graduates graduating this year. This is a triple
  7. I’m sure I will pop in from time to time and if I think I have anything useful to say, I probably wont be able to help myself!!! But I am planning my own retirement from the ballet world - 51 years of ballet obsessed family folk is long enough.
  8. Thank you. I remember that summer school well. Hope your dd is still happily dancing. X
  9. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. I know where to come if I need a ballet hit, but for now I need a ballet rest! Xx
  10. Thank you so much balletbean. I will pass on your congratulations. X
  11. I just wanted to say goodbye to all on the forum. I have been active on the forum for approximately 5 years, when my DS got accepted to Tring to start in year 10. It has been an exciting ride but after some great times and some difficult times my DS has decided he no longer wants to pursue a dance career. It has not been an easy decision for him, but after 2 hip surgeries he just felt his heart was no longer in it. Tring have been incredibly supportive of both his time out through injury, giving him many leadership opportunities at school and now his decision to change careers.
  12. Oh my goodness! I’ve not been on here for a while but had to respond to this post. Arucaria, you are such a diligent, hard worker and take your dancing very seriously, which is fantastic. And I 100% agree with Anna’s advice. There is no way any self respecting ballet teacher should tell you to hyperextend your supporting knee in an arabesque - damaging in the extreme to a young growing body. I seriously hope you misunderstood that direction!!! As for ‘fishing’ Your feet in an arabesque, it’s got to be giving a beautiful line and not break it up. A small fishing is acceptable a
  13. Testing yourself against the competition? Wanting a challenge? The love of competing? The opportunity to take classes with other outstanding teachers? Gaining contacts for future job auditions?
  14. If it is your dream, go for it! You only live once and who knows where it will lead. Congratulations!
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