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  1. Not sure about difference between GM box 2 and 3, but my daughter wears Grishko xx and GM box 3 (the sleek model, narrow width).
  2. I just looked at website. Looks lovely. Summer prices will be listed from March.
  3. Yes. I will have to! Her older sister (22) is a fantastic cook, but Ruby, at nearly 16, is part of the "just eat" generation with her own account (linked to my credit card). I will teach her a few simple recipes, maybe she will discover a love of cooking to match her love of eating.
  4. Hopefully the other girls will inspire my daughter to cook a bit or she will be limited to toast, salad and mug cakes! Thanks again.
  5. Thankyou. Can you tell me what the students do for meals? Are there any decent restaurants or bars close by?
  6. Hi. Does anybody have experience of the RCS Modern Ballet Summer School? Or where to stay ( for two 16 year old girls travelling by themselves) . All input appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Interesting. This year was the opposite for my daughter's group. 4 of them did RAD intermediate in March and ISTD Intermediate in May. 4 distinctions in RAD exam and 2 distinctions, a merit and a pass in ISTD! I know they can all have better/worse days, but that is quite a difference. (My daughter got distinctions in both. 😊)
  8. So much to think about! I have been looking online to get an idea of options. Chester House looks lovely. There are Urdang and LSC students living there. It is expensive (IMO) but includes breakfast and evening meal. A big plus for first time living away from home. LIPA have a recommended list of accomodation including some for under 18s. A much lower cost than London. Not sure about Bird or Performers college. Lots more research to be done.. As DD is Spanish/Irish, we will not be eligible for maintenance grant/loan, so rent/cost of living also a consideration.
  9. This is how my daughter does her bun. She has long very curly fine hair. She uses Elnett spray (same as my grandmother - brings back lovely memories). It brushes out easily for quick style change from ballet to jazz.
  10. Balletbean, That is good to hear about 17 year old being accepted to BA at Birds. My daughter turns 18 in the November and will have Academic and (hopefully) dance requirements. So it would seem a pity to "waste" a year of her time, and my finances doing a foundation year (if she doesnt need to) just for being born 2 months too late! . Although she loves ballet and contemporary, she seems to be leaning towards jazz/modern theatre. She has recently started singing lessons to give her an edge at auditions for MT type schools but her first love is dance. If anyone has any experience of foundation year , please share.
  11. Thanks for your replies. I will wait until I hear back from individual schools. I suppose a foundation year could be an option. One unfunded year is do-able but 3 is not.
  12. Hi. My daughter will complete her Spanish Bachillerato (A levels equivalent) in June 2021 and was hoping to apply to one of the UK colleges for entry September 2021. She will not turn 18 until November 2021. Does anyone know if that will exclude her from schools such as Performers, Urdang, LSC, or LIPA? We have been looking at the degree courses rather than diploma as she would be entitled to student loan (for tuition). Although, of course, with Brexit looming, she may not be entitled to loan anyway. I have contacted those schools directly and Performers have said that for degree course she does have to turn 18 on or before September 1st of entry year. I have not heard back from other schools yet. Any input would be appreciated.
  13. https://youtu.be/e27c3JmlbNM Has anyone else seen this? It is hard enough for ballet boys dealing with schoolyard teasing. This is prime time tv in US.
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