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  1. Hi. My daughter's left foot has always been a little bigger than her right foot. Now it is maybe a little more than a half size bigger than the right. Which is weird as she is 17 and I thought her feet had stopped growing years ago. In street shoes or flats it really makes very little difference, but in pointe shoes, she is either pinching on the left in her "small" shoes or stuffing up the right toe box in her "big" shoes. She had left shoe stretched (as much as satin can be stretched), not a great success. I am thinking of getting her different sized left and right pointe shoes and I was jus
  2. Hi Lusodancer, IAB is definitely on our radar.My DD won a scholarship to attend their summer school this year. Unfortunately, it was cancelled. They will honour it for next summer, but we would hope to have all applications and auditions completed by then. We may plan a weekend in Barcelona in September and see if we can look around premises and maybe DD can join in a couple of classes. I am unfamiliar with both PERA and the University of Malta dance course, but I am adding them to my research list now. Thankyou for that. Your DDs sound very disciplined, determined and creative!
  3. Thankyou. The MT course in RCS looks great, a real triple threat course. My DD has been taking private singing lessons for the past year (minus 12 weeks of quarantine), but she really is a dancer who can sing a bit, rather than a singer who can dance a bit. She wants to do a dance course (degree or diploma) that also has singing and acting modules rather than a true MT or Triple threat. There are many that interest her : Laine, Performer's, SLP, LIPA and NBS. Urdang, Italia Conti and LSC too, although accommodation in London may prove to be just too far out of budget, especially if we have to
  4. Hi Lusodancer, Thanks for your reply. My daughter will have completed Spanish Bachillerato (A level equivalent) by next June, so was looking into a BA or level 6 dance course. Top of her list would be Laine, performer's college or Urdang. It is interesting to see that your undergraduate musician qualified as UK student not EU, even without the residency. That gives me hope that my DD could qualify as Irish student, not EU. Do the universities/schools make that decision or SFE? I have looked into HE dance options in Spain, which are more geared towards ballet and contemporary. There
  5. Bad news for EU students planning to start 3rd level education in UK September 2021. It has now been announced that they will no longer be eligible for Home fees or student finance. This does not include Ireland, as they have separate agreement. My daughter has both Irish and Spanish nationality, but has resided in Spain her whole life. She should be entitled to home fee status, but I am not sure about either student loans or DADA, due to residency. I am desperate for a bit of clarity!
  6. My 15 year old son has been on pointe for about 18 months and loves it. His teacher believes it strengthens foot and also helps in understanding a female dance partner. Grishko 2007 are available in black as are Gaynor Mindens. They go up to GM size 13.5 (UK adult size 10.5, I think).
  7. Hi. Thanks for your answer.. Same situation here, husband is self employed too. And agreed, this forum is great! Congratulations and good luck to your daughter for September!
  8. Hi all. I understand that DADA funding is based on previous tax year records, for September 2021 entry, would be based on April 20/21 tax return. Is this correct? My question is, if you are tax resident in another European country whose tax year runs from January to December (in my case, Spain), do you use the 2020 tax year (Jan to Dec) or do you provide monthly records for April to April. I know there are some Irish mums on the forum and that Ireland also have January to December tax year, maybe you can help. I do realise this question might be theoretical as with Brexit this may not be
  9. Thankyou. Sounds like fun! DD is 16 and DS will turn 15 in June.
  10. Congratulations!👏 Has she been before? Mine are not quite sure what to expect. Are there many groups? How many in a class? Are they grouped by age/level/or a combination?Are boys trained separately? What kind of masterclasses/activities are on in the evening? So many questions! Anyone?
  11. They did. It said unfortunately they could not offer scholarship this time, but were delighted to offer a place (or something like that). We also did application as well as attending scholarship.
  12. My 2 attended scholarship audition in Leeds. Unfortunately no for scholarship (no surprise really) but delighted to be offered place for both of them. They can travel together, so I won't have to (from Málaga).
  13. DD and DS both got yes for week 1 too. For place, not scholarship.
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