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  1. It is so nice to hear of other boys training en Pointe. My 14 year old son got his first pair this year and loves them.
  2. Some of my daughter's ballet companions have attended Valencia Endanza the past couple of Summers and loved it.
  3. I ordered SD55 from dancewearcorner in US. The delivery was about a week to Málaga, Spain at a cost of about 10 USD. (Would have taken as long and cost about the same if I ordered from Madrid!) Sorry, I don't know of any stockists in UK.
  4. Hi. My daughter is wearing so danca SD55. They are a leather full sole flat with elastic binding instead of drawstring, which gets rid of the "baggy" look of some flats on very narrow feet. She is a UK size 6.5 narrow and wears these in 6.5 A and they fit like a glove.
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