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  1. My DD policy is £41 pm with AXA and was cheaper than we paid as part of school policy in past. Unfortunately we don't have cover to add her to. You can get cheaper but consider carefully whether cheaper options are worthwhile. Some cheaper options I would avoid are Limited numbers of physio sessions A limited list of Drs/hospitals you can use Any policy which only kicks in if you're not seen in a particular length of time by NHS Make sure all investigations are included as well as outpatient and inpatient care. No limit on claims Include psychiatric care HTH
  2. Definitely Year 11. I think Arucaria's advice is spot on. Despite doing this we still found Year 11 very stressful. I don't think being at vocational school helped due to the lack of supervision compared to being at home. Same place as Picture's DD and they missed lots of dancing in Y11 which was not beneficial and led to loss of fitness and anxiety about lack of dancing.
  3. sarahw

    MDS funding

    @Diva05 I can only comment on Hammond - they consider all offered a place (any year) for the available MDSs. My DD had one for Y10 start and she wasn't the only one. Hammond also has other funding available.
  4. Congratulations @ArucariaBallerina great news on vocational school and growing!! So pleased to hear that.
  5. I agree @Viv the focus should be nutrition not weight. There is some confusion around the fact that you can get all the necessary nutrition (lots veg etc) but still be unhealthy due to excess calories.
  6. That is very sad @Viv Not commenting on your scenarios but I wonder if we are getting too scared to discuss weight and diet? Not just with DC but with all kids in general... I know some vocational schools will not discuss weight with U16s or U18s. This puts a lot of pressure on parents who need support and advice on how to manage. Especially as they have less control over what their DC eat.
  7. @Mumofdancegirls I would be cautious about Mr Powney's views on competitions. Until very recently his school recruited heavily from international competitions. On more than one occasion he has missed US finals to go to PDL. I agree festivals are not the be all and end all but can be very positive and enjoyable. I would not judge them as 'the best thing since sliced bread' or 'absolutely awful'. I think @Mrs Brown has a balanced view and I imagine her girls benefit. Dancing, like life, is not black and white.
  8. I think there is a market for Y14 places or movement between schools - KS Dance seem to take students who have had injury issues at other US. They do have a dance scientist to help. I suppose the question is what can Elmhurst (or any other place) offer you that your current/past school hasn't been able to? I also, like Jane, have a fair degree of suspicion. There seems to be an expanding number of 'post grad' courses. Maybe we need to address the issue of training too many dancers....
  9. These have been worn a handful of times only, excellent condition. https://www.movedancewear.com/legwear_tights_leggings-capezio_convertible_stirrup_leggings/3149/?sku=CA 10677WSTKM&gclid=Cj0KCQjwoInnBRDDARIsANBVyATbEsIMHxKkVlzM7FJGvIvJ8T1L2iuli6U4T7I46I69Im3mjIlED1caArObEALw_wcB Currently cost £26.50 new, would like £8 plus postage please. Can send photos.
  10. Brand new Bloch black leather split sole jazz shoes. Bought for my DD to grow into but she never did! Style is very good fit on slim feet Size is indicated 4.5 and I think this is USA sizing. My DD is UK 2.5 and they're a bit big so around UK 3. I think they are style S0461L £10 plus postage at cost
  11. Brand new untouched. DD has changed shoe type. Cost £39.95. Would like £20 plus postage at cost please.
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