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  1. Just out of curiosity, if any of our dc had a dada for Upper school then nothing happened career wise would they be entitled to financial assistance to retrain at a college in a completely different subject such as doing a btec?
  2. I am seeking 2 or preferably 3 tickets for Saturday if any out there, this is dd's last show so gutted I couldn't get any. As we live 3 hours away other nights aren't an option as I can't get time off work on weekdays 😢
  3. Thank you Pixiewoo, can I ask the cost please, I can't find info anywhere.
  4. Can anyone please let me know their experiences with this associate scheme. I see its for age 11-18, Dd is 16, are there many others at the top end of the age scale? And do they all participate in the classes at the same time so all ages in together?
  5. Thanks for all your replies and as always I have concluded it is a very individual choice as students can be successful via so many paths. My Dd has decided to do A levels so she can strengthen her plan b and continue dancing on an evening locally and with associate programmes. She will then reaudition at dance schools at 18 and uni's for plan b ad see what happens.
  6. We have asked and we were told she isn't near the top of the waiting list so we don't hold much hope for a dada. She would definitely want a dance school offering a btec rather than just an FE college.
  7. She loves ballet and contemporary equally but she doesn't rule out eventually working the cruise ships so is happy doing jazz, she just doesn't want to sing. She would love to get into rambert, London school of contemporary dance or trinity laban for example.
  8. My dd is currently in lower school at one of the vocational schools and been auditioning for upper schools, she has been offered a couple of places but not been awarded a dada so she is going to have to come home and decide what to do next. Her main aim now is to do a dance degree when she is 18 in 2 years but we don't know what is best to do in the next 2 years? she could go to a local college and do 3 academic A levels and just dance on an evening locally ( a big drop from being a vocational school)or she could do BTEC level 3 in dance? (possibly a lower standard from what she is used to?)Anyone have any advise on how to decide, she is frightened she may never make it as a dancer but has no clue what else to do but thought doing A levels would be handy in the future but then she has never really enjoyed academic studies apart from art and just wants to dance hence possibly doing a BTEC but having nothing to fall back on! Help!
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