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  1. Thank you Bluebird, sorry should have said we are in London!
  2. My youngest dd (now 12) has followed in her older sister's footsteps and is loving her dance. She does ballet as one of her classes but much prefers other dance styles - modern, tap and jazz (and hip hop!). Does anyone know of any schemes that would supplement her usual classes? She's always keen to do more. Is there anything equivalent to EYB but for other dance styles? She's keen to try contemporary (too young?) and acro but her dance school don't offer those.
  3. Thank you all so much. Antibiotics are kicking in although they make her feel a bit sick 😞 Better with food. We should hopefully be covered privately for physio so will ask the consultant about that.
  4. Gosh LinMM that sounds so confusing! So the consultant we saw just after she did it said she could weight bear as soon as it was comfortable. He said as the fracture was horizontal, bearing weight would help the bone to fuse. For the first few weeks it was too painful to bear weight but after that dd started to put a bit of weight on it when she could. So I'm still not sure if weight bearing makes things better or worse!
  5. Thank you all for great advice and for sharing your stories. Since I last posted, we have been back to A&E! The top of dd's foot was red, hot and swollen this morning. After a 3 hour wait in A&E, she has been given antibiotics and told to rest. Some sort of infection/inflammation or cellulitis. No idea what caused that....
  6. Hello, I haven't posted here for a while but was hoping for some advice. My 16 year old dd has recently broken her ankle. She's been in a boot and walking with crutches for the past 4 weeks, they've said around 6 weeks for it to mend. She doesn't dance as much as her sisters but was hoping to start a modern class just before the injury. At her check up today, the doctor said it could take up to 3 months to heal completely and sometimes even longer. She's going to start physio in a few weeks to help with the movement. She's keen to get back to dance as soon as possible but I imagine it's risky going back too soon? Has anyone experienced this type of injury and is there anything she can do to help the healing process? Thank you.
  7. Can anyone recommend a bra that doesn't show under a leotard? My 12 year old dd is very self-conscious and needs a bra to wear under her black leotard. The leotard has quite thick straps but her bra straps show at the back and also the leotard is quite low cut meaning a bit of the bra cup shows at the front. Any recommendations please?
  8. My youngest dd wanted to stop ballet when she was about 8. She was at a very classical school which only offered ballet and I couldn't see any reason to encourage her to keep it up if she didn't want to. About a year later she asked to start at another dance school which offered a much wider variety of classes. She started with ballet and tap and every term asked to add another class. Nearly 3 years later she is still there and loving it. She quite likes ballet but much prefers tap, modern, jazz and street. This school does a big show every year which she loves. I would really be guided by your child what they want to do or not do.
  9. Does anyone know of any online dance shops that offer free returns/exchanges? I need to buy my dd some tap shoes and not sure of the size.
  10. Thank you very much, very helpful advice. I have arranged for dd to see the dance physio recommended to me, she is going tonight. But now I am wondering if I should have taken her for an x-ray first? Or should I discuss this with the physio?
  11. Thanks, I am in NW London/Middlesex/Herts so if anyone can recommend someone in that area that would be great.
  12. Thank you, how do I find a good one?
  13. At the end of term, dd tripped on the stairs at school and injured her ankle. It was strapped up well and she was on crutches for a few days. The pain reduced but it was still very bruised and swollen. Now she's home for Easter and I want to make sure it's healed properly before she starts dancing again next term. The school nurse thought it was probably sprained but could have been a torn ligament. It does seem improved but there is still some swelling/bruising. I did think about taking her to my excellent osteopath to get it checked but would a sports physio be better? Any advice please?
  14. Well done to everyone who got a place at Wimbledon. We were thinking of doing it but couldn't face the journey in this weather. Plus the rehearsals seem to take over the whole summer, how do you fit in a summer holiday? Swan Lake is a lovely ballet, I'm sure all the children will have a wonderful time.
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