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  1. Any other suggestions for summer schools that are less ballet focussed?
  2. Thank you, excellent advice. Dd wouldn't want to dance the whole summer but it would be nice to do a week or two. MBS does seem to be quite ballet focussed, dd not keen on pointe work! She mainly does contemporary and jazz.
  3. Thank you, international sounds expensive! And probably difficult this year with travel restrictions etc.
  4. What do vocational students generally do over the summer to keep up their training? Dd is finishing her first year. As of yet they haven't been given any guidance about this (busy with upcoming show). Dd has been thinking about a summer school but they seem to have an upper age limit of 18!
  5. Balletmom225, this is awful, your poor daughter! The girls and the MUMS are making comments?! It’s bullying. Get her out of there and fast.
  6. Is anyone else auditioning on 7th March for TPA? My 13 year old dd is very keen but I wanted to find out how competitive it is to get a place. My oldest dd was at TPA for several years and had a great time and found the training to be top notch. Little dd is probably less able than her older sister (generally gets Merits for dance exams) and I want to manage her expectations.
  7. Thank you for this really helpful information. They don't sound like a good idea at all! I have sent the info to dd, hopefully it will put her off the idea.
  8. Thank you, she's not on Instagram but uses Snapchat and TikTok. I have no idea where she heard about them from.
  9. When I said the school, I mean the school that the Cambridges' children attend.
  10. 13 year old dd has asked for a stretch ladder. Has anyone got one and are they safe to use? Where can I buy, a quick look online and everywhere seems to be out of stock!
  11. There is on street parking just round the corner, near the school. I can't remember the name of the road but if you come out of the RAD and turn right then immediately right again it's there. It's a residential road. We used to go on Sundays and the parking was free but I imagine it's pay by phone on weekdays.
  12. Our dance school has been fantastic throughout lockdown, providing zoom lessons from April onwards. I'm so grateful to them. But I really feel for anyone not able to dance 😞
  13. I heard MPs will be voting today. So it hasn't been officially confirmed yet? Think Boris made the announcement on Saturday because of the press leak.
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