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Found 7 results

  1. My DS is attending London Studio Centre for Summer School in July 2015 and is keen to try homestay. I did not realise that the homestay websites charge for enquiries, so I was keen to know if anyone else is hooked up with a homestay for the summer school and who they organsed this through? Many thanks for any advice
  2. Fees at LSC are currently around £15k/year (ouch!) Even though this is a degree course attached to a university, the maximum loan students can take out for the fees is around £6K leaving a huge shortfall. At other universities, as I understand it, fees are around £9K and students can take a loan to cover this in full and it's not means tested. Does anyone know the reason for this difference?
  3. Hello, I have been offered a place at both London Studio Centre and KS Dance for September this year. Both courses look great but I'm wondering if someone here could give me some advice. I ultimately want to try and get a job in a ballet company so I want to know where I'd be more likely to end up with a ballet contract. It would be great if anyone could share any other information or their thoughts on either school. Thanks!
  4. Hi all, I just wondered if anyone else has applied for the classical ballet course for their new course which recently received accreditation? The 3 yr degree for 16 year olds (If anyone has dancers currently at the Hinckley school could you DM me with views?).
  5. Have recently heard that London Studio Centre accepts 16 yr old students. We hadn’t included on audition list because I thought DD was too young at 16 & that LSC was 18+. Just wondering if anybody has any recent experience of LSC course please? DD happy doing mixed dance course (Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz) but singing/drama not her thing...well at moment anyway, slightly outside her comfort zone! Thanks for any feedback.😊
  6. Hi all Was hoping I could gain some knowledge in the world of Associates. DD attended Move It last weekend and was scouted for a free audition for LSC Associates. She’s very keen on the training there however but it’s over an hour to get there. We live much nearer Tring Park so we’re also considering auditioning for Associates there? DD also thoroughly enjoys Tring’s holiday courses. If anyone has experience with either programmes it would be great if you can share. Also I believe TPA is after school and on a Saturday - should she get in can she just go on the Saturday or is it firmly encouraged to go during the week as well? Thanks!
  7. Can anyone please give us an insight into what the classical ballet course at London Studio Centre involves ....some people have told us its not actually ballet as it says
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