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  1. Thank you for all the advice. We have decided that she will continue her studies at home and we will use the money we would have spent on school fees to pay for more summer courses in different countries.
  2. Thank you. I think 2 would be all she would choose if she was at a ballet school
  3. Wow thank you. I see the same. If she was lucky enough to get a place I feel she should pursue it abs do alevels later. It’s actually her that wants to finish her schooling
  4. Thank you. That’s not a problem as she has an older brother living there atm.
  5. Sorry I’m really confused. What is csb, tindall/Bateman etc? And CAT. We are not from the U.K. so I struggle with these abbreviations sorry
  6. Ah thank you for that. I was struggling with the website but I think perhaps I was mixing the two schools up. My daughter would be slightly older as a September baby she will turn 17 just before she enters year 12 but it still a worry. The U.K. for is a longer bigger than Cyprus and she’s not particularly street wise allow extremely domesticated and mature. I think it may be a bit of a culture shock where ever she goes
  7. Thank you. I was actually just looking at northern ballet but was a bit confused. Is it not a boarding school? At 16 she will need to have accommodation included as we will not be coming with her. We live in Cyprus. I’ve just seen looked at tying and see they offer a dance course rather than just musical theatre which is what I originally thought
  8. Thank you for your reply. She doesn’t want to do a general dance only ballet. She currently does 4 graded ballet classes ( grade 8 & adv 2) pulse a couple of pointe classes, variation , free class, stretching, contemporary and jazz. She knows she definately doesn’t want to do musical theatre. moorland is on our list to look at. I’m not sure it would work her attending an academic school Then ballet elsewhere with her being completely alone in a foreign country. I’m not sure what she would gain from it compared to what she experiences now. I wondered if we would be better investing the money into her attending summer schools ?
  9. Hello im hoping someone can point us in the right direction. We do not live in the U.K. but my daughter currently about to start year 11 wants to go to the U.K. next September to study ballet and also do some a levels. I know nothing about the courses available or the terminology used for them so we are finding it quite difficult to know where to apply. If you type in ballet schools U.K. you can imagine that it brings up every little dance school in the country! obviously we know of the bigger ones like elmhurst and royal ballet but where else can we look. We have no experience in U.K. ballet. She applied to royal ballet last year for summer school but only made it on to the waiting list so she may not even be of a high enough standard. can any one give us some advice on where to start.
  10. Does anyone know if there is a closing date for applications to the elmhurst summer school?? I can’t see anything On the website and I called but the receptionist didn’t think there was one. Surely they have a cut off point??
  11. Thank you so much. She’s 14 so an older girl so I guess tights are good. She wasn’t too impressed with bare legs! We don’t have any regulation leotards do I will tell her to go for the plain navy strappy one rather than the beautiful red lace one she’s just bought 😂 thanks for the photo tips. I won’t be getting involved. Think I’ll leave that to her ballet teacher! I can’t be doing with the huffing, puffing and Eye rolling that comes with it!
  12. Sorry if this has been covered already but I have searched and can’t find an answer for the elmhurst application it states practice clothes and bare feet unless stated. So looking at the photos there are two with shoes on. Are these both pointe shoes?? (Obviously the one on the left is on pointe but the other?) Do they wear tights? Or is it bare legs? And practice clothes?? We live overseas so not sure if this is a British term for a particular leotard.. can anyone help please ??
  13. Thank you everyone for the replies. We’ve now applied for Yorkshire and she would also like to apply to elmhurst. If we are unsuccessful for those then we will try one that doesn’t require photos. Her teacher is keen for her to try enb but she doesn’t want to go to a non residential. thanks again for the suggestions. Just need to sort photos for elmhurst now but that’s another post! 😄
  14. Hello I’m new on here so apologies if I’m not asking in the right place. We live in Cyprus and my daughter (she’s 14) would like to attend a summer course in the uk this year when we visit for a wedding. We applied for rbs but unfortunately she didn’t get in (she’s on the wait list but I’m assuming so are millions of others,) I have a few questions that I hope someone can help with. First question, how do I know if she’s at the right level (good enough) or if we are out of our league. We have no experience of ballet in the uk. She did a summer intensive here in Cyprus last year but I’ve no idea how the standards compare. Next questions. If she is the correct level I need somewhere residential (or where we can take a family holiday) but it needs to be the weeks before or after July 11th. We really can’t afford to stay all summer in the uk or make 2 trips as we are a fairly large family and flights o Cyprus can be expensive (dd is the middle child out of 5) school here finishes end of June so we can travel any time after that. So far I’ve found ballet west and Yorkshire ballet that tie in with our dates. Any other suggestions? Thank you you in advance 🙂
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