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  1. Hi, the waist measures 21.5 inches but is made from thick elastic so stretches. When I had it made my daughter was a petite 13 year old but sorry I'm not sure of exact height.
  2. Brand new in packet. Postage at cost.
  3. Bought for a summer school and either never worn or barely worn. 3 different shades of blue ribbon I can email photos. Postage at cost
  4. These are currently around £14 - £15 to purchase. 2 unopened packets brand new unopened.
  5. £8 plus postage at cost. I can email a photo if required.
  6. The new modern syllabus £9.50 new, £4 plus postage. Cecchetti ballet costs £11.50 new £5 plus postage. Both in good used condition. Ideal for teaching exams.
  7. Leather shoes made in Spain with nails on the soles. £70 new Size 33.5 but come up large as size 2/3. Worn once per week for a year. Leather in excellent condition. Slight wear on inside soles and name on sole. Would also be great for a National Dance. I can email photos. Postage at cost.
  8. Sorry have been AWOL for some time. I haven't seen any male stuff displayed in the shop......
  9. Hi @funnybunny this is a UK site so forum members may not have much knowledge on US products. This forum may be more useful https://dancers.invisionzone.com Good luck!
  10. Fabulous to hear that news. It's so hard when they're away. Take care x
  11. Hope today has gone well for you and DD @Ballet bun
  12. Re: tampons - using lubricant such as KY jelly or similar can help with learning to insert. Also try both applicator and non applicator...
  13. I'm so sorry to hear this ballet bun, how awful for all of you. I would agree that escalating to Head of Pastoral or School Head is the next step. Our experiences were that: 1) there was a huge difference in competence between different house parents in terms of skills at dealing with such issues 2) if any issues (pastoral or dance) were not dealt with satisfactorily then escalating to Head was only way to get it dealt with. 3) Agree there is often poor communication between pastoral, dance and academic. If you think bullying is happening do you have a copy of the school policy? Are there any room allocations that may help for next year? Wishing you all the best xxx
  14. 😂😂😂😂 just about sums it up pictures
  15. Hi Maximum, Sorry this has come without warning, how horrible. What do you mean by accepted into RCS? I thought was Royal Conservatoire Scotland and full time training?
  16. If your DD may wish to apply to ballet schools for Y7 I would go for Elmhurst. (All things being equal). That is no comment on the teaching on either scheme but it may benefit an Elmhurst application. Having said that admission to vocational school is made pretty much on what is seen at audition so the chance to shine is still there even if you choose the other Associates.
  17. My DD has moved to a Cecchetti school and it seems very different from BBO and RAD. Can anyone explain (briefly) the importance of this method historically and also what you experienced ballet observers would notice that was different in a performer trained that way? Many thanks.
  18. I'd go for compeed and the Boots own is just as good. Hope all goes ok with the exam.
  19. My DD policy is £41 pm with AXA and was cheaper than we paid as part of school policy in past. Unfortunately we don't have cover to add her to. You can get cheaper but consider carefully whether cheaper options are worthwhile. Some cheaper options I would avoid are Limited numbers of physio sessions A limited list of Drs/hospitals you can use Any policy which only kicks in if you're not seen in a particular length of time by NHS Make sure all investigations are included as well as outpatient and inpatient care. No limit on claims Include psychiatric care HTH
  20. Definitely Year 11. I think Arucaria's advice is spot on. Despite doing this we still found Year 11 very stressful. I don't think being at vocational school helped due to the lack of supervision compared to being at home. Same place as Picture's DD and they missed lots of dancing in Y11 which was not beneficial and led to loss of fitness and anxiety about lack of dancing.
  21. sarahw

    MDS funding

    @Diva05 I can only comment on Hammond - they consider all offered a place (any year) for the available MDSs. My DD had one for Y10 start and she wasn't the only one. Hammond also has other funding available.
  22. Congratulations @ArucariaBallerina great news on vocational school and growing!! So pleased to hear that.
  23. I agree @Viv the focus should be nutrition not weight. There is some confusion around the fact that you can get all the necessary nutrition (lots veg etc) but still be unhealthy due to excess calories.
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