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  1. We’ve had this a bit on and off. Dd is now 15 and at 13 was saying she didn’t know if she wanted a dance career and we just said absolutely fine and helped her think about other careers. She stuck with it just doing “one last exam” lol but kept trying to guilt trip us as parents saying she was doing it mostly for us (as if!) anyway then she got injured and simply could not dance for 8 weeks and she became a right royal pain to have around ... moping, bad tempered, snappy etc. She realised that actually she needed to dance because she loved it so much but in a way needed to have the injury to really test how she felt. She’d danced since age 2 and once on the roller coaster couldn’t easily get off. All along we had said we honestly didn’t mind. We just didn’t want to be messed about paying for things and giving up time that she wasn’t seemingly enjoying. In hindsight she says it was a combination of 1. Body image 2. Not feeling good enough or ever being good enough 3. Wanting time for a boyfriend 4. Adv 1 was much harder than Int and she felt inadequate 5. She wanted to dance for fun without pressure she also had a bit of baggage about academics and feeling that she should be devoting way more attention to school work we keep reassuring her now that it’s ok to give up or cut down. Sometimes we forget how useful a rest can be good luck and I hope she can be happy with her choices
  2. The thing I would pick up on here is that he appears to be upset. He’s obviously got some signals from somewhere. Even when other people say it doesn’t matter, it seems to matter to him so I think it’s important to try and understand why so you can best support him. Is it friendship groups? Is it through feeling that he’s missed out on an opportunity? the RAD app is useful as a learning tool. There’s also a pdf guide on the RAD website. It gives recommended hours too. He could film himself and then watch over it himself. My 14 yo dd is just about to do adv 1 non vocational school if that helps. She was 11 when she did IF, 13 when she did INT, 14 for Adv F. We didnt realise that IF and AF were voluntary grades either and the marking is harsher for INT, Adv1 & 2. The thing we didnt grasp until quite late on was about potential and it’s quite flattering to be kept in a grade all the while there is potential room for improvement. Sometimes people take exams when their potential hasn’t been properly exhausted. You will look back on this and hopefully see that he got the most value out of that grade before tacking 1+2. I think a lot comes down to trust and communication whether it’s vocational school or non, you need to feel trust in the teacher. He needs to feel confident with his learning, what he’s working on and why. Could you ask for feedback in a constructive way or will it be poorly received. Is it stamina? Core strength? Balance? All of this is good to know so you can encourage, support etc good luck
  3. Georgina Pay School of Dance excellent standard all RAD with lots of unset work and lots of advanced classes on the timetable each week
  4. We are another vote for V05 gel spray and nit comb (she will dampen hair first if she can just to not use as much product)
  5. Brilliant its better than hers of “smell the fart” which a teacher gave her to act out someone being elaborate and dramatic with a hint of a smile! A different teacher used to say “show me your necklace” which was much nicer for me but didn’t produce the same drama! Haha I’m sure they were both inter variations (going to look it up now)!
  6. Yes. If there’s any doubt then it’s not really a relationship imo. weve ended up travelling an hour away 4 times a week to get out of a rut. My my view is a good teacher will be recommending things to you before you have even asked. if they don’t want you to do things with a credible teacher and programme then I’d be asking why. Sometimes its just a policy as if every student did a whole load of other stuff willy nilly then it becomes difficult for the teacher to be a proper mentor on that persons journey and picking up the pieces as someone else mentioned. Theres so many “master classes” and “workshops” out there which are not great tbh as more focused on being selected for an Instagram feature or showing off the choreographer and we’ve taken the view to avoid these in preference for training ie; good breakdown, good corrections etc. asking a 13yo to do 16 fouettes en pointe is ludicrous to me when it’s the first time that teacher has seen and worked with the child. At first glance this seems highly irresponsible. If they didn’t notice she didn’t do them I think there’s a clue there! the other thing I’ve learned unfortunately too is to do some proper research on guest teachers if you can as it’ll help any discussion with dance teachers and selecting appropriate things. I’m sure in your case the RBS teacher was real but, in other cases they haven’t been what I would interpret as real claims.
  7. You’ll be missed ❤️ Good luck with everything
  8. Aw I miss sewing dd’s shoes. I used to darn them and sewing ribbons was always straightforward but I did experiment with different darning techniques and preferred using curved needle. Unfortunately even at age 10 she was very stubborn and insisted on spending two days sewing her own ribbons on rather than let me do it in 15 min! Haha and talking of guys en pointe have you seen the Connor Mckenzie video ... wow! It was done in response to Lizzo asking for someone to do a ballet to her song as a #boysdancetoo celebration
  9. I felt that you guys would be the only people I know that can share in this humour. I tried to tell the story to my husband but he just looked at me a bit blank! 🤣 so my dd has this habit when we are driving back from ballet in the car of speaking out loud some of the sequences in a sing song voice of the steps in a freework routine. She marks these out with what we call t-rex arms Three times now over the space of a month she’s just substituted a word for something French without meaning to. I don’t know if she actually says these words in her head whilst she’s actially dancing which I find quite amusing if it’s a visual learning or memory thing but it went like this .. first time it was something something bonjour something something. I piped up with “did you just say bonjour?” Yes she said, giggling away. then it was “something something baguette” I can’t remember what this was a substitute for and lastly it was something something sissone duvet instead of doublee I was like “did you just say duvet?” Haha please tell me she’s not the only fruitcake out there
  10. annaliesey

    John Mallinson

    Offering condolences to family and friends xxxx
  11. She chose to act the way she did so she is responsible for her behaviour. Everyone has responsibility for their own behaviour. She got called out for bullying for belittling a young boy. lets home the bullying dance teachers out there now recognise their actions as “bullying” too because the whole dance community has made their voice heard very loudly. Hopefully they’ll reflect before they use the words “it’s the dance world”. Hmmm
  12. We’ve only used dettol warm water to clean and lots of air for dancing with blisters we’ve used compeed plasters which are big and gel like and don’t move might save myself some money if I just give her surgical spirit next time and tell her to toughen up! Haha
  13. Just to say EYB isn’t normally short of applicants and they are passionate about bringing their performance and training opportunity to more rural areas where quite a lot will not be associates
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