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  1. In hindsight I realise now that dd’s exams usually fitted in with school plans ie; when others were doing them, moving up to the next class on a timetable etc when actually that’s probably not the best way to go through them. even with distinctions two different teachers felt she “had room to grow” in grade 7 and 8 and that’s something that really stuck with us. what’s the point of doing exams if there is “still room to grow” or “exciting potential”. It can be the small things or a stubborn correction area that can make such a difference (with dd it was always arms!) and u
  2. you’ll hear lots of myths and legends about what they look for ie; arched feet, small hips, long legs, sway backs etc ... but honestly, you’ll also hear of exceptions watch some classes or promo videos on YouTube or Facebook and then go for some auditions. most places look for potential too so don’t worry about levels or grades
  3. I can’t and won’t name a particular school but I advise anyone with a child going off to vocational school to read the small print buried in the enormous documents that relate to safeguarding one document I have read actually allows for romantic relationships between students and teaching staff (Although it is “discouraged”) provided it is declared via a form so that the school can take steps to avoid abuse of power ie; marking, auditioning for productions, etc
  4. That might be in tomorrow’s email then !!
  5. Couple of things in case anyone interested The school has been taken over by the board of trustees since the principal’s resignation they are still intending to run the HNC, HND and pre-prof course (doesn’t need uni partner). the RAD teachers qualification is taught by RAD not the school Bath Spa Uni are dealing with degree students but unfortunately none of the alternatives are ballet focused so many students are very upset and feel they are being punished for things that are “alleged” at this stage and are losing their degrees prematurely an
  6. THIS!!! thank you for saying this!! we need to stop uni partners withdrawing like this as it punished the students and not the abusers! This is precisely why people don’t come forward sooner because this will not be forgotten now in future.
  7. I hope that your sister can be honest but I’d set expectations now that it will fall on deaf ears simply because schools that practise this level of favouritism will already have lost students and seemingly don’t care enough to change maybe she can be honest without burning bridges too
  8. I appreciate that was pretty yuk, but at least the Monday night class was open to others? I suppose the flip side of your story is that the dance teacher was trying to show the benefits of the extra class and sell it to others. 😀
  9. I read your rant earlier and it’s such a shame. You could read through RAD code of conduct and see if there is anything in there that makes it worthy of a grievance ie; discrimination, but I doubt it. And nobody wants to feel like they’ve forced a teacher to teach them. And I totally get your point about non-RAD teachers doing the teaching and being put in for exams by RAD teacher. In one case we had a substitute “teacher” who was three years older, in the same grade as dd, then did her exam three months before her (and didn’t even get a great mark! Haha) what a rip off. She didn’t mind (dd) b
  10. Emma northmore at Ballet boost does private coaching for auditions and London venues including pineapple
  11. Viv, it sounds to me as if you would miss your ballet and this teacher too much if you left right now with no alternative class. if it makes you feel any better it also happened to my 15yo daughter 18 months ago when her RAD teacher moved advanced foundation from a regular established weekday evening to a weekend day that clashed with associates. I later had a comment relayed to me that she wanted to give others a chance to “catch up” including some hot favourites. So, I ended up doing an internet search to find the teacher and school she’s with now and she couldn’t be happier.
  12. For anyone who wants to keep updated with the outcome of this trial .... https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/uk-england-50264895 the reason I’m posting this is because various news articles have now named where he was teaching. I’d like this discussion to be allowed to happen so that as parents of dancing children, we consider that DBS and other “safeguarding” measures are usually not worth the paper they are written on, and instead think how we can learn lessons as parents, guardians, chaperones or even as young dancers to alter our behaviour to better sa
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