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  1. I would say they come up fairly large. My daughter is coming to the end of year 5 and still wears a size 1 (she’s 138cm tall and slim build). I originally ordered a 2 and it was massive.
  2. As far as I know they always have a yr4/5 class and then a separate yr6 class, so maybe just how they grouped the auditions? My daughter loves the class 😊.
  3. @Dancer20 there are 8 yr5s currently. Assuming they’ll all be continuing next year, I would think they’ll take up to 6/7 more max in to that class.
  4. I can tell you that last year we got the Totnes result on 7th June. BUT the results come out more or less in the order that the auditions took place in. Last year Totnes was one of the first auditions, this year one of the last, so will probably be a bit later than the 7th. What year is your child auditioning for a place for?
  5. You won’t need to stay. You sign your child in and leave your name and phone number. You could also leave your mum’s name and number and explain it could be either of you collecting. You just will need someone relatively close by in case there is a problem and they need to ring you to come and get her 😊.
  6. Fingers crossed for your DD @SJBallet 😊 🤞🤞. X
  7. I’m glad it makes sense. I wasn’t sure if I was just being confusing 😂! The chances are slim, but someone has to get in and you don’t lose anything by trying 😊.
  8. I can only really comment about Totnes as that’s where my daughter is a JA, but I believe that’s the case. I would also say they would take up to 16 - DD JA1 class currently has 12. Last yr at Totnes they took 4 yr 4s and 3 yr 5s in to that class. (The rest of the class are yr 5s who were yr4 JAs last year.)
  9. I guess because they are auditioning for a place in the same class? - The JA1 class is a year 4/5 class.
  10. My daughter is an RBS JA at Totnes and Ballet Boost Associate in Exeter. She has never auditioned for Elmhurst Young Dancers as TBH it would be difficult to fit it in for us. However, I do know a little about it from others that do do it. I’m happy to PM you if you want any specific info.
  11. Wait list for my DD. She’s disappointed as her friend was offered a place, but we’ll cross our fingers and toes a place may come up 😊!
  12. My friend has heard that her 10 year old DS has been offered a place for Week 1 White lodge 😮! Still no news here..!
  13. DD has wait list. Anyone know how long wait list is or what the chances of getting a place are? I’ll take it as almost certainly a no, but just carry on waiting!
  14. My husband was given a sheet with the specific times and dates of all rehearsals (I can dm you a copy if you like!) All rehearsals until the performance dates are listed as Birmingham. Definitely check the trains - they quite often do works on the weekend so as not to affect commuters. I did check about a week ago and didn’t spot any mention of anything! DD said there were about 20 children in her audition group, of which 2 were boys. X
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