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  1. We're waiting for year 8 too
  2. Fingers crossed then they are funny love how friendly everyone is at the school x
  3. My daughter sapphire was in the morning year 8 group and really enjoyed it and made some friends! Good luck all x
  4. On voicemail it said masks think details coming out Monday
  5. Just had an offer of a place for year 8 via phone call and invite to funding will need a test awaiting a email
  6. I emailed hopefully soon will hear something was offered a place last year for year 7 turned it down due to no funding and now applied again this year never ending stress! X
  7. Hi has anyone had any information regarding yes or no off the hammond or funding etc...? Daughter has applied for year 8 dance Thanks x
  8. No fee remission for us and reserve list for mds so it will be a no to year 7 entry
  9. I hope so fingers crossed everyone x
  10. My daughter has a place starting september dance but is on the Reserve list for MDS funding but are looking into fee Remission any insights into how it works awaiting communication early June. Stressful times x
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