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  1. We got a yes! We will most likely be handing our place back as dd off to vocational school x Congratulations to all the yes/swl and nos. Xxx
  2. What year is your dd? Is this lower or upper school? Congratulations to your dd. My dd is going into year 7 x
  3. I am doing this!!! Thanks for the fab advice guys!
  4. Thanks so much....I was actually going to ask about what skills they need in readiness for boarding! I'm a bit worried as she is the messiest child alive....feel sorry for whoever ends up sharing with her! Do they do bedroom inspections?! X
  5. We have been waiting a year to do grade 4 with her dance school....not sure whether to see if we can get an exam date booked in this term as otherwise I can't see her being able to do it? She does BBO x
  6. Hi Newbie. We got the same rejection from year 7 wl and sounds like it is the same letter judging by the wording? however I don't think they take many to finals in year 9 as very few spaces....so to get to finals she has done exceptionally well x
  7. I don't think they've published the figures for the last 2 years yet...last years figures were unusual due to covid...they took a lot less due to covid (our JA teacher told us). I don't think there is anything official though. They normally take around 10/15% of those who audition but it varies by centre....x
  8. Yes my doctors have said no....I'm going to contact the practice manager and see what I can do x
  9. Sounds like she did amazing to get finals and they obviously really like her to offer summer school too! Well done x
  10. Ah sorry! Yes I think there will be a charge x
  11. Hi Bunny...looking at the form I'm not sure you could do an online consultation...as the examinations are all physical...unless you meant as an initial consultation? X
  12. I rang my GP who said they aren't doing face to face medicals then rang BuPa and they said they weren't doing medical assessments for under 18s..so I've emailed Elmhurst to explain...I'm not sure whether it might be different in England but I'm going to struggle in Wales to get the assessment done x
  13. Hi Ballerina girl. I think they do take into account finals though as well as our JA teacher said sometimes they find a physical issue (i guess from physio assessment) which might rule you out from MA....? X
  14. Hello. We are based in South Wales and there is very little additional training here. We have had to attend 2 schemes in Bath and London to get extra training, which means a lot of travelling. I think it very much would depend on where you are based, but here in Wales I think any additional extra training would be amazing! What I think is different about yours is perhaps a focus on fitness? The associate classes she attends are focused on technique, and a little on conditioning but not fitness. In fact in the main associate class she attends, I've been watching in zoom and they do very little
  15. Hi Amanda. We are also in South Wales and there isn't as much as in other parts of the country....For ballet associate wise there is ceccheti i think in Newport and ballet cymru at 11. Otherwise you need to travel to associate schemes....There is mid associate classes in royal ballet in Bath and elmhurst extended dancers in Birmingham or ballet boost in devon/London based on auditions. Think it would be too late to apply for royal but ballet boost and elmhurst extended dancers still open. Also some of our dancers go to London Studio Centre in Hereford which is supposed to be really good too. A
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