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  1. We had our results the following day!!
  2. I'm a bit worried as I've accepted auditions on 16th and 19th on the basis hammond said probably 17th so if they change it I am not sure what we will do...hopefully it will stay the same x
  3. Thank you! Does anyone know how many boys/girls made it to finals this year? From this forum seems like not many? X
  4. I got an email to thank me for sending the acceptance forms (which were emailed). I think they've been having a bit of a mare with emails though and some of mine have bounced back. X
  5. Yes definitely. I thought I'd sourced a test for rbs but realised I may be in Chester or Birmingham 48/24 hours before! Will have to wait for them to confirm x
  6. Friday 19th at 3.45...feel a bit sick!! A friend from the same centre on a different date so goodness knows how they have grouped them....
  7. Definitely. What a lovely opportunity to dance in white Lodge. Our expectations are low so we are just going to enjoy the experience and make memories!! X
  8. Hi dancer mom. My daughter was swl and was fortunate to get a place off the list, however we were told that very very few places were given to year 6 because of covid and limits on numbers. They said there were a lot of talented children who unfortunately they couldn't offer a place. It is quite possible in a different year she would have got in so I would stay positive. A swl means they are good enough and they wanted you but didn't have the places. A very encouraging sign xxx
  9. Yes I noticed the clash...I emailed elmhurst and asked if we could be considered for the 16th or 18th...potentially she could have finals 3 days in a row! 17th hammond 18th elmhurst 19th royal...just wish we knew precise dates so we can start booking hotels
  10. Yes they're not very accurate but a lot cheaper and I don't think they wanted to tell us to get PCR due to the cost, however many of us can't find lateral flow so still having to pay for pcr or more expensive tests....its not ideal...I think you're allowed to travel for education purposes x
  11. Hi everyone thought I would start a thread as I don't think we have one for Hammond this year...just wondered if anyone has heard from Hammond recently about the finals? They said to keep an eye out for emails. I don't want to book a hotel until I know the date they have given me is definitely correct? I lost money booking a hotel for preliminaries just before they cancelled them so don't want to make the same mistake x
  12. I know feels like an impossible task! She might not get in anywhere anyway in which case decision would be made for us...🤣
  13. I know for elmhurst and royal we have been told we can't as parents enter the buildings, which i totally understand given the circumstances...however it is going to be very difficult to make a decision on whether to send a child to board if we haven't seen the school? Virtual tours aren't really the same and you don't get a feel for the school...my daughter hasn't even been away from school as all residential trips for ballet and school were cancelled...I'm just not sure how to make the decision if she does get in anywhere if I haven't even visited the school and she hasn't even tried a trip a
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