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  1. Its definitely something they look for as there are splits 3 ways in rbs video audition and box splits is in tring audition, however, as to whether it is a deal breaker I am not sure! As one of the other posters said, they look for a lot of things. 3 years ago my daughter could not do any splits. She worked hard on stretching and managed to get front splits one way (year4). She didn't get in to associates that year and not sure if flexibility was a factor. This year (year 6) we decided to try for associates again and we decided to really work on her flexibility. She did some stretches each day
  2. Also feeling stressed but giving it another few weeks before I think about it and hoping by then her pirouettes will have improved! X
  3. Aw I think the data here is probably skewed and a lot of nos perhaps not saying on here....Looking at past years most people got a no xxx
  4. Sorry for your no...I don't really know how they can tell from photos! X
  5. I am so relieved was planning on filming the video next week so it feels like a weight off my mind, however the deadline is 5th January which means just after Christmas which might make it difficult to film over the holidays....x
  6. We bought the shoes on the uniform list and they aren't the best to be honest... my daughter has a beautiful point but you can't see it in those shoes! Ended up buying her split sole canvas which are lovely and show off her point but probably not as supportive as the full sole shoes. We haven't made it to a live JAs since the first week so I am yet to see whether she will be allowed to wear them! X
  7. My email came through at 4.30pm so I suspect they will take a few days to go through all the emails. X
  8. Aw we also have no experience in festivals/comps! She has only started associates in sept too. I hope they let us know either way x
  9. Im not sure. I emailed 2 days ago and haven't heard anything. It may not be a good sign...as it looks like people on this thread heard straight away. However it I'd half term so who knows, maybe emails noy being picked up so quickly if people aren't in work. We are still not sure whether to do auditions for ballet schools so if its a no I think we will just do associate auditions instead x
  10. Hi guys. Im lucky to have a graphic designer hubby who does it for us. I think I replied to a thread recently about this and he said you could use imovie then export it as a file e.g. vimeo? It then becomes a link? So sorry it means nothing to me! X
  11. Yes we had this issue too! Turned up early to get breakfast on the one week we were allowed and there were no cafes open! We managed to find a restaurant that allowed us to have a cup of tea outside and use the toilets! Not ideal really! X
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