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  1. Hello! We got the same letter as you. However a pupil of my dance teachers friend supposedly had one saying that they wanted her to come back next year but couldn’t guarantee she would get in?! Not sure what to make of it really x
  2. Aw we’ve heard back from Bath and it’s a no for us. A lovely experience all the same and I’m sure we’ll be back next year! Just such a shame there is no feedback. Good luck everyone and well done all x
  3. Hello! I think it’s a very simple dance class and they are looking for potential over ability and experience (I think!!) -at least this is what my dd dance teacher told me. my daughter only does 45 mins of ballet a week, has never done an audition before or a festival before but her dance teacher thinks there’s potential there so who knows. I met a lovely lady at the bath audition who previously danced for royal ballet and she said it’s not nothing to do with how good they are at dancing at this stage. Best of luck to your dd / ds x x x
  4. Hello - we went to Bath audition (youngest group) - if some results are out and all so far are yes does that mean we are probably a no?! I know I shouldn’t speculate but I just hate waiting! X (we haven’t received an email)
  5. Hello everyone. We went to the Ja audition in Bath today and it was such a lovely experience. My Dd thoroughly enjoyed. Seemed some very bendy young ladies there so not sure how she will fare but she loved it and we’ll definitely try again next year regardless of the outcome. Any idea on how long it takes for results to come out? X
  6. Hi Miss A we are from Cardiff - it’s our first time so all very exciting. My little one is 7 (8 in July) so will be one of the younger ones. How about your Lo? X
  7. Hi everyone. Hope you don’t mind me joining the thread! My little girl is auditioning for the first time next Wednesday in Bath! She’s very excited and we have no idea what to expect!! Does anyone know the best place to park in Bath? Thank you! X
  8. Thank you all so much for your replies. Someone mentioned other associate schemes and I am open to suggestions - I’ve been looking but we are based in Cardiff and I can’t find anything local...ballet Cymru don’t take associates till age 12! rbs Bath is the closest I can find but if anyone knows of any closer ballet schools I would be interested. I think Birmingham might be too far every weekend but Bath is just over an hour so doable!! Thanks x
  9. Thank you so much for your replies! I think we’ll go for it, and even if nothing comes of it we will have a lovely day out together! Proballetdancer excuse my ignorance but what do you mean by flat turn out of the hips?! Thank you x
  10. Hello! I am hoping someone can help me as I don’t have much experience in the ballet world!! I am wondering whether to apply for my daughter to audition for junior associates with RBS or not. She is 8 in July will be one of the youngest. She has only been dancing for 1.5 years and has only just passed grade 1. She only dances for 45 minutes per week so will not be as experienced as other dancers. I know they say not much experience is needed but is this really true? If it’s just potential they are looking for then we may stand a chance! Her ballet teacher says she has a lot of potential. I just don’t know whether it is worth us applying or not! She does LOVE dancing which I think is important! She doesn’t stop constantly dancing round the house. My second question is how flexible do they have to be? She is fairly flexible as in she can almost do box splits but she’s not quite there.... Thanks for your advice! X
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