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  1. Fab. I’m sure they will all have a blast. I’m just looking forward to my week away in London lol
  2. Ds is doing week 1. He doesn’t know anyone else but is so excited x
  3. You never know. I do know of an MDS award that has recently been handed back x
  4. Wonder why we’ve not had an email yet x
  5. I’ve sent it to the group again x
  6. I can add you if you want to message me your number x
  7. Are you in the WhatsApp group. I posted it on there 😀
  8. A friend gave me a packing list from Hammond. It’s all the incidentals they need. I will send it to you x
  9. Nothing yet. I would hope to know before they send the payment link
  10. We are a little more complicated. Scottish equivalent of yr5 but y6 by English school ages 🤷‍♀️
  11. We got an email offering DS a place from the wait list yesterday too! I emailed back accepting the place and received confirmation. I really hope it’s not a mistake as DS is thrilled x
  12. Hi. Is the wait for more information driving anyone else crazy? Unfortunately I’m the type who likes to be organised as far in advance as possible. Also patience is a serious weakness lol x
  13. My DS has been pestering me about other boys. So glad it looks like there will be a group x
  14. Thank you. He has great plans to bring his unicycle with him 😂. He seems to think he’s taking half the house x
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