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  1. here in oz its common for almost all elite girls/boys to be home schooled from year 7-aged 11/2 or from year 9 at latest , competitions locally and overseas are taken seriously with YAGP / asian grand prix prob biggest i think at moment looking at who is attending what . Plenty of other comps to go to in asia i note. The training is very tailored aiming to place these kids in overseas schools . We also have no problem here taking kids out of school to go to competitions or overseas ballet summer schools in UK or europe or exams which makes it much easier aswell- schools are supportive i have found . What is quality to one child/parent tho may not be to another and quantity obv depends on kids body/endurance/capabilities- what 1 child gets out of a lesson can be very different to another child . Elmhurst was at YAGP in Oz this year i noted along with lots from europe and RBS did asian grand prix this year again . Plus a youth ballet in every city pretty much aswell .......it all costs money tho of course ...... x
  2. aha thats good to notice-will have a look at the schools closer ! x
  3. ps iam a brit dance mum living in oz at present so follow both countries dance worlds ... x
  4. wow the list is out...interesting reading australia puts forward 62 candidates and they take 12 ( one from our dance school ! ) USA puts 60 forward and they take 9 Japan had 78 and they have taken 13 only 7 from UK put in an application and none selected ....... is this down to different training system in UK where most high level dancers already tucked away at royal/elmhurst so dont often compete at these big comps do you think ? .... which schools have the 7 UK candidates come from?...... 377 applications and took 76 in total .... love watching this every year whilst sat at work ( with my door closed of course lol)
  5. totally agree.... learning to use the body and move to the music is another area that always needs work on - sometimes the stiff exam classes dont help here thus we do solos and group work to try and loosen up . nothing worse than a face on a child that doesnt match music or body or OTT lol- a fine balance i feel x
  6. ps hope i dont sound like a nutter 😆 just we have had to work on my girls face and presentation a lot and still a work in progress so always on look out for tips to try and bring it out x
  7. hahaha i sound mad but i heard this term once given to girls side stage lol i think it meant when curtain goes up/u step on stage regardless how u feel or what u really want to do with your face / whatever mood you are in u must put on your acting/star quality face as you are performing at end of day ...... i suppose an actor in the wings is just joe bloggs but when he steps out on stage he must become another persona.... a phrase i quite like in a way a bit like fake it till u make it' ...maybe a bit crass and OTT but i sort of get this as a dance mum and trying to get my own child to step out of being herself ie become or try and become a perfomer this sometimes helps her if struggling .... even in an exam we all say smile for the examiner ..... its hard tho if child not a natural but i do think kids can learn and practice and as a mum it can generate a few little giggles to myself esp if goes OTT ..... a fine balance iam sure and one that takes years of practice iam sure .....x
  8. sorry by comp i met competition/festival/eisteddfod open classes are good aswell to gain confidence we have found esp if in other studios etc aha yes demi character is a lovely change from straight ballet solo and my daughter has really enjoyed trying to tell a story and connect more with audience/onlookers - she also loves the dressing up and props! x
  9. if you have access to other classes at your dance school we found musical theatre helped our DD a lot plus we told her that class was purely for fun unlike her 'serious' ballet and contemporary classes we also started a demi character solo for comps that meant she HAD to act and i have to say we have noted a big change inher face - she still can retreat to deadpan face - but i set small goals at each comp or open class to just smile/use eyes/show sadness or happiness in your demi etc - confidence has grown ..... if you have access to any comps or open classes they can be great for learning 'game face ' altho pressure of comps not always good for some kids so we try and just achieve one thing at a comp regardless of placings ie face/smile/eye line etc can be danger of overacting tho which can just be as bad ..... x
  10. our school offers lyrical for 2 years with grade 1 and grade 2 before they start contemporary alongside rad grade 3 at approx 9-10 = 1x class a week they cant do contemporary unless they continue ballet classes either x
  11. princess grace school in monaco , bolshoi summer intensives in europe, danish ballet school-european ballet school-dutch national all offer summer schools ... i think a lot of them want video submission ...x
  12. can i ask colour and is 12 A a child size age 12 or adult siZe 12 looking for degas to fit 12 yr old child x
  13. keen to try degas leotard for average size 12 year old child, no idea on sizing so thought 2nd hand maybe best ? ideally pale colour x
  14. DD attended RBS white lodge easter week 2018 and now a summer week 2019 aswell and also easter week in hong kong done totally loved it very well organised not one complaint i have to say from her or myself met loads of lovely new dancers, always made to feel welcome in class, encouraged and DD says teachers all just gorgeous ! x
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