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  1. You have to put in a series of letters and numbers which are on the testing kit when logging your results. I have to test twice a week and each test has different serial numbers for when you log your results each time on the gov website.
  2. It really is your own personal decision when deciding on schools. We went through it all last year and I heard negative stories about some schools. If we had listened to these we wouldn't of let our DC go anywhere. We made our own decisions from our audition visits and talks and also where our DC wanted to go which I think is hugely important, not just the parents making the decisions. My child knew about the positive and negatives of school choices. So far in our short time of vocational training it has been the best decision we made as a family for our DC and they are extremely happy. It is
  3. I just wanted to say Good Luck to all of you on the Year 7 Audition circuit this year during a pandemic! All these video's that need to be done, you all need a medal! Fingers crossed and positive thoughts to all of you! Xx
  4. I'm hoping London will hear soon after the submission deadline and not have to wait until the end of all the groups. X
  5. London had the email on the 12th Aug and has to be submitted my 1st September. X
  6. Thank you for this lovely post! My son is starting Year 7 at vocational school and he is so excited to start his journey. X
  7. I wanted to join this thread as my daughter is auditioning for London Year 5. Threads on here have always been so supportive and helpful before when going through it with my son.
  8. Everyone applies in the same way online. You can apply for White Lodge, Mids, or Both. It does ask if you are a JA on the form. Everyone has to attend the preliminary auditions. Then onto finals at White Lodge if chosen. X
  9. My son started as a Year 4 JA in the September, then started at Tring as a Year 4 in the January. They do change a lot in a year, plus in our experience they don't take many Year 4's. More seem to enter the JA programme as a Year 5. Good luck with your auditions! X
  10. My son started Tring CBA when he was 8. He is now 11 and moving onto a full time vocational school, but will always look fondly on his time at CBA. They are extremely welcoming and friendly and are always there to talk to if you have any concerns or questions. The studios are lovely and bright. A nice waiting area for parents with tea, coffee, biscuits and wi-fi. The all boys younger class is 10 - 11.15am first class, then a 15 min break, and then 11.30 - 12.15. The male teacher is excellent and my son says some of the exercises are very similar to his RBS JA class. Also being all boys there i
  11. After all our excitement of yesterday and I think it's sunk in, we have a yes for Year 7 boys! X
  12. My son was at the Year 7 boys final. He loved the whole day even though it was an audition with pressure which was lovely to hear!
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