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  1. After all our excitement of yesterday and I think it's sunk in, we have a yes for Year 7 boys! X
  2. My son was at the Year 7 boys final. He loved the whole day even though it was an audition with pressure which was lovely to hear!
  3. I believe last year they all danced but I could be wrong as didn't know all the year 5 children. I suppose it depends from year to year and nothing is ever certain. X
  4. My son danced last year at the summer fair as a JA. It's a lovely day! The children are very well rehearsed and polished as they are representing the Junior Associate Programme. But it's a wonderful experience to be apart of! X
  5. Year 7 boys audition done today! All done, still smiling and now the waiting! 😜
  6. I hope it's ok to start a thread for 2020 auditions for The Royal Ballet School. I see there is an Elmhurst thread and it's been lovely to read. We're on the audition circuit this year for year 7 and always find it helpful and supportive to find a thread with people going through the same thing. Good luck to everyone auditioning this year and big hugs to the supportive parents who ride the rollercoaster with them! X
  7. A lovely yes for my little boy in group 1! A happy house tonight! Hope there were lots of lovely yes letters received for finals. X
  8. My son didn't wear his Royal JA uniform either in group 1. X
  9. It might be deliberate grouping, but who knows how they sort all that lovely talent out!
  10. We really enjoyed our visit/audition today at Elmhurst. X
  11. We are there at 9am on Tuesday. Very much looking forward to our visit! X
  12. My son had this email. We are not doing the audition. He's in his third year as a JA in year 6. He is auditioning for vocational school this year and this commitment to do Sleeping Beauty would mean too much time out of training and audition prep. Don't be down, and just enjoy your time as a JA. X
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