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  1. My daughter said she wore soft blocks but they weren't compulsory (when she did the Intermediate classes). Hope you enjoy the class - it's drop in/pay as you go so you could always just try it out! Honestly, Clare couldn't be nicer 😃
  2. Hi, is Clare not teaching those classes now? My teenage daughter did them for a while when she could fit them in and really enjoyed them. Clare was really good at working with each individual and was really supportive. The classes were usually quite small so plenty of individual attention. I was thinking of suggesting she go back when she turns 16 (and can be left) to do the Advanced 1 classes.
  3. Definitely not an over-zealous parent here but I'm wondering if there might be some regional variation? DD1 is at a Comprehensive and will be sitting GCSEs this year - it is standard at her school for all students to take 10 GCSEs (if you assume triple science is counted as three GCSEs) or 9 for those taking double science (English Language, English Lit, Mathematics, two or three Sciences and four further options). DD2 is at a Grammar School where they will take the same plus Religious Education and Statistics (or Further Maths for those in Set 1). However, in her case they have benefited from the school implementing a three year GCSE programme so they have longer to "get through" the syllabus in each subject (at the expense of having to drop some much loved subjects early however, which is certainly sad imho). I agree with everything that has been said about quality over quantity but just for any other parent reading this thinking "oh no, that's worrying that people are saying it would be too much for a student to take on X number of GCSEs" - you are not alone
  4. Think I (along with others) wrote about our dd's much enjoyed experience of Cinderella in Hollywood in Oxford last June and I thought I'd seen people post since then but not sure what constitutes "dated" these days 😂
  5. Managed to watch some of the livestream solo coaching via Facebook this morning - fantastic!
  6. Very good point! The audition experiences available in dance are so vast and I think great preparation for what life throws at our kids in the future, as well as being enjoyable in their own right, so we always encourage our two to give things a try if they want to, even where chances of success/progression are slim. As for height, DD1 was a full head shorter than her peers until she was over 15 and I think DD2 will be the same 😂
  7. Height is a determining factor too. You can be on the waitlist in an age group where for whatever reason a place becomes available but not be picked if you don't have the right proportions. Makes total sense as they will be wanting to fill particular roles at this point. It is slightly ironic for us as we pleaded with the team to allow my daughter to do her final audition in an earlier group on this one occasion, owing to the important commitment she (and we) had at the time of her age group's audition. She is the size of someone roughly two years younger than her actual age and we made the point that she would have to be considered alongside those younger girls for any potential roles. However, they politely explained that they absolutely do not allow dancers to audition in a different age group under any circumstances.
  8. As others have said, there definitely will be fewer places available from the November auditions because the current cohort will only have completed one term in their respective groups and any places that might have become available over the summer (DD1 gave up her place after last year to focus on GCSEs and local dance training) will have only just been filled. In May (for a September start) there is a better chance as there will be dancers who are coming to the end of their training. Definitely worth trying again in May! @BalletBear Central School of Ballet definitely has a history of taking dancers who have not previously attended full time vocational school and I believe there are cases where they've accepted dancers who were not Associates. I assume in those cases the local training they were having was very high calibre. It may also have been the case that they were taking private lessons in the run up to auditions.
  9. We are with you 😂. M is even doing the SA audition in Feb just for fun 😂😂
  10. DD1 danced this in June in Oxford and loved it. All the parts were great fun. I'm sure someone else will be able to tell you more about parts for junior girls. Great ballet to watch!
  11. It's a tough process. My elder daughter was advised she shouldn't audition any years we already had holidays booked so only ever had the chance to audition twice before she was too old. Both times she made Finals but was never offered a place as main cast or on the tour. My younger daughter has now auditioned three times. The first time she didn't get Finals and then this and last time she made Finals but not offered main cast (we are still hoping she can make the tour next year). Both girls had to sacrifice performing in their bi-annual local dance school Presentation and Awards to attend LCB Finals (DD1 in 2017 and DD2 in 2019). I think they do get great experience from the audition process and for the younger ones they can try again another year. Hope your daughter is ok!
  12. Thank you. Three - but we're on hols for two (lucky us) and school exams on the other. We'll have to see if we can change our summer holiday but obviously they might not have a place for her on that one anyway.
  13. My daughter has been offered the tour from the 13 year old group. 3rd year auditioning, 2nd consecutive Final and unfortunately likely to be her last chance to audition as committed to All England in 2021. (The tour is a fab opportunity but as it stands currently we don't think we can make the dates work 😪). Congratulations to all those who reached Finals, whatever the outcome!
  14. In answer to question 2 DD got a straight no.
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