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  1. DD2 was booked onto an Easter course with a well known dance school and these were similar to the options we were offered. Owing to personal circumstances we had to opt for a refund and the school was prompt to process this. I hope this is resolved for you quickly and satisfactorily @Tutumuchmum
  2. I should imagine that statistically most of those that audition get a "no" based on the relative numbers of applications and places available. (In our household we have had more than one "no" for RBS). A SWL place is a brilliant achievement in itself.
  3. Wow that's fantastic, congratulations!!
  4. Just laughed out loud at this! 🤣 Good luck!
  5. Thank you for this, I had been having the same issue for ages!!
  6. Good question, we're not at that stage yet with our DC. Hopefully more guidance out soon 🤞
  7. UK schools are closed after tomorrow until further notice. In practise this may be until September but that has not actually been announced at this point.
  8. Just had the email: It is with great regret that Upper Street Events has today decided that, as a result of the evolving Covid-19 situation, it is no longer possible for us to hold MOVE IT 2020 this weekend. We have been following UK Government guidelines and working with the rolling advice from Public Health England and other organisations, but it is now with much sadness that we have taken the decision to postpone the event. The safety and wellbeing of our staff, exhibitors, visitors, partners and contractors is of the utmost importance to us, and therefore feel the protection and prevention of harm to all involved is vital to this decision. We love MOVE IT and we love this community and we’ve been carefully listening to the feedback we’ve been receiving from visitors, exhibitors and participants. Until this morning the community has been overwhelmingly in support of the event continuing as planned. Since the announcement by the World Health Organisation on the evening of 11th March, which has labelled Covid-19 a pandemic, that sentiment has understandably changed. We have a duty to safeguard everyone who plays a part in making MOVE IT happen and, as such, we have reached this difficult decision. We are currently working with ExCeL to look at options to reschedule MOVE IT to a later date. Tickets will be valid for a rescheduled event. If you are unable to make the new date, a refund will be issued. We will be in touch over the next week to update you on the situation. We are sincerely sorry that we have had to make this incredibly difficult decision and thank you for bearing with us at this uncertain time. Team MOVE IT
  9. Good luck to your DC @Happymum
  10. Advice for current students issued last week (as well as not to attend if you have developed symptoms after visiting one of the affected areas) was as follows: "We are therefore asking all students and visitors to the school to ensure that as soon as you enter the building, you use the hand sanitiser provided in the main reception. With exposure during daily commutes, it is essential that you adhere to this. Every studio is equipped with hand sanitizer units and we have always encouraged all our staff and students to use these before and at the end of each ballet class to reduce the risk of infection."
  11. Wow huge congratulations to your daughter! It's extremely competitive to get a cruise contract, she must be very talented. I worked in a different role on board a cruise ship, albeit for only two contracts, and it was one of the best times of my life and such a fantastic way to see the world as well as getting wonderful work experience and social skills. I hope your daughter has a wonderful time doing what she loves!
  12. DD1 attended in 2018 having just turned 14 and really enjoyed it. The classes we were invited to watch at the end of the week (in those days you only had to do one week) appeared to be of high standard with high quality teaching and attention to individuals - pretty strict too. We aren't in a position to do more than one week in the summer so haven't applied since then.
  13. Fantastic news, congratulations to her 🎉 😃
  14. My daughter said she wore soft blocks but they weren't compulsory (when she did the Intermediate classes). Hope you enjoy the class - it's drop in/pay as you go so you could always just try it out! Honestly, Clare couldn't be nicer 😃
  15. Hi, is Clare not teaching those classes now? My teenage daughter did them for a while when she could fit them in and really enjoyed them. Clare was really good at working with each individual and was really supportive. The classes were usually quite small so plenty of individual attention. I was thinking of suggesting she go back when she turns 16 (and can be left) to do the Advanced 1 classes.
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