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  1. MAK

    John Mallinson

    So sorry to read this news. May John rest in peace.
  2. The Stagehands dance is fab!
  3. Sounds fantastic - can't make this one but would be interested in future dates if they do more. Good luck!
  4. Wow I'm not sure I realised your dd had got into White Lodge, huge congratulations 🎉
  5. MAK

    EYB Casting Day

    There will be a meeting for all parents and children at the beginning then parents leave but the finish time is dependent on how far from the venue you live. Those furthest away have their press photos taken earliest so they can get away.
  6. I would be very puzzled too. Really strange!
  7. DD1 was 13 when she attended, very petite at the time and July born. She did quite a lot of pointe work during the week although was only working at RAD Intermediate at the time. There were some very talented dancers from many countries in the classes. We couldn't manage the longer course this year but may well apply for future intensives.
  8. DD1 attended for one week last year and the ballet class was split into two groups and when we watched was around 15 dancers. Character and Contemporary etc were bigger but not overly so in my opinion and there was certainly individual attention and corrections. She loved the week!
  9. We had exactly the same situation with LCB. Both of my DDs got through the Day 1 cuts and got to Finals (second time auditioning for both) but neither of them was offered a place either in the Main Cast or the tour. It was particularly disappointing for DD1 as she is now too old to audition again. She has performed in EYB twice and loved it and it has helped her get over the disappointment of LCB.
  10. Ps rehearsals at weekends are usually six hours (with breaks) - 11-5pm, 12-6pm, 1-7pm and 2-8pm were all used last time. There were also a couple of 4.30-8.30pm sessions on Fridays.
  11. It's a practical issue - they usually rehearse in local schools and dancers quite often travel a fair way for each Production so inevitably they need to rehearse at weekends. With there being quite a few Productions each year all over the country it's not possible for all rehearsals to be in school holidays, with the probable exception of summer holiday events. For example last year my DDs did Swan Lake in August and it was two consecutive weeks of Monday - Friday rehearsals followed by the following week Thursday night run through on the stage, then dress rehearsal Friday afternoon, first performance Friday night and two more performances on the Saturday. More recently DD1 performed in Oxford. The performance schedule was the same but rehearsals were Fri-Sun early May, then Weds-Sun of half term, then Fri-Sun of the first weekend in June (the week before the Performance). DD1 is at Tring CBA and as it's fortnightly she only had to miss one Sunday. DD2 is at Central and would have had to miss too many Saturdays to make it feasible.
  12. MAK

    EYB dates

    Oh bless her! Unfortunately we could only manage one in this Production so DD1 got the chance as a) she had fewer clashes and b) next year she will be focusing on GCSEs so unlikely to have the time for another EYB 😪. She was a Busby Berkeley Girl and Party Guest. The Stars were fabulous, you must be very proud.
  13. MAK

    EYB dates

    Totally agree. Wasn't it just fabulous? DD1 had a similar length journey and it was full on but so worth it to see the beautiful Production last night and all those smiling faces. She and her sister also did Swan Lake in Wimbledon last summer which they loved. It's a bit addictive 😂
  14. Seconding this recommendation!
  15. There are also quite major roadworks going on Tring from this weekend so may be worth allowing a little extra time if you can.
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