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  1. Same here for both DDs and for DD1 it was her second Final in a row and last chance due to age. My (speculative) impression is that anyone who makes Finals has proved they have the dance ability and they are then looking to match dancers to the roles they have in mind for the Production (although of course casting formally happens at a separate, later date). Huge congratulations to your DC!
  2. Definitely going to defer to @Sheila Beelam here!!
  3. Yes DD1 tried them when she was training for RAD Intermediate. She doesn't have very arched feet so the pre-arch gave her a nice shape. However, her feet are still quite strong so they didn't last too long and she is back in the 2007 now.
  4. Hello Does anyone happen to be selling a Bloch sheer striped ladies warm up top in black size P? DD2 had her cherished one ruined today by a rather exuberant young friend (totally accidental but she's so upset!) and I think Bloch has stopped doing them and I can only find the raspberry/maroon type colour in her size. Thank you!
  5. Thanks for posting this as it's changed slightly from the one I had previously saved 🙂
  6. MAK

    John Mallinson

    So sorry to read this news. May John rest in peace.
  7. The Stagehands dance is fab!
  8. Sounds fantastic - can't make this one but would be interested in future dates if they do more. Good luck!
  9. Wow I'm not sure I realised your dd had got into White Lodge, huge congratulations 🎉
  10. MAK

    EYB Casting Day

    There will be a meeting for all parents and children at the beginning then parents leave but the finish time is dependent on how far from the venue you live. Those furthest away have their press photos taken earliest so they can get away.
  11. I would be very puzzled too. Really strange!
  12. DD1 was 13 when she attended, very petite at the time and July born. She did quite a lot of pointe work during the week although was only working at RAD Intermediate at the time. There were some very talented dancers from many countries in the classes. We couldn't manage the longer course this year but may well apply for future intensives.
  13. DD1 attended for one week last year and the ballet class was split into two groups and when we watched was around 15 dancers. Character and Contemporary etc were bigger but not overly so in my opinion and there was certainly individual attention and corrections. She loved the week!
  14. We had exactly the same situation with LCB. Both of my DDs got through the Day 1 cuts and got to Finals (second time auditioning for both) but neither of them was offered a place either in the Main Cast or the tour. It was particularly disappointing for DD1 as she is now too old to audition again. She has performed in EYB twice and loved it and it has helped her get over the disappointment of LCB.
  15. Ps rehearsals at weekends are usually six hours (with breaks) - 11-5pm, 12-6pm, 1-7pm and 2-8pm were all used last time. There were also a couple of 4.30-8.30pm sessions on Fridays.
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