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  1. Depends on the level but usually 1.5-1.75 hours of ballet, 30-45 minutes Pilates and around an hour of Contemporary.
  2. Every Saturday during term time except now usually not on the half term weeks (which they used to be). Times have varied although Prep 1 usually has started around 10am. However, they may have a change around with the new studios etc. If memory serves me right, we don't usually get the confirmed timetable until fairly near the time the term is due to start.
  3. DD2 about to go into her 5th and final year at Central and is looking forward to being in the new studios. DD1 also spent two years in the Central Associate programme. Yes you get the same teachers every week for ballet, contemporary and Pilates. Classes have ranged from 14-20 dancers. We have found the teaching to be excellent and opportunities such as creative choreography days to be a fun addition to weekly classes. It's also (in our view) a very good value scheme. Even in the younger classes you get a lot of hours and a variety of classes. Feel free to PM if you would like any more info.
  4. I was trying to remember where I'd seen BBCo mentioned on Instagram and it was on Kate Frost Photography's page - which makes sense now reading the above!
  5. For us giving up gymnastics coincided with when the girls started attending Associates Classes weekly as we just couldn't manage the logistics with two of them dancing both days and my husband and I both working. Plus we just couldn't find a way to keep them working at a competitive level in gymnastics whilst doing so many dance hours. We know if others that have managed it though, at least initially, and our dds did keep up with their music lessons/Grades but no ensembles or concerts. Tough choices. Good luck.
  6. @Anna Cthe yearly Assessment at Central still takes place in fact. I would even go so far as to say they are clearer now than they were when we started our Associates journey back in 2015 🙈 about the place offered only being for one year and what the possible outcomes are from the Assessment. I personally find it very beneficial to have that clarity.
  7. Hello, do you still have the black age 12-14 available at all? We are on the hunt for a plain black leotard with high cut leg in that size!
  8. I was so delighted to see that Ivana Bueno was named as ENB's Emerging Dancer recently. She looks so healthy and actually has curves! Stunning to watch from what I've seen online.
  9. Sorry to read this. There are probably so very few places for the more advanced dancers. Glad you got good feedback.
  10. @taxi4ballet have tried to DM you but not able to - perhaps your mailbox is full again given the current intensity of discussions? Please let me know when it's working again, thank you.
  11. I thought I read this morning that the week by week booking was for the Private Group Classes - but after an hour of trying and one successful logon only to find that just the teacher training webinars had a "book now" button and then that crashed me out I am taking a break
  12. It has. We were wondering why parents dropping their kids off at the school near us weren't social distancing but I imagine it's probably that they are all in the same extended bubble via their kids. Just wish I could explain it to my mother, who lives over a hundred miles away, and isn't able to hug or see her children and grandchildren because it makes more sense for her to join in a bubble with her neighbours and she can only choose one option to stay within the rules.
  13. I have heard about these bubbles at school (neither of my DDs eligible to go back to school until at least September). How does that work? Does it mean that effectively the households of each child that is in a small bubble at school are ostensibly together in one giant bubble?
  14. Great news, congratulations!! 🤩
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