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  1. I have 9 Yumiko leotards for sale, all are in excellent, pretty much brand new condition as they've only been worn once or twice before outgrown. All were custom ordered so each piece is very unique. All are a size child 14 which is the size below XS, but these are quite small fitting so I'd say they will fit children ages 12-14 years of age. Prices are all around £40-42 but already includes first class postage (with proof of postage) and I am willing to give discounts for multiple purchases. Yumikos are quite expensive especially now that items posted to the UK above
  2. Quite a few schools overseas are opting to do prelims over Zoom or similar. I know everyone is probably experiencing Zoom fatigue by now but I actually think this would have been a good idea if prelims could not have been done in person. No one would have an advantage of having more time to prepare or polish videos. It would show students who pick things up quickly. A panel could have watched even 20-25 students at a time, pinning those who they want to see closer etc. It is more likely that students will be in the same situation at any one time (ie if in lockdown most would be at home a
  3. is the leo in the last link still available?
  4. I have always been fascinated when reading upper schools' graduate destinations. But also the % of lower school students who get into their upper schools (for example White Lodge to Floral Street). I also noticed that RBS seems to take in new students (often internationals) straight into their third year - stunning ones who already look company-ready. What also interests me in the last few years is discovering quite a few former Elmhurst students (who didn't necessarily stay there) have had success in getting into big companies and other brilliant schools, including Princess Grace, a school
  5. I think it's a mystery! And a bit of a lottery in the end. Not having gone through this myself although seeing friends and their daughters and sons through the years, I can sort of tell that there is a certain type for each school. Not generalising or stereotyping as that would be unfair and inaccurate but there are definitely some patterns and "types" that emerge. It's tricky because I noticed that in the last 3 years or so at least, it seems like the competition to get into these schools have just gotten fiercer, as if classical ballet suddenly became even more popular. It
  6. I'm so sorry, these have all gone now. I do know someone who is selling some Degas in a size 10A. If you private message me, I can try and get you in touch with her.
  7. Just quickly glanced at the list and I don't think there are any candidates from Princess Grace this year. Such a shame as their students are always amazingly watchable, with stunning artistry. I'm pretty sure they've had prize winners for at least the last 3 years. I always look forward to the PdL, they usually post videos of the classes on YouTube and are always a brilliant watch. Also an interesting read is where prize (and even non-prize winners) from last year ended up going: https://www.prixdelausanne.org/results-networking-forum-2020/?fbclid=IwAR0MspTtMM
  8. I think there is a residency requirement so I assume most if not all international students pay full fees. However, certainly in upper school, I think quite a few international students are there because they won scholarships in competitions such as the Prix de Lausanne or the YAGP. In recent years I have not heard of any upper school grads awarded a contract with the company outright. I believe currently there are 3 females and 3 males who are in the company under their sort of 1-year placement scheme (RBS recently published their graduates' destinations). I do wonder how many o
  9. I have heard of at least two who joined RBS Upper from Tring in recent years, and at least two who joined WL from Tring, so it does happen. In relation to the standard of training, you will find it very fascinating that the feedback you'll get would depend on who you ask 🙂 As with most other things, it can be very subjective. I would suggest speaking to parents of current or past students who have first hand information.
  10. I definitely know of some current ones who were never JAs, although I think most would have been waitlisted at some point. Also most who weren't, I believe, were international or from overseas. We watched the RBS Holland Park summer show a couple of years ago and the programme had all the students' names in it, and I seem to recall that those who were associates had an asterisk (*) next to their names. I noticed that as you go up years, the asterisked names became less and less, - so Year 7 had lots and by the time you get to the Upper School names, I think there weren't many at all. Not s
  11. I have the new Tring CBA leotard for sale, only used a maximum of two times. This is the one used by Groups 1-3, violet colour. Size child medium but is quite a large fit. This is the new style they recently changed into prior to lockdown. See link below for a photo of this on the official shop website: https://dancingboutique.com/product/cba-violet-leotard-new/ I don't think this is available directly from Capezio as I understand this is made especially for Tring. Excellent, pretty much brand new condition. Selling this as my daughter moved up groups so needed a
  12. Class sizes have been capped at 15 student s. CBA classes don’t tend to be big but one group has had to be split into two for this term. Another lovely thing (I think, personally) is that CBA groups aren’t by school year. So a group can have someone in year 4 and someone in year 7. During the dreaded time leading up to full time auditions, should your child be so inclined to pursue this path, I find this set up dilutes the shared stress etc that sometimes comes with associates grouped by year.
  13. I’ve seen a couple of variations of the “not yet” letter. One said something like “consider re-auditioning in the future” and the other said “consider re-auditioning at the next available opportunity on...” and this second one explicitly stated the next audition date month. This is going back more than 3 years ago so perhaps the difference wasn’t material but I personally know that the child who got the second letter did get a place on her next attempt. Could be coincidence but it was definitely interesting at the time.
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