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  1. I have quite a lot of Yumiko leotards I am selling, mostly size XS, mostly not lined, but all of them in excellent condition, worn once or are brand new before daughter outgrew/didn't suit them anymore. I have included the names of the styles, and you can easily check on the Yumiko website the usual prices for these leotards and realise the prices quoted below are absolute bargains. Size chart also available on the Yumiko website. I have also tried to attach some group photos to give an idea of what they look like (there are too many to do individually but happy to send further details and photos directly). All came from a pet and smoke-free home. I usually post Royal Mail first class with proof of postage (additional £1.50 to quoted price below if you want it sent signed for/trackable). Please read descriptions carefully as I don't do swaps, refunds or exchanges, nor do I take responsibility for late or lost parcels once I have posted it and I have proof of postage/tracking number. Please note I am not a shop, leotards purchased and collected over the last few years, Christmases, birthdays, treats, exam result bonuses, good marks in school bonuses or just surprises from a proud mum 😊 YUMIKO, Style: Larissa, Size: XS, Not lined, £45 including postage YUMIKO, Style: Sofiane, Size: XS, Not lined, £38 including postage YUMIKO, Style: Becky, Size: XS, Not lined, £42 including postage YUMIKO, Style: Sofiane (half sleeve), Size: XS, Not lined, £40 including postage YUMIKO, Style: Becky, Size: XS, Not lined, £43 including postage YUMIKO, Style: Becky, Size: XS, Not lined, £42 including postage YUMIKO, Style: Alex Mesh, Size: XS, Not lined , £42 including postage YUMIKO, Style: Marieke (half sleeve), Size: XS, Not lined, £39 including postage YUMIKO, Style: Masha Mesh (half sleeve), Size: XS, Not lined, £69 including postage YUMIKO, Style: Anna Duo, Size: child 14, Front lined, £39 including postage YUMIKO, Style: Erica, Size: XS, Not lined, £45 including postage YUMIKO, Style: Meagan Mesh, Size: XS, Not lined, £55 including postage YUMIKO, Style: Cora, Size: XS, Not lined, £49 including postage YUMIKO, Style: Anna (3/4 sleeve), Size: XS, Not lined, £45 including postage YUMIKO, Style: Alicia , Size: XS, Not lined, £49 including postage YUMIKO, Style: Masha, Size: XS, Not lined, £65 including postage YUMIKO, Style: Zoe, Size: XS, Not lined, £50 including postage YUMIKO, Style: Kiki, Size: XS, Not lined, £40 including postage YUMIKO, Style: Kiki , Size: XS, Not lined, £40 including postage YUMIKO, Style: Heather , Size: XS, Not lined, £45 including postage YUMIKO, Style: Gina Mesh (3/4 sleeve), Size: XS, £65 including postage
  2. She’s on it, although purely by chance because of school! Two languages that might potentially help 🙂 Luckily she’s keen on learning languages so likes doing it for fun too x
  3. This is absolutely true and a fantastic point. My DD at the moment is not interested in going full time but at the moment still dances quite a lot of hours as she does love it even if she’s not preparing for anything as such. At the same time and while I know it’s unlikely and almost impossible, I’d like to keep her opportunities open should she change her mind 4 years down the line. Selfishly, a little part of me wishes she would as there are fantastic schools overseas for someone age 15/16. Depending on whether it’s right for the child and if they really want it, I think studying overseas opens up a whole world of opportunities (and fees I’ve seen in Europe are cheaper!) and I’d love for her to explore this having studied overseas myself (although not for dance). At 15/16 she can make an informed decision on her own and we will just be there to support her. At the moment, what she wants to be and where she wants to be changes from week to week but she does have the next few years to figure it out slowly.
  4. I don’t think it would matter if you just ticked MA. But to be honest, I think most (if not all) tick both when the form is right in front of them even if they’re one of the rare few whose DC isn’t wanting to get a WL place. Interestingly, my DD told me that as far as she can tell, all the DCs in her MA class were either JAs or were at WL finals (mostly both).
  5. Yes, that is true. But I do think that if your child is one of those lucky ones who get in, and the child starts to perhaps show signs of not thriving, how soon after this would: - the child admit to this without feeling guilty that he or she is giving up, especially since these DCs would have been told how fortunate, special, talented and privileged they are to be in that school? - the parent/s notice it if the DC tried to put on a brave face. - the parent thinks it’s time to leave as things are beyond the usual feeling homesick, settling in issues etc It’s true that all the bullying, eating and mental health issues also exist in normal schools but how many children (with the exception maybe of those who are primed to go to top ranked private or specialist schools) have been prepared to spend the next 5 years of their lives working towards a single goal almost? Most of these kids, and I believe that increasingly this is becoming to be the case, have had a lot of time and money invested in them to get to that stage where they get a full time offer. I would say these kids are more likely to think twice about admitting to struggling when they know full well that mum and dad has spent a lot of money on lessons, classes, privates, associates, petrol and a lot of time waiting for them and taking them places. Of course I could be wrong and this is only my opinion but I think leaving (for example) WL would take a lot more thinking and family decision than someone who’s moving from one comprehensive secondary school to another.
  6. I remember going through a lot of these threads when my DD was in years 5/6 as I knew this question would come up and the possibility of her wanting to go “full time” at 11 was likely because a lot of peers at dance school were very intense and focused with a single goal in mind. Thankfully my DD was never that committed to going full time, and perhaps strangely, was never really interested in going to what I believe is the top school of choice for most at age 11. However, my point is that in speaking to a LOT of parents in the last few years, despite knowing full well of these concerns and being aware of threads such as this, if given the offer to a certain school, I’d say 99% would accept regardless of whether they think their child will cope. Even those who I spoke to who voiced concerns about 11 being too young to go away seem to forget this when they get the golden ticket, especially to a certain school where they know most people would think it nuts to turn down a full time offer from. Even when they read threads like this, I don’t think it will change their decision and they probably believe their child won’t go through the same and will get “used to it”. I know a lot of parents who are aware of these stories and many more but I also know these same parents won’t turn down an offer given the chance. They will then revert from “11 is too young to go away” to “it’s character building” or “it’s good for them to know the dance world is tough early on” or “it’s the opportunity of a lifetime”. As someone quite removed from this, I actually don’t know what’s right or wrong but I guess for some it works and their child thrives (or would seem to). Bottom line is that I have to admit I don’t envy those who have to make this decision soon.
  7. If she really wants to, I’d say go for it. You just never know. My DD was never a JA, not really flexible, never really applied for the SIs apart from one time, doesn’t have the much-desired “ballet feet” nor sways but by some miracle was somehow offered an MA place. I think the important thing is to be realistic about the chances and to just be relaxed about it. I still don’t know how she got an MA place but I do think the fact that she was chilled about it all and never really dreamed or particularly worked towards getting anything RBS helped in being calm and realistic. Having never been a JA, I can’t say whether it was a big jump but she didn’t mention anything about the class being particularly difficult. Hope this helps.
  8. I have two brand new still in its pack Freed full sole leather ballet shoes: 1 x size 6M 1 x size 5.5M £10 each including postage already (or £19 for both including postage already) This is the shoe that’s in the RBS associates list for JA and MA
  9. Brand new in pack RBS Mids leotard (navy blue), size 2. Never opened. Already comes with elastic belt. £12 including postage already.
  10. Barely worn CBA jacket size age 11/12. £15 including postage. Worn only a handful of times.
  11. Sorry, meant 28 Aug (fat fingers haha!)
  12. Hi, we are London centre and we got an email from the teacher saying which equipment need to be purchased on the 38 Aug. Then another email on 1 Sept to say shop is open with a link to buy the items. Also received invoice from their Finance on 3 Sept. We also received an email the other day with revised start times. Does anyone know if they’re still having the first day parent talk as mentioned in the Handbook or did the Zoom meeting done last week in place of the in person meeting?
  13. It might depend on the nature of the partnership/arrangement between LSC and the validating body (Uni/HEI/Higher Education Institution) and may also be due to the validating body's registration with the Office for Students which can determine the maximum amount of fees they can access from Student Finance England. I definitely know some private providers who can access the full £9250 loan from SFE/SLC. In these cases, the programme is delivered by the private provider, but validated/franchised, quality assured and the degree awarded by the HEI/Uni. So these students are registered with both the private provider AND the HEI, and are technically considered students of the HEI based at the private provider.
  14. Hi, I’m just out at the moment but I’m pretty sure numbers 1-4 and 8-9 are still available. Was there anything in particular from the above you were interested in?
  15. Hi! Just by chance I looked into this last year because my own DD isn’t interested in going full time at 11 and at the time told me she might consider at age 15/16 overseas in Europe. I found some very interesting things and I do think looking at Europe is a good thing - lots of choices and if you look at stats of students (even those starting at 11-12) progressing through the years, on to the higher years and then to second/junior companies and main companies, it’s quite impressive. I find where I live that most get too focused on one school (preparing kids as young as 8 with the sole goal of getting into one particular school) without realising there are tonnes of amazing options out there. Unfortunately I don’t know much about Italy or how Brexit might have affected British nationals’ chances of getting places and/or funding but found out about some good schools elsewhere in Europe and I can dm you info should you wish. Some of the European schools are coming up with stunning dancers, I have heard of at least four who have been given contracts as soloists/Demi-soloist in known companies so soon after graduation.
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