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  1. I have the new Tring CBA leotard for sale, only used a maximum of two times. This is the one used by Groups 1-3, violet colour. Size child medium but is quite a large fit. This is the new style they recently changed into prior to lockdown. See link below for a photo of this on the official shop website: https://dancingboutique.com/product/cba-violet-leotard-new/ I don't think this is available directly from Capezio as I understand this is made especially for Tring. Excellent, pretty much brand new condition. Selling this as my daughter moved up groups so needed a
  2. Class sizes have been capped at 15 student s. CBA classes don’t tend to be big but one group has had to be split into two for this term. Another lovely thing (I think, personally) is that CBA groups aren’t by school year. So a group can have someone in year 4 and someone in year 7. During the dreaded time leading up to full time auditions, should your child be so inclined to pursue this path, I find this set up dilutes the shared stress etc that sometimes comes with associates grouped by year.
  3. I’ve seen a couple of variations of the “not yet” letter. One said something like “consider re-auditioning in the future” and the other said “consider re-auditioning at the next available opportunity on...” and this second one explicitly stated the next audition date month. This is going back more than 3 years ago so perhaps the difference wasn’t material but I personally know that the child who got the second letter did get a place on her next attempt. Could be coincidence but it was definitely interesting at the time.
  4. I have a couple of lovely Luckyleo leotards for sale, in size XXS (please check size chart on Luckyleo website first). Very classical designs, in solid colour (not print) and lace. Really stunning on but daughter keeps growing in height so sadly these don't fit her comfortably anymore. I can send photos, please DM me if interested please, so I can see your messages right away. I don't get to see comments as quickly because I don't get to check this forum regularly.
  5. So sorry just saw this. I don’t have any Dansez left but have some yellow leotards. If you can private message me your email address I’m more than happy to send you photos x
  6. Sorry, it won't let me upload any more photos. I think the files are too big. Do private message me your email address and I am more than happy to email.
  7. I have quite a few leotard and skirt sets (1 leotard + 1 skirt) and bundles (1 leotard + 2 skirts) that I am sadly selling. They are all excellent condition, some are brand new and never been worn. My daughter continues to have a growth spurt and has outgrown some of these before she's even had the chance to wear them. Quite a few are custom made leotards but are suitable for ballet and contemporary alike (nothing too over the top or fancy, quite a few similar in style to Yumiko). The leotards include Bloch, Dansez, Roch Valley, Capezio etc. I've tried to match them up with skirts from BS
  8. Having massive clear out and have the following Yumiko leotards for sale. Mostly size child 14 (I would say these can fit are 10-14 depending on physique and girth) and a similar fit to Luckyleo XXS/XS: 1. Daniela Velvet Colour: Velvet - Antique Rose, Trim - Star High cut leg Not lined but velvet is thicker than normal nylon fabric Size child 14 (but I would say similar to Luckyleo adult size XXS/XS) and can fit age 10-14 years depending on height, girth and physique Selling for £40 including postage 2. Daniela Duo Colour: Top- T Angora, Bottom - T Ivory,
  9. Selling a few gorgeous items: Bullet Pointe skirt, brand new never used in colour Plum (I think). Size XXS. £25 including postage. 3 Yumiko leotards, all a size child 14 years (but small fitting so could fit ages 10-14 I think depending on physique, height and girth). The styles are: 1. Daniela (sun yellow with purple trim and straps) - £35 including postage 2. Wendy mesh (lemon yellow with white mesh capped sleeves) - £40 including postage 3. Julia halter neck (retro pink with velvet straps) - £35 including postage Please note these
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