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  1. I have always seen it as pink under and black over.
  2. lovely memory Danceislife
  3. that is interesting - in our qualifying festivals it is song and dance all the way through, musical theatre is offered as a section in our local music festival
  4. yes maybe we need to consider going further afield if they wanted to push their national but I think we are far far too lazy!!! we aren't the most dedicated. It does take a lot to go out and compete you are right. I do feel for the children we see backstage who are so nervous that you wonder why they put themselves through it. my eldest didn't enjoy doing a solo, used to get worried about it so we stopped it. the younger one would do everything and anything and thrives on it. both together in a duet works well, the elder one likes the duet because she isn't on her own. sweet really. that alone makes it all worthwhile.
  5. thank you Annaliesey, now just to persuade her teacher her idea is a good one!!
  6. ha - thank you! interesting that character isn't always ballet. I think she would rather just do a dance she enjoys whether the adjudicator likes it or not if that makes sense. Especially if she is getting to play a character she likes as you have to enjoy what you are doing to perform it well I think. Yeah I think with National there aren't many schools that do it round here so we tend to see specific styles. one school did an Indonesian dance recently which I wish we had been able to see as it would have been lovely to see something so different. We missed a Korean fan dance because we were getting ready too. My girls love their dance and they know they do it well, it is disheartening when adjudicators don't really know what to do with it but the audience usually seem to enjoy it, the girls say they can see people's faces during the footwork section of it so they know it looks impressive which I think makes them feel quite special that they can do it! haha. I just love that they have the opportunity to do a dance together and work with each other on something. I think they will probably carry on doing it but just need to accept they will usually be bottom for no real reason. thank you
  7. I have one daughter who would happily sit for hours watching festivals (except teenage lyrical sections apparently) and one who won't even go to watch her sister compete as it is "boring unless you are doing" like you say.
  8. I actually think saying "well well" in your reply is far more rude than me saying I have seen bored dads at festivals. I actually think your reply sounds extremely pompous and condescending towards me. We are all entitled to express an opinion or make an observation. Just because I can enjoy watching festivals, indeed when we first started going to watch them our dance school only had 1 older student who did them and I just took my daughters along in the holidays because it was cheap to go, the weather was bad and I thought it would give them a chance to see live performances from children their age or a bit older. They got to see dance styles they had never seen before, they go to hear comments from the adjudicator, the first one we went to gave quite a nice explanation of some of the classes and what they were such as Greek and what she was looking for. I actually think it is a pity people don't just go along to watch. SOME schools are competition and festival factories but if that is what those children are happy with then is that really wrong? There are some who want to hot house to go to grammar school or get up at 5am to swim for 3 hours before school every day etc but that is up to them. It doesn't make it wrong. There are also children who just enjoy going along and doing their 1 dance or maybe 2 dances twice a year. I think it is great that the opportunity is there for those who want it.
  9. our teacher doesn't like festivals either but she will support any children who approach her and request to do them
  10. I don't understand why it is rude. I didn't say all dads are bored, I said there were numerous bored dads, it is merely an observation that pretty much all the men I see at festivals are sat looking as if they would rather be somewhere else other than when their child is actually dancing. I have seen men sitting clapping with their eyes shut! I am not being rude, just observing. I actually find the whole festival atmosphere fascinating because I like people watching. Sometimes it is more interesting to watch fellow audience members than some of the dancers. no disrespect to the dancers but it is so interesting to see how people react. Festivals and competitions have a place in the dance world, they provide competition that is now lacking in many schools but which is important for learning how to deal with real life. They provide a performance opportunity for those at dance schools which only do shows every few years. They give children a personal challenge. As long as the child wants to do them and finds them rewarding then they serve a good purpose. My only bug bear with festivals is that sometimes you get a nasty atmosphere (not something we generally experience in our local festivals but I have definitely seen it with my youngest daughter shoved physically by bigger girls) and that sometimes adjudicators could do with more education in certain areas.
  11. We did think it was ballet based, will stick to that then if she does it. thank you.
  12. oh and thank you - sorry, didn't mean to be rude
  13. yes I agree Parent Taxi. I know some schools make a big thing about having qualifying scores and being desperate to get them whilst we (and our teachers) didn't even realise my daughter HAD got a qualifying score because we didn't know what they were! Can I ask a couple of festival related questions whilst you are all here please? saves starting a new post. 2 things Character - is this usually ballet based? I am assuming so but the description of it seems to imply that technically it doesn't have to be. my daughter has come up with an idea she wants to run past her teacher to see if they could work with it but whilst a lot of it would be ballet based steps there is a bit of the music she likes that could include a bit more jazzy dance and she wasn't sure if that would be allowed. National - why do so many (and nearly all the ones that do well) have a story made up to go with them? sometimes they seem more like character dances with a few national steps in rather than an actual national dance so I am intrigued if we are missing something here.
  14. ah ok Loopy. I have seen fairly generous marking before compared to "usual" scores but this seemed extreme so I assumed it was just the adjudicator's style but you are probably right, if they know it isn't a qualifier then maybe they are more relaxed.
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