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  1. the silky dance pants are fab, my daughters got them to wear under their tutus for festivals and then started wearing them under their leotards for class. their teachers never say no knickers but these do fit so much more neatly and never stick out. under £3 including delivery off the internet isn't too pricey either.
  2. poor girl, definitely rest as much as possible, I remember damaging the ligaments in my knee falling down the stairs when I was ten and it is so hard moving around and doing things. I was going to suggest practicing port de bras like a previous poster. work on her head, shoulder and arms is never wasted.
  3. interesting to hear there is no back arching as all the dance acro I have seen seems to involve quite a lot of contortion and from some schools, not enough muscle strength to control the movements. I worry with acro dance, I am from a gymnastics background myself and I cringe when I see so much acro in dance school shows (and some festivals now) being performed without mats. I don't doubt they train with mats but then in shows they display the moves without them in so many cases and I worry about ankle and back damage. I think as long as it is taught and performed safely then it is fine but do keep a close eye on it. Many dance schools are offering it after teachers attending just a day or two of workshops which enables them to be qualified but a gymnastics coach takes a lot longer to qualify even at a low level. It is currently very popular and very trendy and it looks impressive in shows which I fear in some cases leads to corners being cut.
  4. we have exams this week and there is never any communication of results until the child is seen in that class again so it will be September for my daughters regardless of when results come in. Always makes the first day back a bit nerve wracking.
  5. prety sure freed narrow shoes come in leather as well as satin - worth trying, my girls have really narrow feet too.
  6. it is a bit of a pain to do but having done it repeatedly over the years on numerous hair types and lengths (for panto) thicker is actually easier than fine (curly is best as it wraps into place more easily). The trick is to not start too high, do your bunches lower down, plait them then wrap cross, over then across again. If very long you can do it in a x shape. Lots of bun pins round the outside edge of it and a head net (not a bun net) as then you can wrap it over 2 or 3 times then pin more. you want the longest bun pins you can find for it.
  7. with regards to thick hair and plaits, honestly thick, long (bottom length) curly hair goes fine into it, you just wrap the plaits round more
  8. nothing useful to add but we have to do this hair for our normal lessons, it is highly irritating.
  9. I have always seen it as pink under and black over.
  10. lovely memory Danceislife
  11. that is interesting - in our qualifying festivals it is song and dance all the way through, musical theatre is offered as a section in our local music festival
  12. yes maybe we need to consider going further afield if they wanted to push their national but I think we are far far too lazy!!! we aren't the most dedicated. It does take a lot to go out and compete you are right. I do feel for the children we see backstage who are so nervous that you wonder why they put themselves through it. my eldest didn't enjoy doing a solo, used to get worried about it so we stopped it. the younger one would do everything and anything and thrives on it. both together in a duet works well, the elder one likes the duet because she isn't on her own. sweet really. that alone makes it all worthwhile.
  13. thank you Annaliesey, now just to persuade her teacher her idea is a good one!!
  14. ha - thank you! interesting that character isn't always ballet. I think she would rather just do a dance she enjoys whether the adjudicator likes it or not if that makes sense. Especially if she is getting to play a character she likes as you have to enjoy what you are doing to perform it well I think. Yeah I think with National there aren't many schools that do it round here so we tend to see specific styles. one school did an Indonesian dance recently which I wish we had been able to see as it would have been lovely to see something so different. We missed a Korean fan dance because we were getting ready too. My girls love their dance and they know they do it well, it is disheartening when adjudicators don't really know what to do with it but the audience usually seem to enjoy it, the girls say they can see people's faces during the footwork section of it so they know it looks impressive which I think makes them feel quite special that they can do it! haha. I just love that they have the opportunity to do a dance together and work with each other on something. I think they will probably carry on doing it but just need to accept they will usually be bottom for no real reason. thank you
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