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Found 5 results

  1. A question for parents with daughters at vocational level. I know this is different for each individual but just trying to gauge how many pairs of pointe shoes the average vocational school dancer goes through in a year.
  2. I've enjoyed reading topics on this forum for a few years and I've become intrigued about something and that's what the schools look for because it seems to me it's not easy to work out! 🤣 So for getting an offer for finals, for examplea child can get a yes for Hammond but a no for Tring, does it happen the other way around? Or a no for Tring but yes for Elmhurst? or visa versa. Would one yes mean more yesses. So is a no from a school a good yard stick for the other schools? but not all? I'm really unexperienced in this 🤣 Or do all 4 schools look for something different and you just can't second guess, or work out what they may do? I've also read on here that RBS is the one where no one seems to be able to second guess! Sorry for the ignorance!! Just interested and what no's form one dance school for DC might mean for the other schools applied for. I love this forum because there is so much experience and expertise on it 😁 I find it all really interesting.
  3. Hi, Just wondered if anyone can help me I am looking for some more information on the training, accommodation and overall experience at Ballettschule Theater Basel and also John Cranko Schule for senior school. Currently auditioning for UK schools but looking at other options. 😊
  4. hey everyone, do you have info about the John Cranko Ballet School in Stuttgart?my dd is 16 years old and she would like to apply there. Has anyone studying there? Can you give me some feedbacks please. thank you
  5. I apologise if this topic has already been addressed somewhere, but just wanted to ask if anyone has had any experience of DC/yourself getting into a vocational school at a different age? I'm hoping for entry into Year 10, and I know most people go for 11+ or 16+ or nothing! Is there a slightest chance? Even just for Assosciates? I'm auditioning for RBS SAs and full time, Ballet West Assosciates and Moorland full time. It doesn't' help that I only started ballet at 12, and the dance school I go to only does a maximum of 3 45 min classes a week of ballet (though I do practice daily in my bedroom!) are they looking for potential still or just at technique? Leading on from that point, I'm wondering whether to change schools later... I love my dance school, and my teacher is very strict on technique luckily, but I know of a school half an hour away that would provide more classes, and has got people into ballet companies such as BRB and schools such as Elmhurst and RBS Associates. So hard! Back to the question, is thee a slightest possibility of entry at 14+ ? What level would it be at? And straying even further, my family are very keen on academics... Does RBS and Moorland have very good academics? Thank you, and sorry for how long this is!
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