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  1. As we were leaving , the lady in reception said 2-3 weeks , so by end of the month I think . 😊🤞
  2. I think it’s 845 am start . For year 4 girls 😊.
  3. Hi , I’ve messaged , would love them if still available please . I’m sure someone has snapped these up x
  4. I think there may be a few more year 6 places than other years as year 4/5 are mixed . But in year 6 it’s just them depending on venue . I think that’s how it goes but I could be wrong .
  5. To be honest , The children I know are all different some taller and willowy and some more smaller gymnastic slender , but as most have said , there’s so many that audition that would be great but there’s only so many spaces , and many do get in at a later date , some not at all , but still become amazing dancers ,it’s an amazing programme and I’m sure they would love to invite everyone who has potential. I wouldn’t be able to choose it must be so difficult .especially In only an hour when they see so many talented little ones . When , or even if you never attend JAs has no beari
  6. Fab Bluebird , my son is 32 that’ll be lovely , I know of another year 5 boy too , my little lad will be so pleased x
  7. That’s fantastic bluebird , do you know if he’s in 24 or 32 weeks be lovely if he’s with my ds who’s in Bham Jas . 😊
  8. Congratulations Pinkbex xx we had a yes for year 4 Birmingham just waiting on friends little boys results form London now exciting times x
  9. Fantastic congratulations bluebird X
  10. Hi balletmum55 Is this the Elmhurst associates times or Royal ballet associates as I had thought Elmhurst was in the mornings?
  11. That's lovely , mine year 4 too but 32 sessions xx
  12. Brilliant Bluebird , what year and how many sessions my ds may remember him from the auditions be lovely xxx
  13. Hi ,only just joined but appreciating all the advice and info ?, my DC is very excited , we received a yes X
  14. Really pleased to say we got a yes !! For Birmingham So chuffed for my little boy , we really didn't expect a yes . ?
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