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Found 4 results

  1. Hi Have found this forum really helpful as I'm a newbie dance parent. So asking after your wealth of knowledge and experience once again. Whilst my child ponders her yr7 direction and is looking to audition for various vocational schools, which the short list is now Elmhurst, RB, Hammond and Tring... lol got to love the enthusiasm! 😂 so whilst mentally going through my dance hit bank account I am wondering if we should even go to the expensive and logistics of the Elmhurst prelims as she was turned down for the Young dancers video audition? She was offered YD last year but we had to turn it down. DD is an RBS JA and her W/L prelims will be done at the MA audition. My thinking is because she got in YD last year but not this year, that maybe this signals the end of the journey with Elmhurst?? I really can't fathom all this out 😂😂 Thoughts or previous experiences please as my head hurts thinking about it now haha (DD is fully aware that it's all highly competative)
  2. Hi all, This might have been asked before so apologise in advance, I couldn’t find anything while navigating. How long has anyone waited after sending the screening information to get a response about applying to audition? TIA
  3. Anybody know where to start with the video?? I very much doubt we will get back into the studio in order to film. Sometimes I wish I was a ballet teacher! 🤣
  4. Hi, is anyone else as worried as I am about putting together the video audition?
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