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  1. Now that all the results are out, I would just like to congratulate everyone who got a yes. Fingers crossed something materialises for those on the SWL and hopefully see all the ‘no’s’ on here again next year 😂 Enjoy your classes those who start in January. It really is a very special place and you are very lucky to have been accepted into the program 😍🩰
  2. Well done @Spamcat and @BillyElliot1 to your DC’s 🙌🏻
  3. Good luck and hopefully it will be a yes for your DC
  4. My daughter (as many others do) has all of the physical attributes you would expect they would want. Slim, great feet, great turnout and flexibility but she still got a no. I think it just boils down to number of places. There just aren’t enough for the number of children which apply. I don’t think we should be disheartened with the no’s. I am definitely of the belief it just means ‘not yet’. It was suggested by our teacher that we audition this year but we missed the closing date. Luckily they reopened the applications in June and we applied then. We are looking at this as (a very expens
  5. Our videos were watched thoroughly and we still got a no. I think there are so little spaces and so many applicants, you have to have something that extra special to stand out. Hopefully it won’t put you or your DC off having another try.
  6. We received a no for our DD Year 4 Leeds. She was very upset but she started Ballet Boost in September so she has that to be proud of. They have suggested she tries again next year. Is that a standard email? The competition is fierce and there are so many talented dancers out there. Good luck to everyone who is waiting to hear.
  7. She looks/sounds lovely. Very nurturing
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