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  1. Interesting thread as i only discovered these existed last weekend! I cant believe these work. Are they reliable even on “heavier” days?
  2. I am sure i read somewhere invoices will be sent in September. I know you can pay in full or in monthly instalments but i was wanting to know if you can pay in 2 instalments. I vaguely remember reading that somewhere you can pay in September and December but its not in the handbook. Unless its for another associate course. Hopefully we’ll hear soon. As its not long away, i hope you all your DC’s joining this year have the best time.
  3. Hello yes it is. Had someone interested but would have been too small
  4. Degas Leotard in pale blue. It is a size 10A but would suit a child age 7-8 due to small sizing. Unable to add photo due to file size so message if interested.
  5. Hi @EmBthere is a thread called which has lots of questions in for New Associates which you might find helpful about hair, uniform etc. Worth a read 😊
  6. I might be interested in the skirt. What measurements length and waist?
  7. Hi. I am a new Leeds Year 5 joiner. Just about come down from the ceiling after finding out. I will reread this thread and find out any tips but if you have any, please feel free to share 😊🩰
  8. Thanks i remember finding this last year and reading it. I will have another read. Any Leeds folk on here want to do our own group before we start? Including any who are already JA’s? 🤗
  9. Great to hear she didn't give up and tried again! Congratulations to your pupil
  10. DD is a yes for a Year 5 place in Leeds. Last year was a straight no so a bit shocked Congratulations to the other yes’ and SWL and i am sorry for the No’s.
  11. I think its better than wondering “what if?”
  12. @MissEmilyi remember you from last years thread. Is it the same pupil as last year who has applied?
  13. I have thought about being anonymous and contacting the office by phone but i feel i will struggle to get my words out 😂
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