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  1. That’s if you dont want people to see it........
  2. Just a little tip for anyone new to video auditions as I dont remember seeing it in the instructions this time. If you use YouTube, make sure your video is set to ‘unlisted’ otherwise it is viewable to anyone who searches for the key words that your video is titled e.g. Junior Associate. If you choose ‘unlisted’ only people who you give the link to can view. if I am wrong then please correct me as I am not very technical. You can change it in the settings.
  3. We submitted ours too. I hate the waiting. Once the deadline is up, I will be checking for views every day 😂
  4. Yes I remember this now also. Which means it might be a lot longer process!
  5. Fingers crossed. Has your son enjoyed his JA classes so far?
  6. Does anyone dare hazard a guess at when we might get the results this year? Are there three year groups to be looked at as last year, Year 6 was do e first. I wonder if we will hear by centre or age groups or both? I am going to try and not be as obsessed this time around but easier said than done 😂
  7. We have submitted without headshot. I assume they will be in touch if one is required.
  8. Hi. Has anyone done the audition yet? In the photo requirements, it is asking for a headshot (I think this is new from last year). I am just filling in the application but I cannot see anywhere which asks for the headshot? Have I missed it?
  9. Sounds brilliant! What a great opportunity. Whilst Covid has been rubbish in so many ways, there have also been some great opportunities too.
  10. Wow that sounds amazing. I didn’t know ABT did a summer intensive. Might be a silly question but is that in America or do they hold a course in the UK too?
  11. This is very encouraging. Congratulations to you DD. I do feel my DD has improved in 6 months but we’ll see. 🤞🏻
  12. Do you know if the JEP children need to re- audition like everyone else?
  13. Possibly but it gives us a glimmer of hope and encourages us to re-audition! Usually children who audition are put forward by their teachers from their dance school as they know what they are looking for so we have to believe that there is a chance in there somewhere.
  14. Hi. I completely get where you are coming from following last year. I really hoped it would be an in class audition this year but I guess that’s out of their hands as is the number of places available. We didn’t get a flat no (I am not sure if there were emails as a flat no). But they said that my DD worked well in the class and would be interested in seeing her again this year after another year with her teacher (it’s only been 6 months). However, we didn’t even get SWL so I am concerned that the places which are available, are going yo be earmarked for those on the JEP?
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