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  1. We went yesterday to the boys day hence he wants to try for year 10 there but he's not ready yet he needs a local school to get him at the right level. He's had an injury and had the summer off with as he was starting to get picked on at school and wanted time to decide if really wanted it and is carrying to much weight currently. My experience so far with associate programmes has been not getting through the audition process. It's so hard to find the right path and encourage them equally as managing the dream versus reality. 😔
  2. Not currently will look at associate programmes. Thanjs
  3. My DS had been doing ballet for 4 years and wants to be a professional dancer and for us vocational training at year 7 wasn't an option he's now in year 8 were thinking of auditioning for a year 10 place or sixth form place. His current dance school has been great but has little experience with boys they are heavily focussed on girls and in particular at his age and grade the girls going on Pointe so they now have extra lessons and he's now down to 3 hours a week. How many hours should they be training at this age? How do I find somewhere to help him progress and push him to his his full poten
  4. I am so frustrated as a mum of a boy who dances try finding gifts for boys there is literally nothing even if you find something it usually has a female dancer on it. There are no clothes for boys even RAD only had 1 t-shirt and that's out of stock. I know there are so many more girls that dance but that's changing boys dance is really growing. There is a boys range in the US but the postage is ridiculous I'm now considering designing my own range!!
  5. I bought 1 for my son in sports direct it's a nodule 1 he learnt to use 1 at his summer school and it's really helped him with stretching and it's the only thing that gets him stretching independently at home!
  6. My DS went to NGDANCE Summer Intensive in Nottingham it was run by Joshua Ecob and Sophie Duncan training in Ballet and contemporary both Josh and Sophie were amazing my son learnt so much in a week they were both so inspirational and it was great to have a male ballet teacher too. Highly recommend and have booked DS on the Autumn Intensive during October half term.
  7. My DS will be auditioning for a year 7 place he has his heart set on vocational school!
  8. When will the results be out? Will it be by email?
  9. We've had a no from RBS and we are going to MIDAS on Sunday I think it's important for him to keep chasing his YES he's broken his heart today but I've tried to explain this world of dance is always going to be tough and there is always going to be someone chasing their heals so he's now looking forward to Sunday x
  10. We had a no for Birmingham I have a heartbroken little boy who hasn't stopped sobbing wish I could make it better xx ????????
  11. Still waiting for Birmingham hoping it's soon! ????????
  12. The older they get the tougher it is to get in as I believe the places are fewer. My DS got a straight no last year and this year we're trying for year 6 so even fewer places! I hadn't thought about results as was expecting July no it's possibly sooner nail biting begins ????
  13. It was today last year for Birmingham (just came up on my timehop!) so now the long wait of watching my email begins and the nerves kick in good luck to all those waiting for results!
  14. I was surprised how dismissive the GP was but she was a locum! I've got an appointment at a dance specialist physio so I'm hoping she will get him sorted it's horrible to see him in so much pain especially with exams tomorrow and boys workshop at the weekend and show next weekend the ice tip is working well though! Thanks again for all your advice I wouldn't normally ask for medical advice but I know it's a really common problem so was just looking for tips from fellow suffers! He dances a lot but also plays football physio suggested could be the football that's caused it!
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