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Found 9 results

  1. Just wondered if anybody had been referred to or seen Doctors at the Institute of Sports Exercise & Health for Dance injuries? It is in connection with UCLH. Any experiences or opinions would be much appreciated.
  2. Hello, I haven't posted here for a while but was hoping for some advice. My 16 year old dd has recently broken her ankle. She's been in a boot and walking with crutches for the past 4 weeks, they've said around 6 weeks for it to mend. She doesn't dance as much as her sisters but was hoping to start a modern class just before the injury. At her check up today, the doctor said it could take up to 3 months to heal completely and sometimes even longer. She's going to start physio in a few weeks to help with the movement. She's keen to get back to d
  3. My daughter (15) fractured her ankle over the summer, and we finally have clarity on the precise nature of the injury (8 weeks later). It is good news: two fractures, one with a flake of bone coming off which really confused them, and a fracture across one part of the joint, but no ligament damage, the main fracture is stable and it should all be healing nicely. She can now put weight on her foot, and her main complaint is lack of flexibility in the joint, which makes it hard to walk properly and is apparently just due to the swelling in the joint, and that is hurts if she uses it too much.
  4. My injury has been a long time in the making, starting in October of last year (2018) and if anything, it's only gotten progressively worse since then. Essentially, I started to develop a lot of pain between my third and fourth toe both on top of my left foot and on the bottom of my foot. This led to swelling, ankle pain, decreased mobility and absolutely no bruising. It still hurts quite bad, especially when I'm dancing, but even when I'm resting. To put the majority of the history into a short few sentences, here's what has happened: - I've seen two walk-in doctors, two fami
  5. Hello. My DD (13) who is a full time ballet student, is facing a bone marrow edema (a step before stress fracture) for the second time in 2 years' time. The injury is on the most common part, the 2nd metatars of the foot. She has not gone through puberty, and she is growing fast. She has a thin body and her bones are definitely more thinner compared to her peers. She definitely has a very good diet, does not lack calcium. Only D vitamin is low. And we are supporting this. We have seen doctors, gone through physiotherapy last time after the treatment weeks (off from ballet)
  6. Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone can help please. My daughter has injured her groin and needs to see a specialist dance physio. We would normally see the brilliant physio team at Tring Park where she is a CBA student. However they have broken up for the summer. Does anyone have any personal recommendations for us please. We live in Hertfordshire but London or anywhere within a hours travel would be ok. Thanks so much.
  7. Hiya just wondering if anyone has any experience of severe shin splints (Ive had it for about 6 months now) or compartment syndrome? I’m seeing a vascular surgeon on Monday which I think is for compartment syndrome investigation. Also if anyone has any tips for coping with injury because I literally can’t cope with sitting out of dance for more than one day at a time it drives me mad! I’ve been injured pretty much since the start of my college course which is super frustrating obviously and I’m soooo fed up but also concerned that the course is slipping away from me a
  8. I have thought long and hard about writing about this topic, but I feel it is so necessary to voice my concerns about the above subject. There are so many young and gifted dancers that are being totally ruined by obsessive and excessive dance training resulting in such severe injuries. Parents quite often are scared of voicing their concern for fear of retribution. I have heard of cases where children as young as 8-10 years old are being expected to train on a weekly basis for in excess of 30 hours a week and during a week of holidays a staggering 70 hours, how is this safe? young bodies need
  9. At the end of term, dd tripped on the stairs at school and injured her ankle. It was strapped up well and she was on crutches for a few days. The pain reduced but it was still very bruised and swollen. Now she's home for Easter and I want to make sure it's healed properly before she starts dancing again next term. The school nurse thought it was probably sprained but could have been a torn ligament. It does seem improved but there is still some swelling/bruising. I did think about taking her to my excellent osteopath to get it checked but would a sports physio be be
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